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What does a trader do in quarantine

What does a trader do in quarantine


1. Investment 101
What's that? An online platform for investment and trading education.

How does it work? To access the 26 courses you need to register on the website. Each course has approximately 5-7 short video lessons, and it takes about an hour to view one course. After the end of the lesson, you can check your knowledge and take a test. For each test you will receive the internal currency of the portal bonuses that you can use to study on closed courses.

On the "Investment 101" portal you can practice on a trading simulator: use your knowledge in practice without risking your money.

"101 question about investments" is a portal project where in each video experts answer popular questions about investments.

What it is possible to learn?
Investment. You will learn how to collect an investment portfolio, make a personal financial plan, and study the fundamental analysis.
Trading: Algorithmic trading, technical analysis, breakout strategy.
Markets and instruments: stocks, bonds, futures and currency markets.
Trading platforms. After passing this package of courses you will learn how to trade on platforms QUIK, Metatrader and use the terminal webQUIK.
Academy 101 courses created in cooperation with leading Russian universities.
2. storm in a glass
What's that? It's a series of videos on financial literacy. The mini-program is led by independent expert Anton Shabanov.

It will be interesting for those who are just beginning to put things in order: videos of 3 minutes are not tiresome, and the advice given by the host is easy to implement in life.

What can one learn? In the first 3 videos the expert tells you how to set financial goals, distribute personal finances and balance assets and liabilities in the budget. The second part of the course is about investments: how financial markets are arranged, what is the IIA and how to avoid panic on the stock exchange.

Where to look: BKS Broker's YouTube channel.

3. Listen to the broker.
What's that? A podcast about finance and investment.

If you like to put music on the background when you do household chores or work, try to replace songs with podcasts. The "Listen to the Broker" issue is about 30 minutes long.

What can you learn? Why read the news, how to protect your money, what GDP is and what the Central Bank does. Complicated terms are explained in simple words by invited guests of each podcast experts of BKS company.

4. BKS Express
What's that? It's an information and analytical portal. Add BCS Express to your phone bookmarks to keep abreast of the latest news of world markets, collect fresh investments and ask questions to portal experts.

What can you learn? This resource is suitable for experienced investors who want to pump up their skills. For example, you can read articles on BKS Express on the topic: "Overheated stocks how to understand it with the help of thermal analysis" or "How to manage a bond portfolio if rates are reduced".

5. Capital Management Consultant
What's that? Videos in which BCS capital management consultants share their knowledge and accumulated experience.

What can one learn? A capital management consultant helps clients achieve their financial goals using investment tools. In the videos, capital management consultants teach what they learn best: portfolio theories, risk management techniques and passive investing.



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What does a trader do in quarantine
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What does a trader do in quarantine
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What does a trader do in quarantine
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