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What is a forex business? Are there any special nuances?

What is a forex business? Are there any special nuances?


What is a forex business? Are there any special nuances?

Every large business on the Internet over time grows into a network of auxiliary businesses that provide paid services to consumers of the products of the main business area, and also select those crumbs that the large business looks through with fingers because it does not consider them competitors. So, often around the sharks of imperialism a flock of small predatory fish winds, which move in their trend and conduct their small business in the sector that the business shark - trendsetter considers small prey for itself and does not pay attention. This is often an illegal business.

If we consider forex trading as the main type of business, then a cloud of various about forex businessmen also winds around it. These include the forex guru, who at their heyday arrange tours around the country, talking about their wonderful technique, conduct training seminars, conduct websites in which they sometimes share their secrets for free or write books.

Writing forex books is a separate song. Books of deceased authors who do not have to pay for authorship are particularly popular. Books are published describing obsolete theories of 100 years ago that still work, for example, “A Complete Course in Technical Analysis” with descriptions of patterns that have already been converted to electronic form. You can also write a series of books from the lives of wonderful people, “Market Mages”, “Memoirs of a stock market speculator”, a series of interviews with wonderful traders still trading. To do this, you do not need to be a specialist in trade, you can simply accurately describe everything that was said by a real trader. If you are a psychologist by profession, then you can write books about the psychology of the market and the place of the trader in it. If you are a mathematician, then you can write books on how to correctly calculate risks or the probability of profit. Everything will go to the reader. The main thing is to often mention the magic word "profit".

But this is already a day gone. Now you don’t need to write books when there is YouTube. You can simply conduct webinars, first free, and then moving to paid ones, where they will tell you all the details and secrets of a trading strategy that cannot be talked about in the public domain. After all, only they and only they will bring you real profit. To promote your information business, you can create groups in social networks where you are first invited to attend a webinar, telling along the way about your difficult path to becoming a successful trader, about creating a group of like-minded people who will gladly accept you into their ranks and teach everything that they already know. But since their time is expensive, you need to pay for your training, and at the same time open an account through a referral link so that not a penny is wasted in vain.

For talented singles, too, there is a way. Create a sales page or website where you can describe how your wonderful strategy works, accompanied by reports on testing on a tester, reviews of already satisfied people who successfully trade on it, and it costs only 1000-1500 euros. For more talented groups, the creation of sites is characteristic, on which you are also first invited to view a series of free training lessons, one per day, two to three weeks. And in the last lesson, you will learn that there is also a wonderful adviser in the arsenal that allows you to automate all of this strategy that was discussed. The percentage of successful transactions is 98%. If you have 5-10-15 thousand euros free, is it possible to refuse such a tempting offer.

Or you can just become a successful trader and just get profit by trading on your own funds, investor funds, selling your trading signals. And this is also a business. And then upload a video on YouTube about how I earned the first million and now I can afford to hire programmers who will program all my thoughts in the form of a robot adviser. And this is also a business.



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What is a forex business? Are there any special nuances?
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What is a forex business? Are there any special nuances?
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What is a forex business? Are there any special nuances?
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