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Gerard Moore 07 / April / 20

Shift-Holdings Scam? Review And Opinions

Shift-Holdings Scam? Review And Opinions
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  Shift-Holdings introduction


This broker Shift-Holdings review will touch the base and provide a detailed analysis of the generally available information as well as their personal contacts and so on. In every review we conduct, our team tries to explore and provide diversified information based not just on brokers’ opinions but on detailed research and thorough verification of the available and accessible information. Here we follow the same standards and procedures for this particular Shift-Holdings forex broker giving unbiased analysis. Using this external link, you can find detailed information available with thorough descriptions of the standards and quality criteria for every broker review.

First of all, we would like to briefly touch base in regards to the itself and give them a general intro so you have a basic idea about them. It falls into the MT4 forex broker category and is quite a fresh newcomer in the market. This does not affect the reputation of the Shift-Holdings broker as well as their security, steady performance, general policies won absolute trust in investors’ eyes, which is vital in the present day situation on the market. reviews


As a matter of fact, before making any investment it would be absolutely mandatory to make a deep analysis of their past and current activities. We are looking into answering the following questions. How trustworthy this company is to invest your money into it? Are the broker’s prices accurate? Let's explore and answer these questions together in this Shift-Holdings broker review and find out if this is the organization you are looking for or not.



  1. ● Organization
  2. ● Advantages and Disadvantages
  3. ● Reliability
  4. ● Trading Platform Structure
  5. ● Account Options
  6. ● Customer service


Shift-Holdings Review




Shift-Holdings Organization 

At the first glance, the Shift-Holdings forex broker review catches attention as it’s one of the fresh newcomers in the industry. This truly is a new broker and the organization was founded in 2019. This Shift-Holdings’s core principle is to assist, empower, help and support your trading ventures online. Despite being relatively new in the market the broker has already won an established reputation among the traders.They do provide high-quality service which gives the feeling of security.

They use reliable and popular platforms, provide customer service and support in 3 main languages and gained a reputation of a consistent and highly active performer on the market. One can argue that they are relatively new and yes that's true, but their activity gives a feeling of confidence and security which in our eyes outlines Shift-Holdings as a broker with high potential building a new environment and supporting traders and investors in their market operations with the high end quality service.

For reference, the broker is currently located in the European Economic Area. It's pretty common location for the brokers nowadays.

Always feels like a win to find a broker nowadays who was not involved in any scam or fraudulent activities. The detailed research and investigation of this particular Shift-Holdings broker activity showed that this broker is very reliable and trustworthy compared to the other competitors at the market nowadays.

Their activities do not include any issues or problems with funding or resources which is in general a significant advantage for the broker company and this one in particular, especially if we take into account that they are relatively new in the market and just making first steps in establishing themselves as a reliable and supportive partner for traders and investors in the market.

Multilingual customer service and support are available for you. They are essentially supporting four languages at the moment: English, Polish, German and Russian. The Shift-Holdings broker headquarters are based in the European Economic Area. The broker is easily accessible and welcomes the traders from all around the world. There are practically almost no restrictions nationwide, however, there are some blocked countries, we here highly recommend checking the list to avoid any issues.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Shift-Holdings


● MT4 as a trading platform
● More than 145 trading tools
● Spread and trading expenses are reasonable


● Has no access to MT5 or Trader Platforms


The Shift-Holdings is currently headquartered in the European Economic Area, which is considered to be quite generic and basic regulation among the forex brokers. There is nothing special or unusual about it, it's just pretty common among the brokers to locate there.
To be fair the Shift-Holdings though provides some efficient trading resources, which, most of the time, are more vital than the regulation itself. After analyzing their structures, account organization, account options as well as organizational flow and policies we came to the conclusion that this broker follows the protocols according to the rules and has no noticeable flaws, violations in their organizational and structural processing and papers. They do commit to providing good and trustworthy service to traders and investors and build their reputation as a long term reliable partner on the market.


