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Trading with Stocks Wide: account types overview and characteristics of the trader

Stocks Wide: account types overview
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A forex broker is an intermediary that provides traders with a platform to conduct transactions involving a currency pair.

When choosing a forex broker, it is important to make sure that the broker is trustworthy and operates in a transparent manner. You don't need a large initial capital to enter the Forex market, but you should have at least several thousand dollars in your account in order to start earning. You can find the best Forex broker on our website.

Stocks Wide products

Stocks Wide is a reliable broker, which is controlled by the regulators, and they at the same time protect the customers' invested funds, which maintains licenses, and you can not only cooperate online, but also come into the office for their own meeting.

Stocks Wide is a broker with more than ten years history. The company offers its clients the opportunity to trade Forex, indices, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, commodities. The trader has the opportunity to create a Stocks Wide account with a comfortable and exciting asset just for him.

Stocks Wide accounts

The broker offers a wide selection of Stocks Wide account types for every budget and interest. You can start actual trading with $500 and get the most service from $250,000. Not counting that, there are educational accounts as well.

Current account types:

Round-the-clock assistance is provided for every type of account. For the main account there is an introductory session with an analyst, and for further accounts there is an unchangeable economic analyst. For the best account types weekly analytics and other bonuses and prizes are included.

There are also Managed Account Types:

The types of managed accounts give the widest range of offerings. Experienced money advisors will watch the progress and build personal portfolios every day. The bigger the down payment, the more comprehensive the support and service.

Stocks Wide trading platform and website

The Stocks Wide website was created by the best IT specialists, which makes a huge knowledge base available to all traders and allows them to improve their personal literacy level every day. Notwithstanding the large number of intensive users, the website and, most importantly, the trading platform work steadily with a fast response time.

Introduction at the same time many tools does not overload the system and does not threaten the effective work. And the trading platform and website are available all the time, says Stocks Wide's technical director.

Stocks Wide market spreads

Stocks Wide market spread is the most important indicator that affects the profitability of trading at a broker, here are the lowest prices, which allow you to trade without difficulties and losses.

Stocks Wide spread is always monitored by the financial authorities, so we advise you to make your own Stocks Wide spread review for your own safety.

Shortcomings of Stocks Wide

We did a Stocks Wide strategy manager review and over a large amount of time we found not that many shortcomings:

Different reviews of Stocks Wide

Stocks Wide review on reddit shows that this broker is a favorite among traders. There are so many members in their community that they can answer any question you may have.

It's significant to check Stocks Wide review on trustpilot as well. After hearing what people say about Stocks Wide, you will leave behind all the doubts aboyt the reliability of the broker.

Comments 20
user_avatarCraig Robert 03.11.2022

I am a newcomer to trade shares, and with the help of the application Stocks wide everything was easy to understand.

user_avatarPitts Brian 04.11.2022

Stocks wide - A very reliable broker, and I will continue to use it, but I would like their systems to become more modern, they are not at all convenient for users. For example, I tried to find a warrant for the previous day, which were not executed, but this cannot be found either on the site or in the application. I also had problems with entering the system, and to contact the support center, I had to enter the system!

user_avatarFerguson David 22.11.2022

Stocks wide - The most innovative company in this business. Of course, the best support and the best way to learn how to trade. The widest selection of accounts and large payments. I would not look for somewhere else for this type of account

user_avatarMartin Juniper 23.11.2022

Great seller, regularly offers discounts. The service is excellent, employees are professional and quickly answer all questions and provide support in any situation. Just good. Thanks for this achievement.

user_avatarGolden David 03.12.2022

Those who want to try their hand at the exchange are welcome to Stocks Wide. Good broker with quality service. Here you will not be offered some lure, unlike other pseudo -abbrees. For example, their advisers, really one of the most advanced ones, I myself put this and raised +500 USD in a week, and I do not need to constantly sit and wait at the monitor.

user_avatarPhillips Reynard 04.12.2022

We do not have long together with Stocks Wide, but for these 3 months, starting with $ 250, I was able to earn almost $ 100. But I was more lucky, to be honest, because I traded quite aggressively and almost never listened to the instructions of my analyst. He also gives transactions and very good ones, but I am used to acting more aggressively.

user_avatarHamilton Derrick 09.12.2022

Wide functionality, support for 24/7, recommendations for purchases, which are usually come true. Stocks Wide always has a proposal where to invest money so that inflation does not ate it. For all the time of working with Stocks Wide broker, they were not forced to be upset.

user_avatarChase Williamя 27.12.2022

I have been trading with Stocks Wide for several years. Previously, the conclusion was long, sometimes I had to contact support. Now the issue has been resolved, I am withdrawing everything with crypto, all honestly earned money is credited in just 5 minutes.

user_avatarAllison John 01.01.2023

As the advantages of the Stocks Wide broker, I will definitely note the responsive support service and the timely withdrawal of funds, I never had problems with this. As a drawback, I would note that the Broker Stocks Wide does not process applications on weekends.

user_avatarBlake Peter 17.01.2023

Great Stocks Wide broker. I managed to buy papers at a bargain price, now they will wait for an increase on them (and it will definitely be, I'm sure). And this is also in addition to those from which I have such a good profit in the form of dividends. We work on!

