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Trading with TrendsTurbo: Forex Broker Supports New Traders broker forex | TrendsTurbo Forex is available
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Can you make money on Forex with broker?

Surely it is possible. Making money on Forex is as real as, for example, playing on the stock market. If you can make accurate forecasts of how the situation in the foreign exchange market will change, you can make good money. No matter if the market grows or falls, you still have options to profit from it.

The fact is that it is very difficult to predict the dynamics of exchange rates. The situation in the foreign exchange market depends on many political and economic factors, the behaviour of the world's largest banks, funds and companies. According to TrendsTurbo broker experts, even news and rumors influence currency rates.

If you're willing to take the risk, TrendsTurbo broker advise you to start with theory:

The documents governing the terms of cooperation with TrendsTurbo (Forex and other markets) are in the section with the corresponding name in the main menu. You can also find all the verification details and the list of necessary documents there.

Trading on TrendsTurbo Forex is available to investors from $250

TrendsTurbo broker advice: what it is worth clarifying a few more points:

2. Practice on a demo account - TrendsTurbo Forex broker tips

A demo account will allow you to understand how and by what means you make money on Forex and will allow you to try out different trading strategies.

It is very difficult to predict exchange rates only based on open information about what is happening in different countries. Therefore, to help traders, some programs analyze technical indicators of currency movements and help build trading strategies.

But be careful: demo is still a simulation, and even while it seems very close to reality, your own feelings are going to be far more concentrated when it comes to spending your own money.

3. Open a real account

Real account is a trading account with your money transferred to it. The amount of investment is all your decision. Once you open real account, you’ll be able to trade – place orders, close deals and withdraw your profits.

You determine the amount of investment yourself, but the forex broker may have restrictions on the size of the minimum deposit. It is better to start with a deposit that you will not be afraid to lose. For example, pick Bronze account on TrendsTurbo. 

It is not a fact that your strategy, tested on a demo account, will be as successful on a real account. You will have to spend some more time and money to hone it and develop your style. You can use several strategies at once, so you will slightly reduce your risks.

Finally, TrendsTurbo Forex broker summarizes the recommendations for novice investors.

Do not invest your last money in the securities market.

Remember the direct relationship between risk and return. If some stocks rise sharply in price (or it seems to you that they should take off), this means that they may fall just as sharply (or simply not rise).

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. If you decide to invest in stocks, choose several companies, preferably from different industries.

Keep your finger on the pulse of events. If you trade CFDs on stocks, keep track of what is happening with companies and with the price of their securities.

If you find it too difficult or troublesome to independently monitor the situation in the stock market, you can use other options. broker offers most convenient trading for those who wish to enter the market, and in case of any troubles you can always contact the support service or your personal manager. That option makes your trading much more secure and easy, because even at the emotional moments you’ll be getting advice from a neutral person with cold mind.

Trendsturbo scam ?

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user_avatarMatteo 05.05.2021

Opened my account in May, started trading on demo. I've moved to real when realised demo's getting me nowhere. Can’t say I’m getting great profit or something yet, but the trading itself goes quite well

user_avatarDanial 11.05.2021

when I find a broker and start trading on something, I'm always getting in the middle of some odd activity and either make some profit or leave with nothing. When all the quarantine mess started, I thought I would get zero. But looks like I'm lucky enough to continue. Need to tell that company did help me a lot. Thanks.

user_avatarLeslie 13.05.2021

You know, I think I am very lucky to work with such a cool broker like this one. I have been working with him for more than 2 years and am happy with everything. Initially, of course, I started with independent trading, I developed my own personal trading system. It was quite successful.

user_avatarMyles 17.05.2021

I opened an account recently, I trade through their platform and I am satisfied with the result so far. Positions are opened and closed quickly enough, no problem. I withdrew money only once, without problems and waiting.

user_avatarChristopher Smith 16.06.2021

Really professional consultants here, I learned more from them than I did from online courses. Thanks to them I've just got my second withdrawal.

user_avatarWillie Johnson 19.06.2021

This is the first time I'm dealing with foreign exchange markets. And it's easier than I expected, I think I'm doing pretty great for a beginner. Got my first withdrawal already.

user_avatarRobert Peterson 21.06.2021

I prefer using trusted terminal like MT4 instead of some unreliable software companies design themselves. So I chose this platform and I'm satisfied so far. Everything runs fast and without issues.

user_avatarOliver Henry 04.07.2021

For a while I worked with Alpari, everything suited until they started hiking up the spreads. Probably not one newcomer there has already drained his deposits by inexperience. So I've felt out the situation, studied the reviews, conditions and went to Capital Hal. There are small static spreads here. I work with GBP / USD, quotes are not inflated, relevant for the market. Personally, I do not have enough traders tournaments and some contests, for a change. But on the whole I am satisfied with the work with the broker, everything is very confident and stable.

