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VPS server for Forex advisor: how to start using it?

VPS server for Forex advisor: how to start using it?


Due to the VPS (Virtual Private Server), a trader can use Forex advisors around the clock. An IPS server is a remote computer that a user accesses from his computer. Using UPU, Forex trader can not worry about the constant work of the adviser. You do not need to keep your home or office computer on all the time - just 1-2 times a day go to the remote server and make sure that the adviser opens deals.


There are paid and free VPS server. Free of charge, as a rule, are offered by the hosting company for a short period (from a couple of hours-days to 6-7 days) and do not allow the installation of several trading terminals (MT4 or MT5). This is normal, because in this case, a free IPN is needed in order to evaluate the service as a whole, subsequently connecting a paid option. Paid remote servers vary in cost and power of computers. For example, a vpsforex hoster has 4 tariff plans that differ in price. The more expensive the tariff, the higher the server capacity, which means that the more you can open trading terminals.


Of the other advantages of this hoster, it should be noted that SSD hard drives that perform better than regular SATA / SAS drives. The company provides 5 days of cashback - if you don’t like something in this service, the company will refund your money.


Let's look at how to connect to the UPU server and configure everything. We will focus on the company Roboforex (this broker provides a VPS server to its customers for free). So, you have decided on the tariff plan, filled in the necessary fields in the application and received a letter with the details for payment by mail. After payment within a few hours (maximum day), you will receive detailed instructions on access to a remote server by mail. Go to the START menu, enter mstsc.exe (or just mstsc), press Enter. The Remote Desktop Connection window appears. We follow the received instructions, enter the username, IP and password correctly.


By the way, for users of Windows XP, you need to install updates (you will find the links in the letter from the company). Windows 7 and 8 users do not need to update anything.


Pay attention to the Settings tab. In the Screen submenu, you can select the size of the UPU screen. If you have a large monitor, choose a larger one. If the notebook is smaller. Colors - it is better to put 15 or 16 bits in the presence of a small Internet speed.


Local resources - Local devices and resources - More - Devices. It is better to connect one of your hard drives. Thus, it will be more convenient for you to copy the files of trading robots to the UPU.


Click Connect, enter the password (do not forget to switch the layout from Russian to English) and get to the remote desktop. We launch the browser, go to the website of the Forex broker, download and install the trading terminal. Now you need to install the adviser. Launching the terminal (let it be MT4), enter the username and password of your broker account. It is clear that the account can be a demo if you want to test the adviser in demo mode.


Next, we configure the interface - how the chart of the currency pair, balance graph, etc. will be displayed. I advise you to use a minimum of graphics (for example, bars instead of candles, turn off the grid, etc.) in order to reduce the load on the central processor of the server.


Previously, to copy the advisor files, it was enough to go to the folder with MT4 installed and copy the files to the desired folders. In connection with the latest MT4 updates, now the trader should go to MT4 in the File - Open Data Catalog menu. A folder will open where you can copy the advisor files. After that, the trading terminal needs to be restarted.


Then everything is as usual - they started MT4, dragged the adviser onto the chart of the selected currency pair, changed the advisor settings according to the recommendations of the developers of the trading robot and / or the size of our deposit. Next, turn on the Auto trading button and go to the Tools - Settings - Expert Advisors menu. This should be checked in the Allow automatic trading and Allow DLL imports column. Similar parameters should be included in the settings of the EA itself.


Well, the Forex advisor is installed on the VPS (VPS) server. It remains to register its launch in the startup menu, because sometimes during technical work or extremely rare, but possible reboots of the remote MT4 server will be closed.


To do this, just drag the left mouse button on the shortcut of our MT4 on the Start menu. The program will automatically register in Startup. We check this by going to All Programs - Startup. Label MT4 is present - it means everything is in order.


So, just connect to a remote server and configure MT4, as well as install a trading advisor - one or more.



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VPS server for Forex advisor: how to start using it?
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VPS server for Forex advisor: how to start using it?
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