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Gerard Moore 18 / November / 21

Experts from SwissUnion scam check team: main methods of hacking mail by scammers

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What is a phishing attack

SwissUnion scam detection team found that cybercrime is a growing risk for companies, especially now that much of the working world has moved to the home office. The so-called phishing attacks are especially dangerous. But how exactly do such attacks work and, more importantly, how to defend against them?

The main reason for this is the approach of classic spam and phishing campaigns that like to act like freeloaders of current events and of course also use COVID-19 for “urgent user interaction”.

Moreover, as mentioned by the SwissUnion scam security team, the reason was the evolving dynamic of the unintentionally accelerated digitization of business processes. Basically, all companies were forced to let most of their employees work from home overnight and make all business applications available from there. In addition, the use of private devices has increased and all corporate communication has shifted to email and collaboration tools.

Many of the new solutions were “hot-needle related,” and because of the urgency of the issue, security was seen as a secondary issue. For example, we've seen a lot of applications published over Remote Desktop and weak or missing authentication for web applications. A dedicated IT security strategy for external connections is imperative!

The number of cyberattacks is growing steadily. The most common attack method is phishing attacks.

Phishing Methods according to SwissUnion scam protection experts

Electronic phishing. Malware emails

Website phishing. Fraudulent sites that are often copies of popular websites. They trick you into logging in using your passwords and data. This type of scam includes pop-ups, never click on them.

Voice phishing. Scammers disguised as employees of banks or well-known companies are trying to squeeze out personal information from you.

Smishing is SMS phishing. You receive messages with the purpose of finding out your data.

Social media phishing: Fake profiles, or hacked social media profiles.

How to prevent phishing: SwissUnion scam check tips

Defending against phishing attacks due to the SwissUnion scam protection team requires action by both users and businesses.

To protect yourself or avoid phishing, you can take countermeasures, including training, learning about legal concepts, implementing security controls, and raising awareness with security best practices.

There are a number of steps you can take to mitigate both phishing and targeted phishing attacks. SwissUnion scam protection hints:


There are several aspects that uniquely identify this type of email attack:

They use names and adopt the image of real companies.

They indicate the name of the company or the name of a real employee of the company.

These include websites that are not visually different from the websites of real companies.

They use gifts or the loss of their own existing account as bait.


Your bank will never ask you to send passwords or personal information by mail. Never answer such questions, and if you have the slightest doubt, call your bank directly to clarify them.


Do not click on the hyperlinks or links attached to you in the email, as they may secretly direct you to a fraudulent website.

Enter a web address directly into your browser or use bookmarks/favorites if you want to speed things up.


Common sense and prudence are just as important as protecting your computer with a good antivirus that blocks these types of attacks. In addition, you should always keep your operating system and web browsers up to date.

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user_avatarMcKenzie Clifton 06.11.2021

I stopped my broker selection after talking to a representative of Swissunion, and never regretted it. They are one of the good brokers out there and I'll stay with them for a while.

user_avatarJordan Robert 15.11.2021

After a short examination of a broker market, I'm pretty sure I found all decent options for a beginner broker ... Swissunion is a bit in this category, but you still need to make some improvements to your system.

user_avatarLawson Francis 29.11.2021

At least these Swissunion - people have good advertising. I still have to see if you are really so good, but at least I want to try it now.

user_avatarOsborne John 01.12.2021

An excellent forex broker with whom I have ever dealt. I enjoy the result of trading. Excellent broker for cryptocurrency trading, with which it is pleasant to work. I work with this broker since the summer of 2020 and everyone is satisfied. The conditions are excellent.

user_avatarAllison David 03.12.2021

The company I can fully trust. Signals and services are reliable. I am a newcomer on Forex and believe that the reviews about this broker are good for me. I hope to open a real account.

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A steep broker with a rapid output of funds, reliable leverage and good support. Excellent services. I have never had problems with trade with this brokerage company. Excellent customer service. This is a team of happy people, responsive and smart.

user_avatarHiggins Richard 12.01.2022

When I just started working with this office, I didn't like it terribly that there are high deposits. But over time, I realized that this is not a lack, but rather a quality mark. Yes, very often high deposits meet both scammers, but they never get so good quality services. The conditions for traders here are as comfortable as possible.

user_avatarFitzgeraldц Mark 13.01.2022

In March of this year, he moved to this broker. It was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the services provided. There was no departure. Everything works stably. The first time was trading on the signals - it is very convenient, always remained in a plus, although not big. In general, I am satisfied with everyone

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Registered on this platform on the recommendation of a friend. swissunion Consultants really decent office. Work with this broker is a pleasure. Transactions open instantly, the closure also does not make to wait. Tools here in bulk, have something to choose from. Money takes to the bank account - come for 3-4 days.

user_avatarStone Mark 28.01.2022

Excellent trader. Clear instructions, fast service and excellent speed. Highly recommend.

user_avatarPearson Oliver 08.02.2022

Fast payment. You can withdraw money on a map or many online wallets. And the platform is compact and convenient especially for beginners.

user_avatarJenkins Christopher 19.02.2022

Broker manages the full STP trading system, with the institutional level trading market. No human intervention. I also did not notice the manipulations with charts

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I will tell you my opinion. Currently, the company has achieved good success in the technical plan, the complete absence of requotes and slippages, minimal spread, favorable conditions for trade in cryptocurrency and currency pairs.

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Broker swissunion, in my opinion, deserves the attention of traders with a small capital. Analytics, trading signals and the number of tools allow you to develop well.

user_avatarQuinn Paul 22.03.2022

Good broker with narrow spreads. I, that VPS was faster for HFT. At the moment it is about 4 ms. So at the moment this broker is intended for manual trading

user_avatarHoover Garry 07.04.2022

He opened a PAMM account from this broker, put $ 100, increased the deposit by 599%in 50 days, withdrew $ 350 profit, rented three times, I ordered the field of work in the evening, I came home from work the next evening, 9 investors have already arrived, part right now, part I also rented a profit from them, that is, while everything was fine, I did not find problems

user_avatarNicholson Darcy 09.04.2022

I did not start the amounts of more than 1000, but up to $ 100 is withdrawn quickly and there are no comments on trade, if you do not scalp everything perfectly, small delays are possible with scalping.

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