Delta Market Forex Broker: Review

Delta Market Forex Broker: Review

Delta Market Forex Broker: Review 2020

Today we are going to conduct a review of Delta Market broker company. They don’t have a lot of information about them circulating in the web, that is why we’ve decided to give them our own estimation and share it with you.


This review is going to be divided into night sections:



Delta Market Review



About DeltaMarket broker 


Delta Market is a broker company with worldwide coverage that takes clients from all around the world except the United States of America and Israel. We are quite sure that people from all over the world will have no problems working with this broker.


Delta Market Broker



Company owners say that their platform is completely secure from malefactors due to its top-level technologies with end-to-end encryption. This makes the Delta Market scam protection system really secure. The stated goal of the company is to give traders necessary tools and information to turn them into successful traders. reviews are hard to find, that’s why we believe this review to be helpful for you. Let’s find out the answer to the question “is scam”?



Types of accounts: Delta Market Reviews 

Delta Market broker company has 4 tiers of accounts for traders, which are named after metals: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, from lowest to highest.The most strange and unusual thing we have encountered while researching these account types is the quality of services provided for Bronze accounts. It is really hard to find other brokers that would provide the same level of services for such a low price. Major spread stands at 2.8 pips, and you can already see that the industry standard is beaten here. We consider it to be one of the biggest advantages for the Delta Market broker. Stop out level is present and amounts to 5%: great news for people who are going to trade with low margins. Interesting fact — scalping is allowed (in Bronze level as well), which is really rare nowadays. Another great factor for low-margin traders and scalping fans, for sure.

Scalping might seem a bit risky and unusual way of trading, but no one can deny it’s effectiveness when a capable trader is using it. It must be noted, however, that you would need some serious additional learning to maximize the usability of this method.



 Delta Market Broker: best types of accounts


The most universal type of account is surely Silver: it has all the options available for the trader, Expert Advisors and personal account manager included. Spread there is pretty much the same as with the Bronze tier. 2.5 pips spread is good, but is far from 1.5 pips provided by owning the Gold account. Platinum tiers beats it all with its 0.1 pips spread. Company services become pretty much free at this point. Our main tier for testing was Bronze, since we believe it to be the most popular among traders (beginners especially). Everything looked really professional, and services we received were of the highest quality indeed. Another important aspect would be the complete absence of commission fees for major trades. This aspect is shared by all tiers of accounts, which was quite unexpected and nice too. This way even the beginner traders can have their trading process really smooth and without any problems. To us such dedication to clients means a lot, and we definitely approve such conditions.

The main point here is that every account tier has it’s benefits and drawbacks, and each trader considering the possibility of cooperation with Delta Market broker company should spend a lot of time deciding which tier would suit their needs in a best way.

The fact that most of the benefits spread equally among all account types helps to create the feeling that the broker leaves you a lot of option choices and doesn’t force you to purchase more expensive accounts to get the full-package quality of service. That is a rare quality among brokers, and we value it a lot.



Opening the account with DeltaMarket Forex 



As soon as we opened an account for Delta Market review, the communication with some of the broker staff was established. Manager who was assigned to our account was really eager to help us and made a client area and trading platform online-tour of sorts to help us check the state of affairs there.


DeltaMarket Account


Both the trading terminal and client area were pretty self-explanatory and we don’t think that they should’ve created any kind of problems for beginners, but that eagerness to help on the manager's part was very pleasant indeed. It seems that Delta Market would be a perfect place for beginner traders to start their careers due to that kind of attitude. Brokers often underestimate the importance of high quality of communication with their clients, but it is immensely important, because it helps to form a special kind of trust necessary for fruitful cooperation.

Another score for Delta Marketreview is for the professionalism of their support staff. Unfortunately, the situation with hiring half-educated employees is far too frequent for brokers, and it’s a real pleasure to see a company where the top management takes the staff searching seriously.



Withdrawals and deposits: DeltaMarket Scam or not? 


Delta Market offers only two possible methods for making a deposit: paying with a credit card and direct bank transfer. It is completely fine for most traders, since those two ways are main methods of payment anyway, but some clients might find such limitations uncomfortable. Delta Market scam protection principles forbid taking any fee from deposits, which is great too. However, don’t forget that the bank can charge their own commissions. The possibility of that would depend on bank regulations, so check your local financial legislation.

Withdrawals are conducted via those two methods as well, however, there is a slight downside in that process: sometimes withdrawals can take as long as several days for your money to reach your bank. That can be troublesome for some clients as well.



 DeltaMarket Broker Trading Terminal


Delta Market sticks to MetaTrader4 in order to conduct the market trading. It is widely known as the industry standard tool, approved by most traders. You can use your laptop or desktop computer to gain access to this platform. There is also an option for web access for when you are far from your usual trading place. The mobile application is also present and can be downloaded from your respective application store.