user_avatarMorrison Jacob 30.01.2023

One of the few stocks wide brokers who behave honestly with the traders. There are no hidden commissions and incomprehensible payments, they do not impose any services, the money is withdrawn at the first request and in full. Yes, they still have excellent feedback, they will always help

user_avatarJefferson Thomas 30.01.2023

Stocks wide broker is quite unlawed. I have no large obstacks. But to soil little things, such as there is more than the 1st day, I will also not go to. It was as if he were waiting, after he tired of reviews and conditions.

user_avatarThornton Matthew 2/4/2023

There are many timeframes, starting from the minute period. I use strategies with clear input signals, so it is important to me. The platform works quickly, my orders open and close in every time. I am very pleased with the speed of that and is also very pleased with the cooperation as a whole. This Forex-Broker is now very popular. Not surprising. Firstly, he has been working for a long time and there are many good reviews on the Internet. Secondly, a large number of trade assets/sets and trading floors. For example, there is a choice of platforms. If someone is worried about the conclusions, then you can calm down, the maximum delays are 2 days (I have it so for sure), and so the removal passes in an hour or two. My opinion is this - you can not treat this negligent and as just entertainment. Moreover, I really appreciate the fact that I can choose a trading platform that I like best. The choice is really good, and I can choose a platform of several or their own. I know that many people prefer autonomous platforms. But it’s easier for me to work in a browser.

user_avatarParks Peter 2/14/2023

A huge number of traders around the world trust the broker. I witnessed how many famous brokerage companies of that time gradually fell into decay. But if we talk about the Stocks Wide broker, then here the situation is exactly the opposite. I watched with interest how the company gradually turns into a trading giant. And believe me, this is not in vain. He fully deserves his excellent reputation. In my opinion, if you open an account in such a risky business as trading on Forex, then only a reliable and time -tested broker with a good reputation. For me, Stocks Wide is such a broker. I started trading 10 years ago and even then it was a reliable and proven broker. I installed a mobile application on my phone and now with great pleasure I often work in it anywhere. On the company's page you can read reviews in order to make a balanced decision when choosing a broker. In addition, you can leave your reviews. Broker is a sponsor of many sporting events.

user_avatarRice Jacob 2/27/2023

The conclusion is simple - one of the most reliable brokers that offers its traders a good selection of trading platforms. There are four organizations that control his activities, and this really deserves trust. Moreover, the trading community is really loyal to this brokerage company, which means that there are many traders around the world who use Stocks Wide services and feel great. One of the key features of the Stocks Wide broker is multiple regulation. Moreover, I really appreciate the fact that I can choose a trading platform that I like best. The choice is really good, and I can choose a platform of several or their own. When I got used to MT4, I chose this platform for my trade and was very pleased. I did not have to waste time getting used to the new platform. I have been working with them for a long time, and I use several types of accounts here. In principle, I almost did not feel any difference in my trading process after the transition. All conditions are transparent. The company is tested and reliable.

user_avatarRussell John 2/27/2023

Traiders support a number of useful indicators for trading. With Stocks Wide, it is easy to work even a beginner (he himself recently was and understand what help is needed in the early stages). The broker constantly updates the platform, and the recently updated version is better and contains indicator tools, oscillators, advisers and ready to use strategy. Stocks Wide differs from other brokers with its own approach to training. Although most of them offer training as an additional service (often paid), they provide it for free. So, I have great respect to the Stocks Wide broker because they managed to create a real association of traders who can work as one coated team. And they did not have to make great efforts for this, because they simply created pages on social networks, which all traders without exception can use. I really liked the services of a broker, and they were completely reliable. If you do not plan to put anything on Stocks Wide above what you have in your pocket, then this is the best broker.

user_avatarDonald Nelson 17.03.2023

Stocks Wide is a great choice for forex traders. Trade platforms and tools that they offer are cool. The customer support team is always available, responsive and competent, and is always ready to answer any questions or problems that I have. The trading platform is very simple to use and understanding, and the support service is always ready to help if something goes wrong. Stocks Wide is a fantastic forex bracker that offers a wide range of services and opportunities for its users.

user_avatarAlbert Sanchez 18.03.2023

I have been trading with a stocks wide Forex Broker for several months and I can say with confidence that they have been offering the first-class experience in Forex. They offer a wide selection of currency pairs, stocks, indices and other trading tools, which makes them an excellent choice for any type of traders. I especially appreciate the advanced trading platform they offer, which allows you to easily trade with a high degree of accuracy. The STOCKS Wide customer service team is also excellent. They are always ready to answer any of my questions and give useful advice.

user_avatarMartin Williams 22.03.2023

I especially appreciate the advanced trading platform offered by the broker, which allows you to easily trade with a high degree of accuracy. The STOCKS Wide customer service team is also excellent. They are always ready to answer any of my questions and give useful advice. They quickly answer and are always ready to do everything possible to help me. I am also impressed by their educational center, which provides me with useful shopping councils and strategies. In general, I am very pleased with my experience with Forex Broker Stocks Wide

user_avatarJohn Rivera 30.03.2023

They quickly answer and are always ready to do everything possible to help me. I am also impressed by Stocks Wide with an educational center that provides me with useful shopping councils and strategies. In general, I am very pleased with my experience with Forex Broker Stocks Wide and highly recommend it to everyone who wants to trade on Forex. They offer a large selection of trading tools, an excellent trading platform and first -class customer service. I am sure that I can become a successful trader as soon as possible with the Stocks Wide Forex broker.