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Gerard Moore 04 / May / 21

TrendsTurbo forex broker tips: Who and how is hunting for your bank cards data scam broker? Trendsturbo scam detection tips
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Stealing money from a bank card is more difficult than pulling it out of a wallet. Nevertheless, scammers are mastering new technologies and have learned how to select keys even to bank cards. experts prepared this material to help you to protect yourself. Online scams are a sad reality, but in this article, you learn how to protect yourself from fraud. scam check: what information about your card do cybercriminals need?

They need your card details: card number, owner's first and last name, expiration date, card authentication code (three digits on the back, for example, CVV or CVC), sometimes PIN. Also, they might need a code from SMS for confirming payments and transfers on those sites where payments need confirmations – or if your bank requires it.

Case #1. You pay with a regular bank card

The scammer may be an employee of the trade and services sector. A waiter, cashier or seller, accepting your bank card for payment, can take a photo of the necessary data (card number, expiration date, owner's name and code on the back), and then pay it on the Internet.
It’s a situation that brokers protect you from, when you deposit on their websites. Not a single person sees your card. Just you and the payment system, which is legally approved as a transaction participant. scam detection tips: How to prevent?

When paying, try not to lose sight of your card. And enter the PIN so that it is not visible to strangers.

Case #2. You pay through the terminal, but the payment does not go through

In a cafe, the waiter brings you a POS terminal, you pay, but then the waiter says that the payment did not go through and asks to re-enter the PIN code. TrendsTurbo warns: by doing this, you risk paying twice.
As for online payments through payment systems, it’s almost the same story. Some websites can try to take money twice if you’re not aware. But it can be easily solved. scam detection tips: How to prevent?

Try SMS notifications about payments. Be sure to ask for a receipt notifying the failure or refusal of the operation (the POS terminal always prints this).

Case #3. You pay by card with a contactless payment system

You can pay with cards with a contactless payment system instantly, with one touch, if your payment does not exceed a certain limit. You do not need to enter a PIN code. Attackers can steal money from such a card by leaning the reader.

For online payments they can clone some of your usual websites where you pay, for example, for your internet access, or delivery, or tickets. And you’ll enter your details to the familiar website, but will actually send it to a completely different person.

Trendsturbo scam detection tips: How to prevent?

Check everything twice, always pay attention to the details of every transaction and never pay for something until you’re 100% sure what you’re paying for.

Case #4. TrendsTurbo scam detection tips: You received an alarming message or a call

An alleged relative writes or calls you from an unfamiliar number and says that he is in trouble and urgently needs money, but he has no time to explain the situation. In such messages, the urgency of the situation is often manipulated, and they are sent at extremely inconvenient times, for example, at night.

For broker websites it works this way: you’re receiving alarm about margin call and link to instant deposit even while you’re away from the terminal. You have a couple of minutes to decide whether to keep the positions (and pay), or not pay and lose them.

Trendsturbo scam detection tips: How to prevent?

Don't rush to transfer money. Try to figure out the details - usually, long conversations are not part of the plans of attackers, and they certainly can’t reply to the email that you’re sending to your broker support. Always check the real situation, and try downloading mobile version of a terminal so nobody can harm you.

Case #5. You received a message "from the bank"

A message comes from an unfamiliar number that your card is blocked. It contains the number you need to call to clarify the details. By calling, you will be taken to the fake security service of the bank, where you will be persuaded to provide the card details or go to the nearest ATM and make transactions. By following the instructions of the intruders, you will give them access to the card and they will steal your money.

Or this way they will try to steal your trading account by asking you about your password and login, pretending to be your broker employees.

Trendsturbo scam detection tips: How to prevent?

Don't call back - first find out if your bank called. Real banks and brokers usually send notifications from the same number. In addition, your card contains a telephone number for communication with the bank - call it and find out if it is blocked. Or contact the employees of the nearest bank or broker branch.

