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Gerard Moore 16 / November / 21

SwissUnion reviews and advice for traders from broker reviews about website | SwissUnion reviews broker
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 SwissUnion scam

 SwissUnion forex broker

In this material, we will learn how to look for a good broker and analyze your investment strategy. SwissUnion reviews about this broker we take as an example.

Enter into an agreement with a broker. Examine the terms of the brokerage agreement. As a rule, brokers publish a standard contract with accounts and terms on their website.

SwissUnion reviews: 1. Company type

The broker performs operations on the stock market on your behalf. In addition to the money for the purchase of securities, a commission is deducted from the broker's account - a fee for the broker to help you perform these operations.

Forex brokers are actually intermediaries between forex traders and market makers. They are also classified as NDD (Non Dealing Desk), which means that customer orders are processed automatically, without the intervention of any dealing desk. reviews say that only by being well versed in the types of companies, you can make the right choice of your own. review: 2. Trading platforms

With the help of a broker you can withdraw money to your bank account. They can also charge a commission for this.

Traders can choose which hardware and trading applications are best for them. Some traders opt for web apps, while others stick with desktop software. Choosing the right trading platform is important for traders based on their trading preferences.

Any trading platform that comes to the attention of potential clients must be reliable enough to avoid frequent freezes or system crashes that can occur during global news or events. Therefore, we consider reliability as the #1 feature of any platform, while design and hardware go further. This is especially important for aggressive traders (intraday or scalpers) who make frequent trades over long sessions and at any time over a 24 hour period.

The trading platform must be able to quickly place orders or close a trade.

One-click operations are beneficial when trading and managing limits, stop losses, etc. Many platforms also offer benefits such as additional instruments and charts. review: 3. Types of trading accounts

Trading accounts depend on the number of traded lots, so they are divided into several types: standard, mini, micro accounts. A standard lot consists of 100,000 units, a mini-account is ten times smaller (10,000 units), and a micro-account is hundreds of times smaller and is only 1000 units. And with some brokers, you can set up an individual account size.

Low capital accounts are mainly addressed to forex beginners who have recently entered the forex market and want to try their hand at currency trading without risking their wealth.

SwissUnion reviews: 4. Commissions

All brokers charge a fee for services. This can be a fee for each transaction or a monthly subscription fee. Many brokers have a minimum fee per day or per month. The exchange also takes its interest for transactions - check whether it is included in the commission declared by the broker, or will have to pay more.

At the start of an investor's career, until you know the volume and number of transactions, it is difficult to determine all the needs and choose the optimal rate. Do not look for a broker with the lowest commissions, it is better to focus on a reliable intermediary, and the tariff can be changed if it is not suitable.

A contract with a broker is also not a lifetime contract, you can always change the broker if he does not suit you.

SwissUnion reviews say that the company meets all the criteria for a decent and reliable company for cooperation.

What do customers say:

“SwissUnion has a service at a height unattainable for other brokers. But its main advantage for me is transparency. This is not a black box, you have a good idea of  what you pay commissions for, and yes - you are not deceived, because you yourself see everything. Great, this is exactly the broker I need. ”

“Basically, I use a mobile application for trading, because I constantly ride somewhere, and my computer is stationary. SwissUnion has a good one in general, with a clear interface, practically does not buggy and with convenient customizable push notifications, such that you will definitely not miss the increase to the values  you need. In my opinion, one of the most comfortable brokers to work with ”

Comments 24
user_avatarNewton Ethan 06.11.2021

Why should Swissunion stay with MetaTrader 4? Is that a magical platform or something?

user_avatarBlair Samuel 06.11.2021

With this broker you can achieve a lot of profits, that's safe. At that moment, I work for about three months with you and my financial situation is already much better than then.

user_avatarMcDaniel Lewis 12.11.2021

Come on, do not be wild on this topic, people ... they are only brokers. Yes, some of them can greatly influence their trade (especially this company is great in terms of brokers), but still most of their success always depends on them, not from their broker.

user_avatarMarsh Paul 29.11.2021

You know there are possibilities and there are safe things. With a decent broker (Swissunion maybe) to make money is a chance. It is a sure thing to lose everything you have invested when you are a reckless magical thinker and decided to work alone.

