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Gerard Moore 30 / June / 21

AOC 27G2U / BK gaming monitor review - is it worth buying?

Review of the AOC 27G2U / BK gaming monitor
Visitors: 329 Rating: ★★★★★

Market positioning

The cost of today's hero is about $ 300.

Which, again, is a fair price for the average budget start model.

Complete set

The AOC 27G2U / BK comes with a bracket leg, stand (yes, the monitor is disassembled first, don't be afraid), as well as an HDMI cable, DisplayPort cable, power cable, driver disk and documentation.


I am also happy with the appearance of the AOC 27G2U / BK. Because it's - well, just very AOC. Here is a straight refinement from the manufacturer's design, a calligraphic handwriting of the moderately gaming nature of the model

Yes, this is a game monitor. Yes, it can be seen from afar. No, there is no distaste in the design. Yes, there are red in light, burgundy in semi-dark accents and lines. Yes, it looks great.

And most of the useful details are visible from behind - they refine the back of the monitor and the bracket. And in front you can see only the circle on the stand.

I'm kidding, there are still red inserts at the bottom, but, interestingly, they are very faintly visible. Feels weaker than the circle below. Below the red insert on the right is a set of five buttons, you need to control the monitor with them.

Of the other interesting things on the front panel - only the AOC logo. There is no webcam, but the bracket has a hole for cable management.

Depth of a support - about 20 cm, problems with installation should not be any. In addition, the monitor rotates up and down, leans back and forth and is able to portrait mode.

Below - a sign with useful information. Well, or useless, depending on your point of view.


The peripherals of the monitor include two HDMI 1.4, one DisplayPort and even VGA.

Plus - a power supply, two mini-jacks (in addition to two 2-watt built-in speakers) and five (!) USB.

Including four USB Type-C, one with fast charging support, and one Type-B.


The weight of the monitor with a stand is 5.2 kg, and if you don't have a good stand, support for the VESA 100 mount will come in handy.

Panel - IPS, Full HD, 27 inches diagonal. Flat as a joke, fast as a hare - 1 ms response anyway. Brightness - 250 nits, dynamic contrast - 20,000,000: 1, static contrast 1,000: 1. Viewing angles - 178 degrees on all sides. Well, the refresh rate is 144 Hz. Which for a gaming monitor is quite the norm and a bit boring, especially in 2021 and for $ 300.

But how do you support not only AMD FreeSync Premium, but also G-Sync software? It's better now. And how do you like WLED lighting? With tiny lights, visible only in the dark, but overall very nice in quality. But that's not all. How do you sRGB 118%?

This is already chic. This monitor is safe for medium color correction, and will not limit the rights of gamers with a low response rate. However, being a gamer and an employee of the color correction industry will not always work out.

Because dE and sRGB depend on profiles, of which four are working, six are gaming and one is neutral, with sRGB about 110%, AdobeRGB about 75% and dE about 1.7.

Operation experience

It is nice to play such a handsome man on any of the profiles, the picture is clear, fast and the diagonal is enough for any game. In addition, it should be noted that there are quite thin frames on the sides and top. The chin is below, but this is to be expected. I did not notice any signs of hosting - well, the gaps in the screen will be quietly removed-killed FreeSync Premium, which is software compatible with G-Sync.

This does not guarantee as chic a result as G-Sync via a hardware chip, but it is many times better than nothing at all, and is compatible with NVIDIA graphics cards. Like the ASUS TUF Gaming RTX 3060 12GB OC, which some Denis Zaichenko reviewed somewhere here.

Results for AOC 27G2U / BK

Simple as a spoon, and just a Full HD monitor, you say. And I counteract that this is a solid, high-quality model for work, for games and for content consumption. For such a monitor a couple of years ago, especially at a cost of less than $ 500, I would give my hand and foot. And today, even now, I could adapt it to my super widescreen format. For $ 300, this is a super-competitive model for all tasks, so yes, I calmly recommend the AOC 27G2U / BK.


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