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Gerard Moore 04 / May / 21

TrendsTurbo Forex broker reviews: customer support review form received | Trends Turbo reviews
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How well do support specialists from reviews on the speed and quality of managers' work

The quality of the company's service directly depends on the work of the support service. Poor service is a common source of customer complaints.

We searched for customer on various social media for TrendsTurbo reviews on support.

How quickly does the company respond to customer inquiries? How easy it is to communicate.

Does the company get in touch when the client needs it? Does the company impose its services?

We'll try to find answers to all of these questions in TrendsTurbo reviews from customers across Europe.

TrendsTurbo: review the quality of communications with the company

TrendsTurbo forex broker has company details and several communication methods on the official website. Each has its purpose and advantages.

To contact this broker, you need to:

-       Go to the tab on the Contacts website.There you need to indicate your name, mailbox, subject of the appeal, and your problem.

-       Use the feedback form. For example, if there are difficulties when installing a trading terminal on a stationary computer from a broker. We have checked: e-mails are replied within a day on weekdays (not including weekends and holidays). Contact through the review form received reply within an hour maximum.

-       Call by phone. They usually answer immediately (sometimes you need to wait about a minute if the operators are busy). But the call will not be free: this is not a hotline, but an office number. So you have to pay for an international call, so it is better to have an appropriate tariff package. By phone, you can find out almost the same thing that will be answered by e-mail - the company's work experience, terms of cooperation, types of assets and similar information. You can order additional comments on the company's documentation. (for example, the conditions for opening orders or details of the loyalty program). Therefore, it is better to use a telephone connection with a broker if a situation of force majeure arises. For example, your computer freezes in the program at the time of the transaction. Perhaps this way the situation will be resolved even faster than when contacting through the website.

TrendsTurbo review - the company has left all the communication methods available in our time and is actively responsible for each.

Leonardo Falchi, 43, Portu Turre (Italy), farmer:

“TrendsTurbo values each of its clients, and therefore provides the high quality of its services. The technical support service works 24/5 and always meets the client halfway, issues are quickly and efficiently resolved. Separately, I note the withdrawal of funds, in your account, you can choose any convenient method of depositing / withdrawing money, usually, the withdrawal takes place in two to four days and the funds are transferred to the card in full. I am pleased with the cooperation with TrendsTurbo."

Most of the TrendsTurbo reviews related to the quality of communication with the company are positive. The fast response of the technical support service, active managers and responsive operators is noted.

Christian Schirm, 49, Endingen (Germany), factory worker

“I recently started working with the TrendsTurbo broker. It is too early to talk about successes in trade, we still need to gain experience in a new field, but the first results are already there. The broker's analyst helps me a lot, the comments of the company's specialists and their recommendations are always fresh and relevant. I would like to single out the TrendsTurbo technical support service, whose employees are always polite and helpful in resolving problematic situations and issues.”

Conclusions: According to reviews, broker provides quality and timely customer service. The company's clients have a choice of ways to communicate with the company. It feels like TrendsTurbo is doing everything to win the loyalty of its customers.

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