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Useful types of devices for office workers.Practical solutions

Selection of solutions for office workers for hours are efficient
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Catch a selection of solutions for office workers so that working hours are efficient and labor costs are lower. Detailed review in the article.



The device replaces several devices: printer, scanner, copier. Some models come with an advanced feature - fax. Several computers can be connected to the MFP via the Internet at the same time.


Two popular types of MFPs.

  1. Laser
    A thin laser beam transmits the image to the sensitive surface of the photoconductor. Solid ink is used for printing - toner, which gives a stable image on paper. Document printing speed is high.
  2. Streaming
    Soluble liquid dyes of different colors are used for printing. They are applied to the paper with nozzles. Heaters inside the nozzles raise the temperature to 100 degrees and steam displaces ink droplets on the paper. The ink is automatically fed continuously into the nozzles as it is consumed. The print head moves from one edge of the sheet to the other, spraying the ink evenly.


Powerful MFPs have a capacity of 50,000 pages. The most common type is up to 10,000 pages. For the device to work smoothly, when choosing, pay attention to four parameters:


print speed - this is an important characteristic for a large office;

heating - Depending on the model, it takes time to warm up the parts;

Duplex printing - will save a lot of time, as it does not require turning the pages manually;

noise - excessive buzzing of the car causes discomfort at work.

Coffee machine


Coffee machine - a working tool and part of office equipment. Able to dispense a large amount of finished beverage, the main thing is that the tank for coffee and water was full. Consider the options for top coffee makers for the office.


The principle of operation of the drip model is not wise. And the drink is delicious due to the fact that the drops seep through a paper, nylon or metal filter (depending on the device), and absorb the taste and aroma of coffee beans. Works as follows:


The built-in boiler boils water.

The steam rises and condenses at the top of the device. The temperature of the condensate drops is 87-95 ° C. They pass through the brewing unit and accumulate in the container for ready-made coffee.

The degree of grinding of coffee beans affects the caffeine content in the drink. The best option - grinding the middle fraction. This option contains a small amount of caffeine and is not harmful to health. Professional machines can produce up to 40 liters of finished coffee.

Capsule specializes in making espresso. Works with disposable paper capsules with pressed coffee. The weight of the capsule is 7-9 g, they have an ideal degree of frying for cooking portions. This is a convenient device and a good option for the office. The paper capsule with coffee must be fixed in the holder of the gadget and turn the lever. In a couple of minutes the espresso is ready.



In the office without a microwave oven heating function (solo) can not do. With this convenient, because you can quickly warm up your lunch or cook a simple dish. A good microwave should have a power of 500 to 1500 watts. The higher the value, the faster it heats up. Fortunately, you can choose a microwave with the optimal type of control. There are four types.

The mechanical switch sets the time and power by simply turning to the desired mode.

Button settings are set by pressing the buttons.

Touch - sensitive, just touch the control panel keys.

Combined - convenient because it combines push-button mechanical or touch-mechanical control.


The office gadget will save time spent on rest, on more pleasant affairs. And the start delay function will allow you to get an already heated dish at the right time.


Office work requires record keeping, including on paper. The level of secrecy of documents is different. At the end of the storage period, part of the documentation is discarded, but a certain category, such as copies of passport data, the contract with the seal, must be destroyed.

In a few seconds, the shredder will turn a document, CD or bank card into small confetti. Inside the office gadget are rotors with knives. They are arranged so as not to touch each other. The rollers rotate in different directions, grinding the material with knives.

When buying a shredder, you should pay attention to the type of cutting:


A high level of safety is provided by shredders with a cross arrangement of knives. The knives are at an angle to each other. The smallest particles of the document are not recoverable.


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