Protect yourself from card scammers: Trendsturbo experts advice

Trendsturbo scam detection tips: if you can’t access your broker account:

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user_avatarDerrick 08.05.2021

Traded EURUSD for another week, got 30% of my investment. I've requested withdrawal on Friday and received it in 11 hours after that. I want to thank Erick Mazur personally

user_avatarAksel 11.05.2021

I enjoy tradng after midnight and still using support when I need advice. I can't trade when sun comes up you know, because I work in office at the completel different position, but right now it's an additional income and I'm going to keep it.

user_avatarJoseph 14.05.2021

I want to share with you my personal experience of working with a broker. For so many years, I have not even thought of changing a broker. As for me, everything is here in order to make money on the financial market, both for a trader and an investor - someone who wants to earn passively. The number of instruments is huge and trade entries are made quickly.

user_avatarAron 29.05.2021

I am a beginner in this business and the world of financial markets for me has not yet been fully explored. Friends recommended this broker to me for its ease of understanding for beginners. I look through all the necessary materials and analytics right there on the official website.

user_avatarMelvin Jackson 01.06.2021

At the beginning I was following advice from trading courses and it wasn't going so great. So I asked the support and their explanations were a lot more useful. Thank you for my profit!

user_avatarDaryl Alvarado 15.06.2021

I've never done forex trading until two weeks ago, it always seemed so complicated. Gave it a try and it went suprisingly well, I'm really enjoying myself.

user_avatarJames James 22.06.2021

I needed to find a platform with reliable and tested terminal, not something they designed themselves. This one is pretty good, I like MT4 and all the instruments it provides.

user_avatarAllen Anthony 02.07.2021

I wanted to work with real deals on Forex for a long time. Well, it was not interesting to try with demos and microaccounts, not everything was possible, to be honest. Recently, my friend surprised me, he registered with an unknown broker TrendsTurbo, and even managed to go into profit. Ok, money like risk, I decided to open an account, put in three hundred and started veeeery sloooowly and accurately trading. I was afraid to drain the deposit. Actually, I've seen the minus anyway, and there were drawdowns, while I got the hang of it. Slowly began to level off, returned what I had lost, and finally I smelled the profit in the air. Already tried to withdraw, while only 20 bucks, no commission by the way, just super. I've got nervous, that there was no clear statement about the need of verification. Because of this I had to contact the manager, and answer his questions. But then everything went quickly, I passed the procedure and withdrew money in a half of an hour. On the other hand they input almost instantly, without commission and by the current rate.

user_avatarHolland Brian 12.07.2021

What was the most impressive in TrendsTurbo for me, that there is a thoughtful and considerate approach to organizing the whole process. The consultants are obviously experienced specialists, they solve the problems, one can immediately feel the experience in the subject. I would like to add a bit of speed, I mean that they should answer the calls and letters faster, and it would be generally super. I hope this will improve in the future. There are no complaints about the technical part. Orders are speedy, no fake spiers appear. Actual quotes, there is a small wave, but everything is fairly average ... I really like spreads, they are low, static, do not jump anything. I trade on USD / CHF and EUR / USD and I use native analytics, I've come to learn that the bulk of forecasts really come true, well, not without spans, but this is not magic. You can scalp, for the experienced excellent. I would certainly like to see the choice of terminals, it's a little sad to work only with Meta trader. Still missing some tournaments or competitions, sometimes there is a time and a desire for it.

user_avatarShort Rodney 15.07.2021

The impressoin from TrendsTurbo is quite positive, a normal broker, confident, without breaks. Somewhere for a year of work there were only a couple of disconnects, but I've been on the road at that moment, so here it's definitely not the broker's fault. Good spreads, stable, do not jump, rather low. Sane support, this is important. The phone is answered promptly, the letters are slower, but you will definitely get the answer before the end of the day. There is no commission for input/withdrawing money.

