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What the Sniper strategy consists of

What the Sniper strategy consists of


What the Sniper strategy consists of?


Today 's material is devoted to the "Sniper" strategy, which in six years of existence has become the subject of constant discussion on the Internet. Despite "long life" and the mention of the system in various sources, it is more a successful marketing product than a "grail." The creators thought well about the way the strategy spread among newcomers, collecting it on simple and reliable trading postulates, which were picked up with beautiful names to knock down the associative row and provide "beautiful packaging." This allowed to realize the desire of the main mass of beginners coming to the market "to trade right now," and network distribution with enthusiastic reviews provided the clientele.


Due to the lack of indicators, it is impossible to develop clear rules for following the strategy and carry out its tests to prevent the threat of deposit drain. There are also many questions about the correct definition of resistance and support levels, as well as the flash zones used in trade. The purpose of this material is to show that the rules of the Sniper system are based on simple principles that cannot be improved.


However, after 2016, the author of the strategy managed to automate its algorithm and diversify it with additional blocks. However, the principles of their construction are not different from the general postulates of the strategy. Today we will review this strategy in the most detailed way.


The Sniper strategy consists of trending and counter-trending parts of trade. All transactions are opened after formation of impulse levels - zones of price consolidation on time frames М1-М15:


Sales transactions are opened under conditions of formation of the current level below the previous pulse level, as well as pulse breakdown of the lower limit of the flash;

In turn, purchase deals are opened under conditions of formation of the current level above the previous pulse level, as well as pulse breakdown of the lower limit of the flash.

The areas of the flute are defined by the "Sniper" vehicle as the range of oscillations between the levels of local resistance and support. They are determined by the largest number of points of contact and rollback on the horizontal movement of quotations. But practice shows that their length can be any, the presence of momentum itself is important.


These changes represent a marketing move needed to promote new versions of the strategy, representing all the same originally outlined principles of trading across levels within the day.


Does the Sniper strategy work? Yes, because it 's classic tech analysis with renamed terms.



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What the Sniper strategy consists of
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What the Sniper strategy consists of
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What the Sniper strategy consists of
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