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Trading with Stocks Wide: account types overview and characteristics of the trader

Stocks Wide: account types overview
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A forex broker is an intermediary that provides traders with a platform to conduct transactions involving a currency pair.

When choosing a forex broker, it is important to make sure that the broker is trustworthy and operates in a transparent manner. You don't need a large initial capital to enter the Forex market, but you should have at least several thousand dollars in your account in order to start earning. You can find the best Forex broker on our website.

Stocks Wide products

Stocks Wide is a reliable broker, which is controlled by the regulators, and they at the same time protect the customers' invested funds, which maintains licenses, and you can not only cooperate online, but also come into the office for their own meeting.

Stocks Wide is a broker with more than ten years history. The company offers its clients the opportunity to trade Forex, indices, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, commodities. The trader has the opportunity to create a Stocks Wide account with a comfortable and exciting asset just for him.

Stocks Wide accounts

The broker offers a wide selection of Stocks Wide account types for every budget and interest. You can start actual trading with $500 and get the most service from $250,000. Not counting that, there are educational accounts as well.

Current account types:

Round-the-clock assistance is provided for every type of account. For the main account there is an introductory session with an analyst, and for further accounts there is an unchangeable economic analyst. For the best account types weekly analytics and other bonuses and prizes are included.

There are also Managed Account Types:

The types of managed accounts give the widest range of offerings. Experienced money advisors will watch the progress and build personal portfolios every day. The bigger the down payment, the more comprehensive the support and service.

Stocks Wide trading platform and website

The Stocks Wide website was created by the best IT specialists, which makes a huge knowledge base available to all traders and allows them to improve their personal literacy level every day. Notwithstanding the large number of intensive users, the website and, most importantly, the trading platform work steadily with a fast response time.

Introduction at the same time many tools does not overload the system and does not threaten the effective work. And the trading platform and website are available all the time, says Stocks Wide's technical director.

Stocks Wide market spreads

Stocks Wide market spread is the most important indicator that affects the profitability of trading at a broker, here are the lowest prices, which allow you to trade without difficulties and losses.

Stocks Wide spread is always monitored by the financial authorities, so we advise you to make your own Stocks Wide spread review for your own safety.

Shortcomings of Stocks Wide

We did a Stocks Wide strategy manager review and over a large amount of time we found not that many shortcomings:

Different reviews of Stocks Wide

Stocks Wide review on reddit shows that this broker is a favorite among traders. There are so many members in their community that they can answer any question you may have.

It's significant to check Stocks Wide review on trustpilot as well. After hearing what people say about Stocks Wide, you will leave behind all the doubts aboyt the reliability of the broker.

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user_avatarCraig Robert 03.11.2022

I am a newcomer to trade shares, and with the help of the application Stocks wide everything was easy to understand.

user_avatarPitts Brian 04.11.2022

Stocks wide - A very reliable broker, and I will continue to use it, but I would like their systems to become more modern, they are not at all convenient for users. For example, I tried to find a warrant for the previous day, which were not executed, but this cannot be found either on the site or in the application. I also had problems with entering the system, and to contact the support center, I had to enter the system!

user_avatarFerguson David 22.11.2022

Stocks wide - The most innovative company in this business. Of course, the best support and the best way to learn how to trade. The widest selection of accounts and large payments. I would not look for somewhere else for this type of account

user_avatarMartin Juniper 23.11.2022

Great seller, regularly offers discounts. The service is excellent, employees are professional and quickly answer all questions and provide support in any situation. Just good. Thanks for this achievement.