user_avatarSutton Oliver 19.07.2021

At some point of working with TrendsTurbo, I decided to save a depot. At first, of course, I took a profit, then I saw a steady growth and it became interesting how much I could collect. Somewhere in a year and a half from five hundred came to 2k. I use local analytics and technical analysis, this bundle is the most profitable for me. Quotations relevant to the market, spreads are not high, static, do not storm. Classic Metatrader 4, everything is accessible and understandable. A definite plus, that there is no commission to enter and withdraw money.

user_avatarHolmes Joseph 28.07.2021

Six months ago I went for the advertisement of Lime Forex, the theme came with a welcome bonus. As a result, due to high spreads, I blew both the bonus and my money a bit. Then I saw feedbacks about working with TrendsTurbo, opened an account, nowI try to trade for a month already. Poured a little, until three hundred dollars, but with a shoulder of 1: 300 you can work. As for the minus of broker I can say that there is not enough financial instruments and no insurance for small deposits. In addition, it is not always possible to call in support at the first attempt. What about the obvious pluses, here are sufficiently low spreads, do not depend on fluctuations in the market, static.

user_avatarChase Blaise 29.07.2021

Until I opened an account in TrendsTurbo, I worked only with demos. Here I have the first real deposit. It is clear that the demo is easier, you are not spending real money, but you will get no profit there even when you've become skilled. Everything is different here. Conditions are valid. Fixed spreads, static, quite norms, to dump the deposit still it is necessary to try. The native analytics works conviincingly, I trade with it. I see a profit, slowly develop.

user_avatarThomas Christopher 09.08.2021

It's comfortable to trade with the broker Trendsturbo. Support adequately applies to all, without exception, trading conditions are convenient. Spreads are low, fixed, no commissions, withdraws quickly without delay. It is a pity that there are no contests and all sorts of competitions, sometimes you want. I trade half a year, withdrew twice on the card. I will not take off anymore, I want to save up depot.

user_avatarGolden Ernest 15.08.2021

I opened a PRO account in Trendsturbo in the summer with an initial investment of $ 10,000. Very nice spreads at this level, I am pleased. Profit grows. This is probably the most important difference from the packages below. I have a personal manager, although I almost never use this service, I'm already an experienced player in forex. The MetaTrader 4 platform solves all questions up to the complete automation of the process. Analytics is great. I don’t need demo and micro accounts anymore, but you just must know that the broker doesn’t have them at all))) for all packages there is the possibility of scalping, news trading, 1: 300 leverage, and 50 pairs of key currency in the asset.

user_avatarHines Felix 17.08.2021

Left BKC when I decided to compare spreads with competitors. It was hurt because I saw the difference and not in favor of BKC ((( I chose my next broker by my USD / JPY pair. I found out that the lowest spreads are from the unknown company Trendsturbo. The first thought, of course, is this a fraud? scam? or a kitchen at all? Got to google, re-read all the information, found feedbacks. It turned out that this broker on the market is about for two years, founded by versed traders with years of experience and practice, they made it for themselves, with an understanding of the matter. They use the MetaTrader 4 platform, reliable and very popular among top brokers. Static spreads, four tariffs, a low entry threshold to the basic level - only 250 bucks. Well, ok, the money is not the biggest, and I registered. The system is stable, without disconnects, slippage and requotes rarely happen, and this is normal IMHO. I tested the support by calls, and was not disappointed, the experience is felt, submission of information like a trading pro, not just any girl operators. You can sell currency and commodity asset, you can scalp. So, I'll stay here again.

user_avatarMcKenzie Laurence 19.08.2021

Be careful before choosing the first broker. There are those that do not withdraw transactions to the external market, but twist through their servers, the kitchen is shorter. And now about the good. Trendsturbo has been working with real deals and I have been here for 7 months :) During this time, more than once I have already withdrawn various amounts on the card. Static spreads, below market, judging by my pair AUD / NZD. What I do not like at all is the terms of communication with the broker. Calling for a long time, and there is no online chat: ( I prefer to write more than to talk live. I think I'm not the only one.

