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Trading Strategy “60 seconds Reader”

Trading Strategy “60 seconds Reader”


Today on the network you can find many trading binary options (BO) trading strategies, but actually there are really few profitable ones. In this article, we will talk about a trading strategy called “60 seconds Reader”. Based on the name, it is suitable for working with short-term options, but nothing prevents using the strategy for working with BOs that have a longer expiration.


Features and essence of the “60 seconds Reader” strategy

After unpacking and installing the indicator and template files in the necessary MetaTrader 4 folders, we launch the trading terminal itself. We open the charts of the currency pairs we need. It is better to arrange them in the same order in which they are on the broker's website. This will help you respond faster to signals and quickly open deals (buy options). As a rule, four charts on the screen are enough to receive signals and not be overloaded with tracking quotes.


Multicurrency Strategy, i.e. we can trade on any instruments. We advise you to choose medium- and highly volatile currency pairs (or other assets), while evaluating the percentage of profit on the option. For example, if we get a profit of 65% for one currency pair and 82% for the other, then it is better to work with the second.


Trading time - European and American trading session. At this time, the OlympTrade broker has a large number of assets available for trading, and the market also has good volatility for most currency pairs.


Having decided on the assets, we load on each chart the template we need - 60 seconds Reader. We will see several indicators, both on the chart itself and below it. These indicators determine the presence, strength and other trend parameters. There is no need to remember the names of each of them. A template for this was created to simplify our work (trade). It is enough for us to be able to interpret the signals of the template and quickly respond to them.


A signal to buy a Call option will be the staining of all indicators on the currency pair chart in blue. A signal to buy the Put option will be the coloring of all indicators on the chart in red.


If we missed a signal and from the moment it was received 2 or more candles were drawn on the chart, then we are not entering the market (we are not buying an option).


You can trade both a fixed rate and increase it when you lose. It is advisable not to use more than 1-5% of the total deposit in one transaction.


The binary options trading strategy “60 seconds Reader” is simple, efficient and profitable. A pre-made template is used in trading, which greatly simplifies the trader's work with signals.



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Trading Strategy “60 seconds Reader”
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Trading Strategy “60 seconds Reader”
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Trading Strategy “60 seconds Reader”
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