Delta Market forex also gives you a possibility to create a demo account in order to try out trading principles in a safe environment without the risk of fund loss. We, however, do not recommend the demo account as a tool of long-term practice, because we don’t believe that accounts without real money in them can provoke the same emotional response as real live accounts, and this kind of emotional response is crucial in forming the right trader mentality.


DeltaMarket Terminal


We’d like to place emphasis on the necessity of learning in this case. MetaTrader4 can be an extremely versatile and useful trading tool and it also has some top-notch analytical capabilities. If you spend some time on learning all ins and out of this tool, it will raise your trading process to a new level indeed. If you’re somewhat intimidated by the amount of data you would need to digest, then start small, learning only the basic functions and then gradually expand your learning curve. This way you would avoid additional stress and still get to enjoy all the advantages of this awesome instrument.



Deltamarket Forex Trading Symbols


There is a wide variety of trading symbols the MetaTrader4 uses: pairs of currency, indices, and stocks, of course. EUR/USD is, unsurprisingly, is the most traded symbol on the platform, and Delta Market offers a really good spread for it. There are some US stocks traded here too, because a lot of really high-profit companies fall into this category. This list includes Google, Apple, Amazon, and a lot more. Some cryptocurrency assets are available for trading as well, bitcoin in particular. Delta Market forex seemingly expects BTS to rise back to its former glory in the days to come.

Cryptocurrencies nowadays are perceived mostly as a too risky investment goal. They are volatile and almost completely unpredictable, so if you consider yourself a more conservative type of trader you might wanna avoid them. If you’re willing to take some high risks, they might become a really profitable investment.



 DeltaMarket ReviewsCan you trade it?


We think that you most certainly can. Of course, some beginners might be a bit confused with the wide variety of symbols and charts available from the start at MetaTrader4 terminal. However, it is nothing that decent education and a little bit of practice can't fix. We believe that after a certain short period of time spent on gaining necessary information and skills, pretty much everyone would be able to start their trading career here. Moreover, there is a ton of information on the topic in the web, so it should be no trouble at all getting started here in the shortest amount of time. You can also always get help from your account manager (they are really helpful here).

All in all, trading might be a really arduous activity, but it’s mostly due to high levels of stress associated with it. Basics of trading are pretty simple, and it doesn’t take a lot of learning to become a trader, so do not let it scare you.



Delta Market broker review conclusions


We must say that the process of signing up and starting the cooperation with reviews was pretty simple. Some points in favor of Delta Market were also earned by great trading conditions offered by various account tiers. Our account manager was extremely helpful and provided us with a constant feeling of mentorship and helping hand, which can be invaluable for beginners. Deposit methods are limited, but enough, trading platform is the undying classic MetaTrader4, and all the useful trading symbols are available for you: stocks, cryptocurrencies, and indices. A great educational section on the is awesome for learning, so make sure to acknowledge yourself with it. scam protection system is a great safety tool.

All in all, this broker company is really decent and we hope that our review shows that. Thank you for reading our Delta Market broker review.