user_avatarBerry Johnathan 07.07.2021

I think that for its time in the market, TrendsTurbo could expand the list of services. Add one or two new terminals, include more financial instruments. For beginners, it would be nice to add webinars and all sorts of teaching stuff. Therefore, I will not say that the broker deserves directly five plus. But as for the organization of work, they are responsible for their quality. Promises are fulfilled, spreads are not inflated, spiers are not added. Profit goes, not quickly, but it is, about 150 bucks a month from 1000 at the depot, I now have a stable source of passive income, the second one, just in case))) Its investments have already recouped long ago. There are no problems with the withdrawal, both to the account and to the card.

user_avatarCrawford Lucas 14.07.2021

Has started to work with TrendsTurbo since last winter, that is almost a year already soon. Has an experience with other brokers, the last one was Insta Forex. Everything went like clockwork with the demo, but the real deposit was poured out on the spikes of spreads. Here, the spreads are static, low, volatility does not affect at all. Works on actual market quotes, I compared with other brokers. It's a little annoying to call up to support in urgent questions, sometimes you have to wait for 10 minutes. I'm glad that managers explain everything and really help, it's clear that they are well-trained guys, with experience. Four for all the affairs of the broker.

user_avatarByrd John 16.07.2021

I saw negative reviews in the network about TrendsTurbo. It sounds like it was made up. I already have some work experience, I write not for advertising, but honestly. A middle-sized broker, not the fastest fox in the forest, but he answers for his work. Well, maybe someone does not have enough technical stuffs and bonus features, contests and demos. To be honest, I would add more tools. But here there are fixed spreads, quick orders and prompt withdrawal without commissions.

user_avatarPage Everett 20.07.2021

About two months ago, I registered a brokerage account with TrendsTurbo. The first imprinting tha everything is simple and understandable. The manager explained that at the first withdrawing, it is necessary to validate the account and sign (for the first and last time) the papers. All the rest of the work is done on the network. Orders are executed quickly, there is no commission to input and withdraw money. Spreads are static, not high enough. There are not enough competitions and contests, but it's the matter of taste. As for me I haven't enough choice of platform, there is only Metatrader. In general, I am ready to put a solid four for trading conditions.

user_avatarPhillips Dennis 29.07.2021

It was not easy after QUIK to master Metatrader in TrendsTurbo. But it was the most difficult. Once figured out with the terminal, I was able to appreciate all the pros and cons of the system. To be honest, I do not have enough basic tools. And for the beginner that's perfect. Market quotes, spreads are low and static. The withdrawal is fast, for about an hour and without commission. A normal broker, there is everything for quiet work.

user_avatarPearson Matthew 06.08.2021

As for me, the broker Trendsturbo has a large range in tariff packages, there are only four of them. And if the base costs for you only 250 bucks, then for the next levels prepare $2,000, $10,000 and $50,000 respectively already. I would prefer to take a seat between the first tariff package and the second one. So far, I am at the base level, and have already studied everything, everything is suitable for me here. But I already want more opportunities for analytics, more tools. Slowly I earn, maybe I will soon grow to the next level. Ideally, I want to make money for a house on the ocean beach under palm trees)))

user_avatarChapman Harold 10.08.2021

Opened a basic account at Trendsturbo broker in November. Relied on the figures for the pair AUD and NZD. Spreads for all currencies are static, do not jump, work comfortably and predictably. The support is adequate, without nerves, work quietly and give all the necessary information. Dialing is ok, but long. Only one platform is presented, MetaTrader 4, unfortunately. The terminal is excellent, but there is, for example, the fifth version, why not put both platforms on the site?

user_avatarFox Gervase 13.08.2021

I remember how I doubted whether I should open an account here or not. Still, Trendsturbo is such a young broker. Good thing I ventured. For two months I realized that you can forget about fears, trading conditions do not change, neither quietly nor obviously, everything works clear, transparent, stable. There are no different bells and whistles like top brokers have. When you visit their sites and your eyes run away from the abundance of information, and then you do not know what to do with all this. Here are only four client packages, and I am now at the base. I have enough MT4 platform. You can customize it for yourself. The main thing, everyone is honest and the money is withdrawn quickly.

user_avatarHopkins Nicholas 23.08.2021

I was changing the broker. Decided to register at БКС. You will laugh, but I have not mastered even this step. So much straining on level ground, scans to collect, documents to assure, I spat and did not continue. Saw a review on the forum about the simplicity of opening an account with the new broker Trendsturbo and went there. Well, as new, it has been on the market for a couple of years. It’s just not very well known, although the reviews are generally positive. So, here I was registered in two minutes, deposite three hundred dollars, loaded the docks and immediately started trading. I was digging a bit with the MetaTrader 4 terminal, but there it was simple just to download and install it. What I like, MT has its own mobile application. You can put it on a tablet and smart, work without being tied to a place, on the road, convenient. Trading conditions suit me. Well, here are static spreads, no commission for input and output. It is clear that here you will also have to tinker with the paper a little. But this is necessary only at the first withdrawal, when you have been traiding for a long time and fully accustomed, and not at the very beginning, even before the start of trading.

