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John Doe 15 / December / 20

How to choose smartphone for kid? Tips and advices

Сhoose the right smartphone for kid
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Child asks for a smartphone? You should not rush to refuse him or, on the contrary, buy the most expensive novelty.


This article will help you avoid extremes. It will tell you how to make a choice in favor of a smartphone that your child will like, and help you pay attention to the most important points.

Why does your child need a smartphone?

To buy a smartphone for a child is not to indulge his whims, but to purchase a useful and convenient gadget with which parents can call their offspring, communicate in the messenger. In addition, a son or daughter will be able to download textbooks and audiobooks into a smartphone. Of course, no one canceled entertainment either: playing, listening to music, watching videos and chatting with friends - all this will help brighten up a boring trip in transport, for example.

How to choose a mobile phone for a child?

Which smartphone is better to buy for a child? The answer: "the one that entered the top popular" is not entirely correct (although the child may insist on this).

When choosing a smart mobile phone, you need to take into account age, preferences and the purpose of the purchase. For example, a device with a GPS tracker will help parents to be aware of the location of the student, which means less worry and less imagining of all sorts of horrors.

What would be good to pay attention to:

Phone dimensions and material for a child: screen, body and durability

As a rule, the size of modern phones is often associated with the screen diagonal. In modern models, the display occupies almost the entire front panel, leaving only a small percentage of it for the camera, earpiece and other important "little things". Everything is individual here: ease of control is important.

The main thing is that the device fits comfortably in the hand. If the child is about 10 years old, you should not choose a phablet for him: instead, pay attention to the more compact version up to 4.5 inches. But for a high school student, a large smartphone is quite suitable. When buying, you should pay attention to the weight of the gadget: it should not be too heavy.

If we talk about image quality and screen resolution, then FHD is enough for the head, even smaller is possible. And with color rendition and viewing angles, there are hardly any problems, since most models on the market are equipped with an IPS-type matrix.

Durability is one of the important factors when choosing a phone for a child, because the stronger the device, the longer it will “live”.

Kid Smartphone Comfort

In cheap smartphones, ordinary glass is used, which is not resistant to impacts, and therefore it is reasonable to immediately buy an additional protective film. Tempered glass is used in models with a higher price tag. This option is much more reliable, but even here additional protection will not hurt.

The case material should not be overlooked either:

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