user_avatarWelch Peter 05.12.2021

Broker really allowed me to become a successful trader. I still do bad transactions from time to time, but most of them are successful, and I am glad that I can make additional money in this way.

user_avatarLogan Dwain 15.12.2021

They not only help me make good deals, but also teach what I need to know about forex trading. In the first month I get a good profit from small deals. I started well and hope to constantly receive good services.

user_avatarChase Ethan 16.12.2021

I never had to deal with expectations and problems in the withdrawal of funds. All transactions go smoothly. Thank you for dealing with such a good forex broker. They serve good signals and besides compliance.

user_avatarTodd Francis 16.12.2021

What I like in this brokerage company is that it is easy to deal with them. Removal occurs quickly, and all services are good. Good trading company, which I can trust. All transactions are undergoing without problems.

user_avatarNichols Williamя 27.12.2021

I'll say right away, this is a broker not for beginners. This platform will be more suitable for experienced traders. The deposits are high here, but it is not surprising, since the market leader is a market leader, he cannot be cheap a priori. If you have long for forex, then you will enjoy working with this broker. Applying several strategies, I always stay in a good plus. Recently changed the trading account - the process went even better. Satisfied and recommend others.

user_avatarGilmore Clyde 30.12.2021

Before working with this broker, got acquainted with the description and reviews. There was an ambiguous impression. Still, decided to risk. The first impression was twofold: everything was too good and suggested on suspicions of fraud. But after 4 months of trading on this platform, I finally dispelled all doubts about the honesty of this office.

user_avatarPaul Williamя 10.01.2022

Satisfied with the quality of services. I never let me down. swissunion Consultants can be opened as many deals, no one limits you. I also like a set of tools.

user_avatarSherman Andrew 18.01.2022

I read in the reviews that many are not satisfied with the long withdrawal of funds. I personally do not interfere with the trade, I just know that money will come in any case. For those who are still fundamental output speed - use not a bank account, but webmoney.

user_avatarGeorge John 07.02.2022

I am here since 2015 and find good, excellent in general.

user_avatarPhillips Brent 10.02.2022

Broker is more like a forex broker for me, he has many currency pairs to choose from. It varies from basic, secondary and exotic couples. Indian promotions are also available for trading. I always looked at the trade here due to the conditions. I have been trading for several years, but small changes occurred in my trading results when I started here. I never changed brokers since I started trading, since I was stuck only with a broker, with whom I met when I began to study Forex.

user_avatarManning Juniper 19.02.2022

I am satisfied and pleasantly surprised by the well-coordinated work of the terminal, support level and general working conditions. Here we managed to close the already open orders in the Profit. Profit was allowed to output without problems

user_avatarSimpson Paul 23.02.2022

Quickly, simple and effectively. Recommended.

user_avatarDavidson Brian 01.03.2022

swissunion turned my trading portfolio with their high degree of accuracy on pairs, no doubt, a good move for those who consider the possibility of joining

user_avatarDoyle Junior 15.03.2022

Very responsive and patient when my payment was marked by the bank. Excellent company with which you can deal

user_avatarMaxwell Donald 23.03.2022

I like a good analyst that helps me avoid many mistakes.

user_avatarTodd Frank 29.03.2022

I have long been working with the company, real quotes, no slippage and gaps when trading on news

user_avatarManning Williamя 02.04.2022

I always liked the broker, as 3 years ago I began its first trade in it, I should do it out of the Swissunion dosih, although I know that there are more interesting conditions.

user_avatarJordan Joseph 11.04.2022

A reliable broker, for three years of work there was not a single non -payment or delay in withdrawal. There is practically no loss of communication with the server, the performance is normal and without fraud. Support is also not bad. It works around the clock and respond quite quickly. I have no big claims to Swissunion until everything is fine with me.

user_avatarDalton Matthew 23.04.2022

Swissunion For a long time in the market, has a solid background and reputation. Trading conditions and service also do not cause any negativity. Work comfortable and pleasant. The terms of the contract are not violated, the profit is removed without any difficulties.

user_avatarGreene Edward 25.04.2022

While I am at the initial stage of work with Swissunion, but I want to note that I really liked their attitude to the client. Support is very good, they help with everything, advise on business. So far, everything that I see is very pleased with them, and then it will be visible. I think that there will be no problems, all the same, a well-known broker, and not some kind of kitchen.