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Gerard Moore 31 / October / 22

Stocks Wide scammers or not? Answer: no.

Stocks Wide is not a scammer
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Summary of company information

All the important information about the company are described in detail on the broker's website. From this data it follows that the foundation date of Stocks Wide - 08.07.2010. The company was created by experienced traders who know everything about financial markets.

Rules of Good Practice

Stocks Wide's professionalism in making investment decisions is proven by its earnings. As a conscientious company, Stocks Wide shares its analytics with clients. Stocks Wide charges a flat fee and keeps its promises.

Customer Service Quality Control Department

All serious brokers have a department that deals exclusively with quality control of services provided. Stocks Wide has dozens of employees. Specialists are constantly working to ensure that traders have no reason to decide that Stocks Wide forex scammers. The department works in a rigid framework. Its presence at the broker is specified in the trading permit Stocks Wide. Employees from other departments are not entitled to the slightest violation of the rules established by the quality control department.

A comparison of forex trading brokers proves that Stocks Wide is the most focused on the needs of traders. Employees of the special department regularly improve their skills. Stocks Wide can not be forex scams even technically, as specialists of the department promptly resolve errors in the IT-infrastructure platform.

The main task of the department is to regularly improve the quality of brokerage services. Experienced traders determine reputable brokers by this characteristic. Such objective guarantees that the client receives the best service on the market. Therefore, no client of the broker will say that Stocks Wide Forex scam.

Before offering clients a new product, it is carefully analyzed by this department for compliance with the financial legislation. If a potential client has a fear that Stocks Wide does not pay, the staff is precisely engaged in making such incidents impossible.

How does a broker help solve clients' problems?

The Customer Service Department works with each client individually, solving problems on a case-by-case basis. Working with a broker usually involves helping to close deals, but the department helps resolve all issues, including paperwork.

Because of a company's trustworthy reputation, scammers can copy its brand identity. That's why there may be fraudulent Stocks Wide clones online. That's why it's important to check legal proof of brand authenticity. The customer service department provides such documents. The papers with Stocks Wide's trade approval can be obtained by any customer by simply requesting a document from the company's employee.

What is important: even if there is a theoretical problem that Stocks Wide does not pay, the special department will solve the issue in favor of the client.


Since the founding of Stocks Wide and to this day the company has no real precedent of customer complaints of fraud. Professional work of the independent department for quality control of customer service excludes such incidents in the future.


Comments 4
user_avatarHarrison Christopher 04.11.2022

Completely satisfied with the results that I get with Stocks wide. PET was very useful, and his video is simply magnificent. I look forward to updating my lifelong membership.

user_avatarGoodman George 08.11.2022

About six months ago I opened an account with Stocks wide. We recommended this company in one of the chats as a reliable and transparent broker. I’m a newcomer, I can’t choose an broker on my own. I didn't want to run into scammers. But the broker Stocks wide seems normal, not a lot of reviews, but mostly positive.

user_avatarHunt Leo 25.11.2022

The office with whom I am dealing has an agent with whom I have been working for some time. It seems to me that I never asked a question to which she would not know the answer. She constantly informs me of new tariffs, and since we are retired, now we are buying annivers. I can’t say good enough about Stocks wide and their employees.

user_avatarEvans Francis 26.11.2022

I registered at Stocks wide an account, of course, replenished for 500 dollars, traded a month, and on Monday closed a profit of $ 287. I traded with the robot. The impressions are positive.