Shift-Holdings Broker Reviews


Even though the broker has already proved itself as a reliable organization, we believe that there is still room for improvement. The broker is relatively new at the market so they are trying to enhance and improve their services in order to gain more trust among the traders and become even more reliable partners overall. Their activity on the market already has a positive sign that they are encouraging traders and investors to cooperate with them which in general gives a great perspective for future endeavors in the industry. Building long-term partnerships with traders and investors is vital to establish a reliable brand. This is a great initiative for them.

Trading Platform

As we mentioned before the Shift-Holdings broker is handling its operational activities within the industry on the MT4 trading platform, which is quite famous among the brokers. MT4 is widely known as a fast, efficient and, generally speaking, very resourceful platform. The trader can quickly resume their trading activities using this platform benefiting themselves. Let’s explore which benefits it can give to a trader and how it can be used to their advantage.

Shift-Holdings trading platform

As you probably know, MT4 is quite well known for its outstanding features to attract investors. The platform is widely spread among the brokers. Traders and investors are very familiar with it. It has a user-friendly interface which allows you to quickly start using it even if you don’t have your own personal computer or laptop. You can easily access it from your phone. Let's have a closer look at the most important parts of MT4:


The Shift-Holdings MT4 can be accessed easily from any device or web service. In case you don't have your own laptop or personal computer you can still have easy and smooth access and perform trading operations in the forex market.

The Shift-Holdings Trading Tools

Every newly appeared broker always faces the same difficulties in the industry. It's pretty hard for them to offer a wide variety of different trading tools. But we would like to outline that Shift-Holdings overcame this challenge and properly executed offering the traders multiple tools for their market activities. They have more than 145 trading tools at your service. Among them we can list currencies, precious metals, energies and many many more, including indices available at this very moment when the political situation is most unstable.

There are different currency pairs and this broker has more than 50 of them available. Major and exotic currency pairs are equally available and accessible for the trader, including USD\EUR, GBP\EUR, EUR\JPN and so on.

Spot energies are also well represented on the broker’s website and platform. Crude oil, natural gas, and others are among the trading options you can choose from.

The same goes for the spot metals. Gold, Platinum, and Silver are the most widely known and used as well, available right here at your service.
The spot shares are probably the most vital trading tool for any broker. Can you even call yourself a broker without having access to these? Google, Tesla, Apple, IBM, Amazon and others are available in this broker list and there are many more options you can choose from.

Account Options

The Shift-Holdings offers its clients several options in terms of accounts.

Shift-Holdings Broker Accounts

They pretty much are covering multiple trader types providing various options that will meet your needs and demands. Different account options allow you to switch to a new level of trading once you gain more experience and enhance your abilities. Shift-Holdings is giving 4 different account types, each of them allows you to explore market trading above and beyond.


Lowest deposit: 250$
Advantage: 1:100
Escalation from: 2,8 pips
Min trade amount: from 0,01
Positions: No Limits



Lowest deposit: 2000$
Advantage: 1:200
Escalation from: 2,5 pips
Min trade amount: from 0,01
Positions: No Limits



Lowest deposit: 10000$
Advantage: 1:300
Escalation from: 1,5 pips
Min trade amount: from 0,01
Positions: No Limits



Lowest deposit: 50000$
Advantage: 1:400
Escalation from: 0,1 pips
Min trade amount: from 0,01
Positions: No Limits






It is absolutely worth mentioning that the expenses incurring during trading operations are relatively low. It's actually ranked lower than the average on the market. This is a significant advantage compared to the others, and that would become benefit especially for beginners who are still learning the trading and market.

⋄ Customer Service


Customer service and support provided by the Shift-Holdings team is really appealing. There are two options to reach out to the support team: you can either call or submit your request per email. There is also a web form on their page however this one redirects you straight to email. Unfortunately, there is no live chat support option available at this very moment, but to be quite frank, customer service support is not very much needed in this case. They are quite reactive, willing to help and ready. In case if you still need some assistance here you can find their phone contact and email address respectively.



Shift-Holdings is currently headquartered in the European Economic Area, which is considered quite basic among the brokers.



