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Gerard Moore 18 / February / 21

Trendsmacro reviews - what’s about payments

Trendsmacro reviews, feedback from users | review
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Trendsmacro forex broker
Trendsmacro scam

By the way the broker pays money, one can judge the honesty of the company overall. New companies that entered the market just recently usually arouse legitimate suspicions, because there are already a lot of fraudulent firms. Today we are analyzing reviews about the work of a broker who started and came just a year ago. Let's see if it delays clients' funds or there are no problems with the withdrawal.


Are scam? Company overview

 Most of the transactions with this broker relate to the currency market (the company has a lot of experience in Forex trading). There are investors who work with currencies, there are those who come out to make money on transactions with commodities, precious metals, indices and stocks.

The total number of investors reaches 10 thousand in 15 countries.

 According to the broker's reputation on Western European markets, there are no arguments in favor of Trendsmacro forex broker being scammers.

And there are good results:


Trendsmacro review. Details and nuances

The web resource of the service consists of an expanded home page that provides basic information, including contacts, documentation, and tariff plans. The menu provides access to additional sections that explain the nuances of cooperation with the company and offer various perks from it. reviews Account types

After registering on the site, the client has an option to open the trading account. This account will not allow trading until the deposit is made, but it does provide access to the trading platform for informational purposes only. To start trading, you need to be verified, get admission and choose one of the tariff plans.

The broker has four of them. The first is designed for novice traders and involves the use of small capital. All tariff plans have differences in the form of training, tools, spread size and much more. And the list of provided services is another argument for the fact that Trendsmacro is a trustworthy company.

All of account types have personal manager and leverage 1:300. Spreads are floating from 2.8 pips.




















0.1 review: attitude of traders to the quality of transactions

The company has no complaints about the withdrawal of money. Consider what customer claims we found:

What traders like: reviews and opinions about the broker

Here are some examples of favorable company reviews taken from social networks and Google reviews:

“I've been working with them for six months. Although a very young broker, it is immediately clear that the staff was recruited from professors - they give very sensible advice. I have been on the market for several years, but for the first time with Trendsmacro I realized that I can start putting aside a financial cushion ”;

Mary Wills, Budapest, designer, 39


“I finished my session at Trendsmacro at 6 am. Those who are still there, good luck guys! I ordered a withdrawal of money. Last time I had to wait five or six hours, I got enough sleep, and the money was already in my account! ”;

Sam Lewis, UK, Oxford, business owner, 28


“The market is the market. If you went bankrupt and lost the first thousand, then I will tell you - there will still be felts! I also lost and even more. I am still cautious about, but I have already taken the second portfolio. As long as I'm lucky, or their strategies work. I will definitely stay with this broker further. "

Ben Harris, Kent, 38, webdesigner


Most English-speaking users describe the company as having a good track record, paying money regularly, with good understanding service.


Comments 21
fred 03.03.2021

Anyone having trouble making deals from a mobile app? I have never traded through a device other than a computer. Does it really work and you don't lose productivity?

Blaise F. 04.03.2021

I almost completely switched to trading from the application. It is much more convenient with my schedule. So I definitely won't miss the crucial moment!

Magnus 17.03.2021

Probably the best complete broker package you can find anywhere. The only drawback for me is a neccesity to fill out a ton of paperwork in order to get a withdrawal, but that's a safety measure too, so I'm fine with that.

Winfield Gearheart 20.03.2021

There are only two nuances with withdrawals: you have to read and sign a lot. Second, you need to wait for the withdrawal of funds (max twelve hours). The withdrawal will take place without fail! You will receive your money, like me and other users.

Melvin Foster 26.03.2021

Here is a full package of services, the most convenient charts, friendly service, the lowest spreads, profitable lots. Choose this broker and do not hesitate. My work experience is 8 months.

joseph 28.03.2021

Do not grumble about the number of documents to withdraw your money. This is protection from fraudsters! If everything looks very simple and beautiful with a broker, it may well be that he wants to deceive you. But this is a reliable company.

Harry 02.04.2021

Platform security is at a high level. I think this is one of the key points. That is why I am ready to sign all the necessary documents, but receive guarantees.

joseph 04.04.2021

There are many things here and most of them are creating a really positive view. I especially like how they treat their clients when clients have problems; the most polite and helpful support team I've seen in years. Gonna stay here for a while I guess.

Samue 06.04.2021

Most positive opinion about this company. And I have something to compare with, believe me! Everything works smoothly. They advise on time, give good advice, teach their rather intricate strategies. In general, everything suited me.

Rafe 15.04.2021

It is very difficult to bypass the protection of this trading platform. This means that the scammers will not succeed. Verification is a normal requirement for large value transactions. The broker must guarantee safety for all participants, save money for all clients.

Dominic 21.04.2021

I already got used to how often the support operator could mumble on my questions and shirk his duties. But not with this broker! Maybe I even turn to customer service too often for help ... I just enjoy dealing with these guys and they really give great advice.

Christian 22.04.2021

Let's collect the most honest feedback here so that any trader can understand whether this broker is right for him or not. For me, this is the best option on the market.

user_avatarSteffan 24.04.2021

At first I was a bit worried about working with this broker because couldn't find much info about their terms, but it looks like I made a right choice. The company proved itself to be very professional.

user_avatarDavin 26.04.2021

Filed a withdrawal request, received money after about ten hours to my account. pretty fast for a broker. Also, terminal's convenient

user_avatarVisser 30.04.2021

Well, I've been working with this broker since last summer, and my average profit percentage is about 20-21% I guess. I don't know about you, but it seems great to me.

user_avatarMarsel 13.05.2021

I have been in this business for over two years now. And all because he is very successful for me, I really make very good money here. My cooperation with the company began, in principle, with distrust, but then I realized that this is a reliable company with high-quality services, which also cares about its customers. I recommend the broker to everyone.

user_avatarOsvaldo 16.05.2021

The broker values each of its clients, therefore, provides high quality of its services. The technical support service works 24/7 and always meets the client halfway, issues are quickly and efficiently resolved. Separately, I note the withdrawal of funds, in your personal account you can choose any convenient way to deposit/withdraw money. I am pleased with the cooperation.

user_avatarLevi 31.05.2021

When I began to be interested in making money on the stock exchange and at the same time I was looking for a broker, many of my acquaintances recommended this to me. Immediately on the official website, I downloaded a trading terminal and opened a demo account, looked at how the market behaves, noted the clarity of prices, a wide range of trading instruments and tools for analysis, and the speed of opening and closing positions. After 2 months of training, I switched to a real trading account and began to earn a little.

user_avatarDouglas Davis 01.06.2021

The platform can be used on smartphone. And I like that I can add all the indicators I need for technical analysis.

user_avatarWilliam Briggs 19.06.2021

I’ve been trading CFDs for a couple of years and I just moved everything to this platform. I like the spreads here and the absence of commission.

user_avatarRaymond Evans 26.06.2021

What I like about this platform: it’s really active and fees aren’t too high. Got the first withdrawal today, pretty happy with what I earned.