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Why would a trader want a blog?

Why would a trader want a blog?


Looking through information on the Internet, many people ask why a blog of a successful trader. An exchange speculator, who has reached professional heights on the world market, most often has no free time to fill his own website. In addition, experts do not often share the secrets of success, preferring to increase their profitability through unique methods. In today's article we will learn why stock traders create websites and whether there are real professionals among them.

What does a professional trader need a blog for?
There is a huge number of swindlers in the "World Wide Web" who pretend to be successful stock speculators, while in reality their earnings are formed at the expense of deceived clients. At the same time, there are also professional players who pursue different goals when creating information sites.

Specialists have interviewed wealthy traders, whose blog helps to solve several important problems:

Self-Expression. Many people need to express their own emotions. Exchange trading takes a lot of effort. When carrying out speculative trades, a person often feels nervous tension, which must be removed. One of the ways to "purify" is the outburst of accumulated emotions. Telling about his own trading experience, the expert not only helps beginners, but also removes the accumulated nervous tension. Noticing the attention and respect from colleagues, the specialist will quickly restore the inner balance.
Analysis of mistakes made. For some professionals, blogging is like making a diary entry. In this way, a person can look at the situation from the outside, correct errors in the working system and improve their final result. Readers will suggest a good way out of this situation, and mutual exchange of experience will benefit all participants.
Self-fulfillment. Blogger — a fairly popular profession, which is associated not only with profits, but also with gaining fame. Many people dream about popularity and are willing to conduct a personal blog only to promote their personality. In addition, professionals like the recognition from other traders and the public, who want to follow in his footsteps. All this will bring new meaning to life and fill the existence with bright colors.
Communicating with like-minded people, discussing your own difficulties. Blogging helps to find friends, where you can talk about important problems. Discussing current difficulties and successes to a wide audience, a trader can find a way out of the most difficult situations.
Marketing promotion. An advanced web resource can bring good earnings from advertising. A trader can get rich by selling courses, books or video lessons. In some cases, he can place someone else's ads for money, generating additional profits.
Thus, some professional traders do run information blogs. They may have different objectives, while the cheater's only objective is to deceive the reader. In order not to face the fraud, it is recommended to carefully analyze the site, paying attention to the speculator's experience and reputation in the network. Forex trader's blog.

Is it worth reading the blog of a successful trader?
Starting a career of a stock speculator, a person strives to get the most useful information. Knowledge can be obtained not only from special books and textbooks, but also through blogs of professional traders. When reading such information resources, traders note several advantages:

As a rule, a blog is conducted in a free and publicly available language. A beginner will need to familiarize himself with the basic definitions, but most of the theses will be understandable even to an unprepared reader.
The site provides more interesting information. The blogger tells about personal experiences, shares experiences and highlights common problems. All this fascinates much more than standard educational literature.
The speculator gets the opportunity to learn from the experience of a professional player and make a unique strategy based on his methods. He identifies common mistakes and thinks over the best plan of action.
In blog discussion, you can make friendly contacts with experienced representatives of the profession. Sharing experience will help to avoid popular mistakes and improve forecasting accuracy.
A successful trader's blog can become a useful source of information. At the same time, a beginner should not limit himself to reading websites, it is better to get diverse information.



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Why would a trader want a blog?
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