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You can not start a business without an assessment of costs.

You can not start a business without an assessment of costs.


You can not start a business without an assessment of costs.

At all times, the opening of their business made it possible to earn some money, and today the word business goes beyond just buying and selling. Opening a musical instrument store or hairdresser is a business, although there is also a creative approach. In general, this word confidently entered our lives and many began to open their own business. But what does a business need to flourish? How to lay the foundation of your business?


1) The first rule of any business is maintaining the quality of the services or goods provided. If the quality of services or goods is at its best, then it will be very difficult for the business to collapse! If you build on this foundation, then the foundation of entrepreneurship will be laid "reinforced concrete". But if the quality will suffer, then sorry, of course, but your customers will go where it is.


2) Convenient place for business. This also plays an important role, and if your point or workplace is crowded, then this is a great advantage over the "gray streets and business on the outskirts." But if you have gained regular customers, then they will come to you and even come to the “gray path”. But therefore, of course we must not forget about the first rule (quality).


3) Proper accounting. If you will keep accounting from the foundation of a business, you can always control the arrival and departure of funds or materials. This way you can control cost overruns and liquidity (exact price for products according to current prices) of your product. So that it doesn’t happen that prices have risen, and the cost of our product or services has remained the same. Then we will work at a loss, and this is more like charity than business! Generosity is a very good quality, but it must not be allowed to turn into wastefulness.


4) Advertising. The quality of services is also advertising, but it has a slow process, and the correct placement of stands, such as (ateliers, shoe repair or hairdressers) can add speed. "Travelers" are very generous and it is they who can attract our call signs "stands"! In some countries, they do not pay for such advertising, but somewhere you have to pay well. But it is important to remember that our advertising should be original and interesting, but at the same time not to obscure the essence, key letters and words (for example, a cafe, watch repair, etc.).


To summarize, then a business can be anything, at least take worms and sell, than not a business! In Russia, there are already several businessmen actually selling worms to fishing shops. Thirty worms cost one dollar. These entrepreneurs have already built up serious capital.


Therefore, as regards business, in this matter many ways are already trodden on, but we can trodden our way, for example, selling air in banks. Do you want to breathe the air of London? On you! Want to get some air from Paris? We’ll find a can, roll it up and say that, here’s a fresh little breeze straight from there, we’ve just rolled it up! You laugh, and this is also someone else's business. I thought it was a “fake” (news falsification), but it turned out, really! In general, who wants to open a business, go for it, just remember that any business has fundamental rules!



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You can not start a business without an assessment of costs.
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You can not start a business without an assessment of costs.
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You can not start a business without an assessment of costs.
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