Shift-Holdings of course has some flaws and certain missing information. However, it is important to say that it's quite normal for a Shift-Holdings broker to make their first steps in the industry. It would be important to note that the broker is quite active and doing better and better, which can be seen as a sign of good future perspective and assurance in regards to their service and performance

Shift-Holdings is actively using the MT4 trading platform, which is very handy and efficient as most of the traders, as well as investors, are quite familiar with. It really makes the onboarding process smooth and easy.

We consider this broker to be reliable and definitely worth a tryout period especially compared to other competitors. We still highly insist in regards to forex trading deals involving real money that you test the broker personally before making any serious decisions or investments.

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user_avatarBruno Meyer 18.12.2020

The overall impression of this venture is that I work with an honest team of experts. Also with excellent manners and real assessments of the market situation. Recommend.

user_avatarFinnley Bauer 26.12.2020

Back to trading and to the best broker! Thank you for the most interesting conditions that really help you make good money.

user_avatarAadam Hollis 30.12.2020

This broker has almost no downsides. Both support work and business consulting are of very high quality. Of course, without training and a knowledge base, it will be difficult for you to deal with all the functionality of the platform. But you can ask the necessary questions after opening a demo account.

user_avatarHayden Montoya 05.01.2021

I already got used to how often the support operator could mumble on my questions and shirk his duties. But not with this broker! Maybe I even turn to customer service too often for help… I just enjoy dealing with these guys and they really give great advice.

user_avatarAdrian Gray 09.01.2021

This broker is on the list of my favorites. Since I am not a beginner, I do not need constant explanations and recommendations, I came to make money. There are all conditions for this. Who knows, he will understand me. Good luck!

user_avatar Kane Frye 14.01.2021

Let's collect the most honest feedback here so that any trader can understand whether this broker is right for him or not. For me, this is the best option on the market.

user_avatar Tye Cain 17.01.2021

I found a broker who helps me cope with the crisis. I even started making money again. It seemed that the market was sinking almost every day… How good that there is an island of stability in the middle of this covid tragedy

user_avatarLouie Fulton 22.01.2021

I need just such a stable company that is not afraid of the challenges of the time. The world market regularly experiences crisis moments, because politicians always have something to scare us all with. Does this mean that trading will stop? Of course not. We do not lose our presence of mind!

user_avatarDale Hamilton 26.01.2021

Who managed to make good money on trading with this broker during the pandemic? After all, this is surprising considering that there are consistently low spreads. What good rates!

user_avatarLamar Wallis 01.02.2021

It doesn't matter if you trade from a computer or use a terminal on a smartphone – any technical issues when concluding deals, in terms of speed, all need to be resolved with the technical service. They respond quickly, I was personally convinced.

user_avatarKieren Matthews 06.02.2021

It seems to me that trading with this broker ceases to be like a storm at sea. Do not ignore the forecasts of the team professionals, they usually feel the market sentiment, protecting you from rash actions.

user_avatarMarlon Payne 11.02.2021

Usually after a break, I do not rush into the pool with my head, but start trading with very simple rates. I choose predictable currency pairs, gradually enter the market and begin to feel it better. It's good that the terminals of this broker clearly provide an understanding of the main trends, and the functionality allows you to quickly respond.

user_avatarTaine Owens 15.02.2021

Perhaps I miss the variety of currency pairs here. On the other hand, it is less likely to burn out on your own misplaced enthusiasm. A good site for generating a steady income without unpleasant surprises.

user_avatarHarry Williamson 18.02.2021

How do these super low spreads usually behave? I came here for them. They write a lot about this broker, I want to try

user_avatarRandall T. 27.02.2021

I'm doing weekend deals here. Everything suits me. We managed to make good money last time. If you have any problems, just check with your account manager.

user_avatarMark Freeman 01.03.2021

and ... my money is in my account! Incredible! I waited for 4 hours. They say that it is very little. That you can wait 2 or 3 times longer with other brokers. These four hours seemed like an eternity to me ...

user_avatarAllen 12.02.2021

What a harsh session today was ... I still can't believe that I did get an income. I have already ordered a withdrawal of money. Don't give up hope guys, you can still profit like me