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Time to choose your own trading style

Time to choose your own trading style


Time to choose your own trading style



Finding a trading style that suits you personally is a very important part of the preparation for trading. In this article, we will look at possible styles to make you better understand the opportunities you have.


Trade in day

This type of trade means that you carry out several deals a day, while practically not leaving the monitor with graphs.


Most often, traders who choose intraday trading for themselves are engaged in analysis of different instruments, markets, and trade on small time frames. They leave positions for the night extremely rarely, trying to close the deal a few hours after it opens.


This is an ideal option for those who find it difficult to wait long for trade signals on large time segments. You get the opportunity to trade more frequently as more signals arrive.


However, if you are a man gambling - it is better to find for yourself a different style of trade.


Swing trading

Swing traders trade on timeframes such as four-hour, day or week, deals they have less, but profits, if successful, more.


Traders catch serious price fluctuations and try to hold on to them for longer.


If you have looked at this style of trading - note that you need patience, a very good trading system and analysis, as there will be many corrections.


The work schedule is not as tight as the previous trading style: you can not sit constantly in front of the monitor.



Scalping implies that you can make a huge number of deals in one trading session. One such deal could last a couple of seconds.


This type of trade is similar to intraday trade, but the features of the latter are brighter here. Scalping also requires the ability to control your emotions, as the probability of loss is no less likely to make a profit.


Automatic or algorithm trading

During automatic trading you do not need to sit in front of schedules, but only monitor the quality and efficiency of execution.


This strategy will be perfect for those who have not yet learned to control themselves. It is good if it works on the basis of analysis of past data, but not the fact that it will generate the same profit in the future.


Rules-based or discretionary trading


Each style of trading implies a choice between a discretionary approach or a rule-based one.


Rules-based trading means a trader has a list of rules that tell him when and when he can 't enter a deal. The problem of such a rigid framework can only be to adapt to changed market conditions.


The discretionary trading system, in turn, is adaptable. It includes trade methods that require careful analysis and constant market research.


If you are inclined to choose a discretionary approach, please note that it does not exempt you from all trading rules! On the contrary, if there are no restrictions - you should be even more attentive.



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Time to choose your own trading style
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Time to choose your own trading style
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Time to choose your own trading style
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