Is scam? Trendsmacro scam?

Is scam? Trendsmacro scam?

How to protect yourself from scam: trendsmacro analysts tips


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As mentioned by specialists of scam on the Internet has existed for many years, but during crises, as a rule, there are more scammers, and they begin to act more actively. Unscrupulous companies lure people in by taking advantage of their concerns and promising big bucks. Alas, the foreign exchange market itself does not imply easy and quick money, especially if you are a beginner.

Any area of human activity related to money and profit attracts dishonest and dishonest people.This is exactly the situation in trading.

The most developed form of Internet fraud today is undoubtedly phishing. As mentioned by support team of scam users run keyboard interceptors, socially engineered email messages, specially designed websites. 


How scammers can get your money on the Internet?


Phishing is an Internet scam technology that steals personal confidential information, such as access passwords, bank and identification card data, etc. Using spam mailings or "worms", fake letters are sent to potential victims allegedly on behalf of legitimate organizations. who are asked to go to the site of such an institution forged by cybercriminals and confirm passwords, PIN codes and other personal information that the cybercriminals subsequently use to steal money from the victim's account and in other crimes. For example, support specialists will never ask you to provide them your card CVV code.

In short, the essence of phishing can be summarized as follows. The fraudster, deceiving the user, forces him to provide his confidential information: data for accessing the Internet (username and password), information about credit cards, etc. Moreover, the victim performs all actions completely voluntarily, without understanding what is happening. To achieve this, attackers use social engineering technologies.

Phishing can now be divided into three types:

  • ✔ email,
  • ✔ online,
  • ✔ combined


The oldest of them is postal: a special letter is sent by e-mail with a request to send any data.

In online phishing, according to data from specialists Trendsmacro scam avoiding service, copy websites using similar domain names and similar designs. And then everything is simple. A victim who finds herself in such a website decides to purchase the product. Moreover, the number of buyers here is quite large, because the prices in a non-existent store are literally junk, and all suspicions are dispelled due to the popularity of the copied site. When ordering a product, the buyer registers, enters the number and other details of his credit card.

Phishers have been using these techniques for a long time. Fortunately, as information security knowledge spreads, they gradually lose their effectiveness.

The third type of phishing is combined. Its essence is to create a fake site of some organization, to which potential victims are lured. Here scammers offer users (taking into account knowledge of psychology) to perform certain operations on their own. Numerous warnings that appear on the Internet almost every day make such fraudulent methods well known. Therefore, attackers now increasingly resort to key-loggers - special programs that track keystrokes and send the received information to pre-assigned addresses.

Always check the valid address of the broker. scam checking tips


How can you protect yourself from this? First of all, you need to call on common sense to help:

  • your bank (or credit card company or your broker like Trendsmacro Forex broker) usually refers to the customer by first and last name by phone and email. If this is not the case, then most likely you have encountered a scam;
  • you cannot call the phone number provided for credit card or bank account security. For calls in case of emergency, a special telephone number is indicated on the back of payment cards. If the call is legitimate, then its record is saved in the bank or forex broker like Trendsmacro;
  • if someone who claims to be your ISP calls you and asks questions about your sensitive data, hang up immediately.


How to protect yourself?


There are no special protection mechanisms against pharming, so you need to carefully monitor incoming mail, regularly update the anti-virus databases, close the preview windows in the mail client, etc. That’s why registration form on is so complicated.


Trendsmacro review to keep away from scammers

The main phishing attacks are aimed at obtaining passwords and other confidential information. It is clear that users need to be taught to work safely on a PC. But the likelihood that a "Trojan" written specifically for you and not detected by the signature bases is quite high that a "Trojan" will appear on your computer. Of course, you should use proactive defense systems, but this is a topic for a separate article. Yes, it's a good idea to use a virtual keyboard. But you can write a program that will read the coordinates of your mouse and recover passwords. Therefore, this is not an option either.

Since the generated password can be entered only once, and even at a certain time interval, an attacker will not be able to use it. One-time password generators are widespread in the banking system of Europe and the United States, as well as among some Internet service providers (AOL). It is clear that you need to spend money on these devices and the corresponding software, but security is more expensive than money.

Another option for one-time password authentication is using a mobile phone. You from your device (registered in the system) send SMS to a specific number. In response, you receive a PIN-code, which is entered along with your code during authentication. In this case, key fobs are not needed at all, since everyone has mobile phones


Trendsmacro scam avoiding tips - how to get your money back

Your best defense against this disease of our time is education. This is just an elemental culture of financial relations. The elementary sense of counting money. scam avoiding service detects rising number of scam incidents recently. They always manage to target newbies or uneducated traders. Providing a good education in the forex market is the best way to avoid being scammed. You must learn about everything before you start trading in the market. Once you master the markets, you will no longer be easy prey. Keep reading and dive into learning. Discover the best in yourself and develop it!


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