Trendsmacro forex broker new player in the forex arena | Trendsmacro broker

Trendsmacro forex broker new player in the forex arena | Trendsmacro broker

Who is a Forex Broker? Trensdmacro broker

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Forex is a worldwide currency exchange market. Forex is an interbank currency exchange market where trading is carried out at free prices. The term "forex" refers to the mutual exchange of currencies, and not the entire set of currency transactions. The term Forex is used in a narrower sense - it means exclusively speculative currency trading through commercial banks or brokers (like Trendsmacro broker), which is carried out using leverage, that is, margin currency trading. Operations in the Forex market for purposes can be trading, speculative, hedging, regulating (foreign exchange interventions of national banks).


Forex - things you need to know


Every day the Forex market is gaining more and more popularity, for example, even far back in 2013, the number of search requests for the phrase "Forex charts" reached the level of more than 5500, growing tens and hundreds times that till 2021. Many traders refuse traditional futures and stock markets in favor of Forex. What attracts private traders to Trendsmacro forex broker and others like it? Let's consider the main advantages and disadvantages of this market.

Forex advantages


1. Easy way in and low entry cost

2. Possibility of active round-the-clock trading.

3. Charts and software, available for everyone.

4. Almost complete absence of commissions.

Disadvantages of Forex


1. Regulation is regional.

2. Quite wide bid / ask spreads.

3. Negative swaps. Swaps can be either positive or negative depending on the currency pairs. At the same time, traders, using various Forex charts, in order to maintain a trading position, have to pay a daily interest. For certain currency pairs, a percentage can be paid to a trader, but most brokers do not allow traders to take advantage of this opportunity, especially on micro accounts. Negative swaps are the main disadvantage of swing trading, so it is important to familiarize yourself with broker's rollover policy. So, given the possibility of a negative swap, it is imperative to regularly study Forex charts to make sure there is a trend in the right direction.

Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of trading on forex market with any company like Trendsmacro broker. But even in spite of its obvious shortcomings, many people prefer to trade here. Research and practice are the best ways to counter any deficiency.


Trendsmacro review. Trendsmacco forex broker


On market since



Local Regulators


Marshall Islands

Main tariffs:


  • ➤ Min investment: $250
  • ➤ Spreads: From 2.8 pips
  • ➤ Leverage: 1:300
  • ➤ Personal account manager: Yes
  • ➤ Expert advisors: No



  • ➤ Min investment: $2,000
  • ➤ Spreads: From 2.5 pips
  • ➤ Leverage: 1:300
  • ➤ Personal account manager: Yes
  • ➤ Expert advisors: Yes



  • ➤ Min investment: $10,000
  • ➤ Spreads: From 1.5 pips
  • ➤ Leverage: 1:300
  • ➤ Personal account manager: Yes
  • ➤ Expert advisors: Yes



  • ➤ Min investment: $10,000
  • ➤ Spreads: From 0.1 pips
  • ➤ Leverage: 1:300
  • ➤ Personal account manager: Yes
  • ➤ Expert advisors: Yes


Trendsmacro broker - what does it offer?



CFDs on stocks, currencies, indices, metals and energies

Minimal deposit





Floating from 2.8 pips

Minimal spread


Minimal lot




Trust management


Trading platform





50 currency pairs,

45+ CFD

Account Currency



No commission for all accounts


Is Trendsmacro scam?


At the point when you take a at different trading account types at Trendsmacro broker, you can always find one of them that suits you needs. The leverage is 1:300, which is just the amount that trader can use for trading with no such risks as for, let’s say, 1:1000. The spreads are tight even for the basic trading account, and they just keep getting lower as you progress through the levels. And the basic level itself provides all the necessary tools to start trading right after the depositing.

Software platform that the broker uses and the registration terms show that company takes the security issues quite serious. The security guarantees your exclusive access to your trading account, while the withdrawal and investment options allow you to complete every market movement and take you profit. All the processes are in your hands, and only you can decide how to use them.

Broker constantly develops new trading opportunities, that’s why traders name it as a one of the most promising companies of 2020 year. Trendsmacro broker system is built as a inclusive environment that makes trading safe and comfortable. For the last ten months Trendsmacro broker has run into a number of deals which guaranties its customers a unique liquidity level based on the mutual agreements with main liquidity suppliers of Europe.



Trendsmacro is a well-known and a trustworthy company, just as a very much respected a-list brand in the forex business, offering currency trading with more than 50 pairs, and various CFDs on stocks, energies, indices and metals, with a choice of four account types – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, leverage as high as 1:300 and a MetaTrader4 platform.

Indeed, Trendsmacro forex broker says to be an arising worldwide market pioneer in the currency trading, making all the way to top of the charts.


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