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  1. Stanley D. 18.11.2020
    Hey guys how are you. Just want to share my today’s experience. I used the bars in MT4 the see the daily number of deals. But when combining bars with market volume, it works better. I used it for a day range and decided not to trade this day. Many other traders would like to be with me, the day was terrible for trading.
    1. Horton Nelson 22.11.2020
      Need your advice on MT4. I want to export my historical data and use it for the third-party analysis software. How can I do this? What data format is the best? How can I migrate the rest of my data. Googling left me empty-handed. Support team does not have this expertise. I cannot find the answer in broker documents. Please help.  
      1. Earl Owen 26.11.2020
        Hi everybody, how are you in 2020? I see many tragic stories, and even deaths, with all this Covid-19, lockdown, and newly elected president. I fell god, with my account in Delta Markets and still counting. They say the crisis is an opportunity. It works for me: I am still alive, healthy, and with money. What do you think and what do you plan for 2121?
        1. Floyd Vincent 30.11.2020
          To all Delta Markets clients: dear counterparts, it is the Thanksgiving Day, and then Xmas follows. Remember all the days you should be grateful to our Lord. Today I have gained $5k — god bless! I sent 5% to Charity Oasis, this fund distributes money among several organizations. I do not ask you to donate to Charity Oasis. All you donate on Thanksgiving will return to you x10!
          1. West Christopher 02.12.2020
            A few words about market uncertainty. Do you remember the times when the market was really certain? Me not. It is its nature to be uncertain, to fluctuate, to try the new price level, that is why market is always associated with risk. If uncertainty scares you, stay home or go to office. Here in Delta Markets you can really understand the market fluctuations is an option more than a risk.
            1. Carr 07.12.2020
              I do not understand these long discussions about good or bad brokers. I mean there are two other categories – just brokers or those you must avoid. The fair brokers just do their job, and the human factor is minimized – unless you communicate with support team. I do 500+ euros monthly, not a billion but a pleasant bonus.
              1. Briggs Donald 10.12.2020
                What do you think about trading coaches? I found an ad of the trading coach; they say it teaches the mental aspects of trading. Its crazy, they say the problem is my limited beliefs in money. It sounds like head shrink technique and I am not sure. I believe that in order to trade better you have to learn trading and stay away from fixing some issues in your head.
                1. Conley O. 14.12.2020
                  Please respect your broker. It is hard to run this business, to manage a team for a long time. Of course, they have their profit, but this is business, guys! You trade for profit, and why wouldn’t a broker get its share? Make your research and you will find out that issues with a support team exist in every brokerage! And they still take money and they still get marked as broker scam in every situation where someone lost money even if it’s not their fault.
                  1. Aronas E. 19.12.2020
                    I`ve never believed in trading success before. Really! I would never even try myself in this industry. But is there a choice if there are so many unemployed around? I need to pay for the needs of my little son and my family. We found ourselves in this situation, when there is only covid around and everyone is losing his job. My wife is on maternity leave. If I hadn`t gone into trade, we would have been deeply in debt. It was the right choice.
                    1. Brady Hogan 24.12.2020
                      Okay, I started trading for fun :) I believed that I could earn something, but I didn`t believe that I`d earn much. But the world went crazy with lockdown! I would laugh if they told me that trade would feed me. But this is exactly how things are in my life today.
                      1. E. Francis 30.12.2020
                        Let's face it, covid changed the world forever. Covid changed our confidence in the future, in work, in the importance of business. For me, it was some kind of Matrix Reload. I had to start all over again. I am glad that I chose just such an occupation and with this service.
                        1. Cain Moody 03.01.2021
                          I`ve been making money in the market for several years. At first I was even happy with a few dollars of profit minus investments. Today it is important for me to cover deposits and make a profit, which would be enough for a normal life. Passive income of a couple of dollars is not for me. This service is still making money. There are only questions about the timing of the withdrawal of profits. But this can be solved through customer service support.
                          1. Ainsley Piper 09.01.2021
                            If you want to start earning from the start — you are here. The risks are not that big. But do you know which market you are trying to profit from? There are laws here. There is no cheating with this service. This is the main thing.
                            1. Edwin Trejo 14.01.2021
                              Did you come here to become a millionaire? I have heard such stories many times. People come to hit a big jackpot right away. Don't count on it. Brokers also understand that during a pandemic there is no guarantee that the market will not sag. Everyone's on the nerves. Commissions are growing. Big jackpot is impossible at such times. But you can try, of course. But I would not advise beginners to rely on profit immediately. But you have time to learn the basics of trading, find out the risks, start building your strategy.
                              1. Paisley Pate 18.01.2021
                                Working together for six months. The two biggest pluses: 1 — low spreads, more earning opportunities, 2 — support without delays and blunders. I have great experience. At first, I even doubted the reality of the service… of course, there are no «too gooood» conditions that would immediately become a sign of a fake platform… but I was surprised by the size of the spreads. However, for six months there was not a single problem with earning money. Thank you!
                                1. Lennox Quintero 24.01.2021
                                  What a cute team to work with. I like everything they do: how they communicate, what advice they give, what conditions this broker has. We work very very nice well. There are no downsides!
                                  1. Konnor Cannon 02.02.2021
                                    I was advised this broker as a reliable partner, not a scammer. And so it happened: we work harmoniously, while there is only profit, there have never been any losses. Maybe I'm the lucky one, who knows? The main thing is that it is not a problem to get your money back. I have heard different cases. So far, there are no complaints. I give this broker the highest score.
                                    1. Tristan 08.02.2021
                                      This is a low ratios broker. But this is not some kind of deceptive advertising, but reality! Low spreads, many clients. This situation is beneficial to everybody. You can make money here.
                                      1. Aadam Hollis 13.02.2021
                                        I am always very suspicious of brokers' promises. There is usually a catch in their words. How many times was the commission amount higher than you expected? But you have to pay out of pocket! «Successful» predictions, too, often turn out to be just a gimmick. This is how gullible clients are caught like fish in a pond. I'm not like that and checked everything. The spreads are low and the conditions are favorable. Today this is so, but in the future we will see.
                                        1. Tyler Fisher 17.02.2021
                                          Everything is set up well here. The support is very sincere. Lots of cool features. At least worth a try! I have been working with this service for 3 months.