user_avatarRichards Aldous 27.08.2021

Spreads of my past broker often got out of the limits stated. At first I was surprised, then I began to resent. Support did not give any information, they say, and what you do not like, it's not our fault, it's just such a market. I decided not to suffer and just left after the withdrawal of all funds. A friend advised to register with a young broker Trendsturbo. Here, the spreads are fixed, and generally more profitable. I love scalping, for small transactions I get a stable profit above. The broker does not have any commissions; when withdrawing money to a card, the bank interest can be charged.

user_avatarTate Piers 30.08.2021

With my experience in metal trading, I learned to see brokers through and through. I see the kitchen immediately, fake reviews too. In general, I trust the recommendations of real proven people more. For example, I chose my current broker, Trendsturbo, on the advice of a familiar journalist who writes reviews for a small forex site. He trades and certainly understands the topic. Immediately noted that all the declared trading conditions are fully consistent with reality, everything works stably, transparently. For any question, you can contact technical support, which will politely listen, give detailed advice or short advice. You can call, but it's not simple. Reliable terminal MetaTrader 4 never fails, so I was initially calm on this matter. Thank you friend, all expectations were met, and now I can recommend this broker too.

user_avatarGreen John 01.09.2021

Everyone earns money and brokers too. If you acknowledge this simple truth, make the first step to success. This special broker adapted to me because despite the market situation due to Covid and his consequences will not be naughty.

user_avatarFlowers Charles 04.09.2021

I work with this broker today. We invested as a whole team. The choice is paying off. I probably searched for years after a broker. Several Internet services have been changed. There are some important features here. It is also very important that a good service. On seemingly good platforms, the service is very bad. Everything is harmonious here, I would say.

user_avatarChandler Malcolm 06.09.2021

If you only search for a suitable trading platform, try this service. What I like is the convenience. I hate situations in which I can not understand what happens in the market. With this broker I have almost immediately information about changes. And now I can react quickly!

user_avatarStrickland Jack 10.09.2021

In 2018, I made a mistake and familiarize the wrong team. I came across scammers. I lost a little money, but very disappointing. Then I was so enthusiastic about colorful promises faster profits that I do not even check, with whom I worked. It was a damn pyramid! I am much more careful now. I checked this command and even asked my lawyer to help me. Here I am sure that we have worked together for several months and fits everything to me.

user_avatarCobb Joseph 15.09.2021

Do not choose a service according to functions, but after the actual profit you achieve! Brokers also survive in Covid somehow. They pay both for their ways to earn money as well as for the fact that brokers stay in an unstable market. In the end, everyone is fine.

user_avatarLamb Conrad 27.09.2021

Wait, I put on my glasses and watch the commission kit! Hoax. It seems to me that this is the only broker I made that everything is balanced. I work with him together and intend to continue our cooperation.

user_avatarSharp Reynard 08.10.2021

Who had questions about taking off funds, people? I go to the comments on the side and see these questions. When it comes to profits from yesterday's session, the money already comes. I have just deducted my profit!

user_avatarWelch David 09.10.2021

Cool team! You are cool! I have just received my first money in the trade. Wow ... how many emotions ... I think I fell in love with this business.

user_avatarTerry Oliver 13.10.2021

I report: my money was lifted five hours after the order. I have everything I am happy. I have to work with you. Thanks to all!

user_avatarClark Joshua 17.10.2021

It does not matter if it was night trading or not - the cash deduction is always punctual. The broker guarantees this. Here some write that the maximum delays did not even reach 12 hours. I think everything will be fine, wait a few hours. Everything is solved quickly.

user_avatarO’Neal’ Christopher 20.10.2021

Do not write that you have connection problems - contact the support immediately! Here are very good people who help to set everything as soon as possible.

user_avatarScott Bryan 20.10.2021

My last broker betrayed me. Delayed payments, interrupted transactions. These are all very frequent manipulations. You can not trust anyone. But on this page everything works perfectly. Look, there are many good reviews, but users also write when there are some problems. Make a comprehensive assessment of the broker and then decide.