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Gerard Moore 29 / October / 22

«Not just for beginners»: Review of Stocks Wide

Review of Stocks Wide
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Typical Forex trader is by far not a millionaire – Forex is democratic enough for everybody, from students and housewives to well-paid professionals from other spheres using it as a hobby. But they all have one, or rather two, common features: they need some help at the beginning of their career and they usually start with little volumes. Therefore, we decided to make a review of Forex broker Stocks Wide as of 2022 designed for those who are just starting. There will be a sidekick mission, too. We will try to find out whether Stocks Wide can be caller best Forex broker for low-cost trading.

First criteria will be the availability of help information and access to it. You should know what to do before you start, that is obvious. Forex broker Stocks Wide provides us with lots of supplementary information regarding its services, types of assets available, specifics of its work etc. There is also a special section with education materials on its website. Besides that, if you review broker Stocks Wide accounts types, you will see that all them have Get started section in order to give clients more information about the platform and its capabilities and to train using them as well.

All this put together makes Forex broker Stocks Wide a good match for beginners, but there is one more point to clarify – the financial aspect. The minimal deposit of Beginner account is EUR100, this threshold making Forex trade with XX available for literally any user. Of course, you will not get all the features of the platform for EUR100. On the other hand, Forex broker Stocks Wide for that money is ready to provide you with 9 major currencies, personal account manager, abovementioned learning and training stage, 3 insured deals and fixed/floating spreads. This is more than enough to start with.

These are our impressions based on review of Stocks Wide terms and conditions as they are and in comparison with other companies. They are also confirmed by reviews about Stocks Wide by its active and former clients available on the web. We took a chance to check our conclusions with Forex broker Stocks Wide representative and asked Thomas Mueller, the company’s development director, several questions to complement our Stocks Wide Forex broker review.

Question: What percent of new users remain and invest with Stocks Wide?

Thomas Mueller: According to the recent review of Stocks Wide operations, we have stable increase of users who came 1-6 months ago and stay till now. We can’t keep all of them, of course. People come and go, they try new things all the time, some of them leave Forex trading for good, that happens. Our task is to show those who decided to stay on this market, how everything works here and make them feel comfortable enough to stay not just in the market, but with us.

Q: What is the reason for that, how do you think? What is so special about Stocks Wide in comparison with other brokers?

TM: We value our clients and their time no matter how big their deposits are, that is the first thing. And if we see a problem we try to address it well before it appears in a Stocks Wide review on the web. Actually, it works, just like many other simple things. The number of negative broker reviews of Stocks Wide is now significantly lower than the number of neutral and positive reviews.

Q: How do you attract these new clients?

TM: We are using all possible channels. Stocks Wide invest reviews in 2022 in business press are not enough. The times are changing, you know, buying ads in media doesn’t work like it worked before. If people are ready to believe to Stocks Wide investment review by a popular blogger or opinion leader – well, let them have it.

Q: So would you call Stocks Wide the best Forex broker for beginners among dozens of companies operating in this market?

TM: Not just for beginners. Stocks Wide is good for any investment strategy. We have various assets types, our platform is built on latest high-end technologies, and we invest in improvement. Browse through reviews about Stocks Wide on the web – you will find different things, but nobody criticizes our platform, no significant technical issues. We’re increasing our clients base by attracting beginners, that’s true. But the ultimate goal is to turn them into successful traders working with us. Best Forex broker for small accounts which grow bigger – that is how we see investing with Stocks Wide.

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user_avatarWhitehead Michael 04.11.2022

I had experience working with several trading companies, but Stocks wide differs from them in a positive direction. Here is a familiar atmosphere and very pleasant communication. They often have suggestions, and they are constantly working on their progress for better service.

user_avatarChapman Oliver 14.11.2022

Before registering in Stocks wide, I joined their social platform for the exchange of instant messages in Discord, where traders and their support service interact. Certificates of payments are published by traders on a regular basis, and the community is shared by experience, and the support team is the best that I have ever seen. I have no doubt that Stocks wide is the most transparent proportion, and believe me, they are the best.

user_avatarPaul Thomas 28.11.2022

Stocks wide - This is a great way to make your money work for you. This is an excellent asset and has many options to make your money grow. The interest they offer for your money is better than in any bank, and they also have cryptocurrency options. I also like the calculator function, which allows you to find out how much you need to invest every month to achieve your financial goals.