user_avatarOwen Brendan 26.08.2021

I was looking for a broker with low spreads, good analytics, adequate support and threshold available for budget. I would also like a stable connection, fast ordering and a reliable terminal. It seems that the choice on the market is big, but in the end I settled on the little-known company Trendsturbo. At first I was embarrassed by the youth of the broker, it seems working for two years only. And then I thought that two years is enough time for practical experience, but why is so little known about the broker? I read feedbacks, and didn't find anything criminal. Opened the account after all, since my requirements coincided with the broker's capabilities. I've been trading for a month now. MetaTrader 4 platform is a very stable system, the profit is still small, but I withdrew once already. There was no commission, I passed the account verification and in an hour the money fell to the card. The impression is still favorable.

user_avatarGlenn Ethan 29.08.2021

Here, everyone praises the MetaTrader 4 platform. But she strained me very much the first time. I started at Trendsturbo broker from scratch with no experience, a friend called for a company. I understand, of course, that this platform is mega powerful and reliable, but for a beginner this is really the rocket science. I almost turned gray until I figured it out. Even with this manual, which everyone gives there. It is good that there are no complaints about the other parameters. Everything is OK: spreads, tech support, all trading conditions in general. The withdrawal is simple and fast. The first bid was processed about an hour, and within another hour the money came to the card.

user_avatarRiley Joseph 02.09.2021

Let's start with the good: Here you can earn money. The more invested, the more income. This market is what he is. The profit depends less on happiness than rather from the ability to respond correctly and punctually to trends. Disadvantages: As with many brokers there are problems with the earnings. Waiting can take hours. But not for a day! So bearable.

user_avatarWoods Shawn 14.09.2021

I was prepared for the possibility of problems withdrawing money. You usually write about this service that there is no delays of up to one day or more. My longest late delay was 10 hours 40 minutes. I have already experienced this on other websites. I think that's a rule of thumb. The lifting speed depends on many factors and overloading the network.

user_avatarMontgomery Joshua 19.09.2021

I've heard that there was a problem on a similar website last month - users could not get their money that was on the account for a week. Does anyone know what the reason was? Does it happen here? I have only worked with this broker for about two weeks. Ratings sound good normally, but I have no problems yourself. So far I like everything.

user_avatarWilkerson Tyler 21.09.2021

The disadvantage of the service are delays when taking off earned money. I was 11 hours! Damn, why are the money freezing every broker earlier or later? The support team advised me and promised to solve the problem within half a day. In practice, they have invested in time.

user_avatarO’Connor’ Richard 30.09.2021

I have no complaints about delays. Who broke out because of the problems withdrawing money in tears, just never got into fraud. In this case, you have to risk exactly the amount you can afford to lose painlessly. This market is tough. There are many scammers. There are no complaints about this broker - the team works around the clock. Delays are fastened quickly.

user_avatarPerkins Christopher 30.09.2021

Six months together. The two biggest pluses: 1 - low spreads, more earnings, 2 - support without delays and errors. I have great experiences. First, I even doubted the reality of the service ... Of course, there are no "too good" conditions that would immediately become a sign for a fake platform ... but I was surprised by the size of the spreads. For six months, however, there was no single problem with money. Thanks very much!

user_avatarFerguson Williamя 04.10.2021

The success depends on the reaction rate. This market has such laws. If your broker poses you or your ISP a lack of high-quality connection and leads this to a delay and your trade waste, this does not mean that the problem really lies with you. Of course, ask your provider. But I'm sure there are unscrupulous services. Anyway, I had no technical problems with this broker.

user_avatarBlankenship Oscar 10.10.2021

Newcomers often have technical problems. No panic, write to customer support. You will tell you what to do

user_avatarSparks Toby 12.10.2021

I have made a break from working with this broker. Friends advised platforms with big promises. In my experience, rich promises do not always lead to rich income. I lost enough to learn to look at the advertising of the broker and his real business sober.

user_avatarLyons Ethan 13.10.2021

Under all the brokers I work with, this is the most communicative. If I have struggling with technical difficulties I do not understand, I do not hesitate to contact me directly to the broker. These guys will not let you down!

user_avatarJennings Virgil 24.10.2021

After three months of vacation, I returned here again. Take me back! You sing best! I found such spreads nowhere. Their quality beats all competitors, I think.

user_avatarJefferson David 25.10.2021

The overall impression of this company is that I work with an honest team of experts. Also with excellent manners and real estimates of the market situation. I recommend.