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Gerard Moore 08 / December / 22

Is Forex trading possible? Swissstand review

Review broker Swissstand Forex 2022-2023
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It is possible to trade on Forex through a broker. Usually, this is a company that has a license, on the basis of which it is quite legal to make transactions with securities, and assets. Broker Swissstand is appropriate for this task. The service is modern, with advanced functionality. More information about the broker can be found in this Swissstand review.

Consultation on taxation, free training, and practice strategies on a demo account is available here. This is what the broker usually does:

It has recently passed the inspection of a regulatory authority, which found that Swissstand Forex has no debts to clients. In addition to the standard license, the service also has a depository license, a dealer license, and an asset management license.

The user agreement spells out in detail what you can lose your funds for. The risks are informed immediately after registration.

To trade on the stock market you will need to download a terminal in advance. The company provides this facility by working with proven platforms. In addition, there is a mobile app that allows you to close trades from your smartphone.

The support team is available in 10 languages. Official website with a secure connection. Spreads are small, as commission. All payments are fixed and documents are publicly available.

Sufficient tools and assets. The brand is chosen by well-known investors and players. More than 100,000 people have become its clients.

All user orders are executed. The tariffs are acceptable. They determine the commissions size and other fees. 

Is Swissstand scam?

The intruders don't bother. They steal data from normal companies, passing it off as their own. This can cause significant reputational damage or reduces credibility. Scammers always start with loud promises, disappearing as soon as they make a profit. If there is registration, it is necessary in an offshore jurisdiction. Their schemes are similar to pyramid schemes, moreover, they do not communicate the risks. Conversely, they convince that there are none, which bribes inexperienced users.

Their actions are aggressive and consistent. Most often they apply telephone pressure by calling from different numbers. Here are a few more signs of scammers:

Unscrupulous companies do not have a support service, and the site is constantly hanging. Plus, there is not always access to a personal account.

Swissstand Forex doesn't do anything like that. It works honestly, observing the terms of the contract. Clients always get the money they have earned. The support service is multilingual. Official market tools are available for trading. The connection to the website is secure. There are encryption protocols. 

Swissstand is not a scammer. The company is licensed and has a compensation system.

Swissstand reviews

It is the user ratings that make it possible to understand whether it is worth trusting the broker who is interested. Their opinion is important. It affects the image and increases customer loyalty. This is good feedback telling about the terms of cooperation, and the pros and cons of the brand. Comments from ratings, determine the level of trust in the organization.

Forex broker Swissstand has practically no negative reviews. There are a number of positive ones on Trustpilot and Sitejabber. These are world review sites with a certain level of influence. 

Many users have noted the support service. They liked the speed of response and how competent the operators are. In addition, there are convenient ways of contacting them. No one message went unanswered, which is especially important. High marks were earned by the round-the-clock mode and response within half an hour.

Some were satisfied with the training. It is free, systematic, and diverse. There are several courses, videos, online training, and webinars. Also, most of the positive Swissstand reviews are dedicated to:

The broker can be trusted. Swissstand is not a scammer, which has been repeatedly proven by the results of inspections of various companies.

What is the specialty of the company?

The brand has a modern, functional website. Everything is simple and clear, and the information is categorically divided. It is convenient that you can make a trading plan, and study statistics and analytics. There is a personal manager.

The speed of withdrawal is determined by the type of payment system. Before the start of the transaction, a special code is sent to the client. After its entering the process starts. It increases the security level. Broker Swissstand always takes care of its users.

Both Metatrader4 and Metatrader5 are available for download. It has an elaborate interface and market sentiment indicators.

The trades are executed almost instantly. In as little as 0,03 seconds. There are special courses for those who are just learning how to trade. The type of account is at the client's discretion.

The minimum deposit to invest is $100. There is a consultation on taxation and copy-trading.

The main advantages of Swissstand forex:

Broker Swissstand also has a bonus system. The disadvantage of the broker is considered the size of the leverage.

Comments 4
user_avatarRobert Edwards 20.12.2022

Yesterday I made a couple of profitable transactions on the currency, but you need to start switching to other tools, good that in the swiss standand there are really many of them and there is something to choose. And the currency pairs have already bored me with the order, but I know that you will say that they are the most popular and you can really earn them, but you can earn money by shares of well -known companies even more, and who does not have enough money on a deposit for this, Well, excuse me, these are your direct problems. We do not go into trading in order to sit on minimum wages and trade a currency all our lives, we must first develop and develop you, and as I wrote above, there are all conditions for this. The advantages of this broker: Broker swiss standand is adjustable, is under strict control of the regulators (not everyone has this, although mandatory); A full range of services (the choice is very large); international presence (I need it as a condition for cooperation with a broker); direct access to markets; low commission; Instant execution and maximum liquidity and this is all for convenient and effective earnings.

user_avatarHarold Johnson 21.12.2022

I recommend this broker to everyone who suffers with a mobile application. Maybe I was so lucky with brokers who had unsuccessful applications and not modified. I myself specifically got into two companies, I don’t know why such difficulties were with the mobile version, since there are no such problems. The most dangerous, let’s say, was the problem of a communication break when the server could hang for several hours. The guys who traded in swiss standand also advised me to go to the broker. They did not have such problems. There was no way out, so I crossed. And he did the right thing! A completely different trade has gone. As for me, they did it so conveniently that on one account you can still trade with a crypt. My previous broker had to do a separate account and then jump between the accounts. To date, the broker has an extensive client base, which includes traders from many countries of the world. In addition, the company's services and products are provided in accordance with the requirements of regulators. Since at first I touched on the topic with a mobile application, now I’m setting up the application for myself here and is still satisfied.

user_avatarDaniel Curry 28.12.2022

I also decided to pay attention to you - in general, I am an active trader. I believe that trading tools need to be selected by those that are closer to the interests of the trader, i.e. to you. The Broker swiss standand does not infringe on the trader in trading instruments, gives him great opportunities for trading (sufficiently trading tools, you would have so much time to study and try everything). But this is not always good! There are a lot of inexperienced beginners among customers who do not know how to correctly calculate the ratio of risk/income, and if they give such unlimited opportunities, they can make many mistakes. The broker definitely needs to think about some basic course for beginner traders, where they would tell customers about the main rules for working on the exchange, introduced the most frequent mistakes of beginners and helped to avoid them. swiss standand is the best licensed and adjustable broker! Simply the best! No deception and hidden nuances that appear over time when it comes to specifics, as is often the case with other brokers.

user_avatarGregory Smith 31.12.2022

Good Broker swiss standand, but there are very few bonus systems (when I registered, gave a bonus, I got to the action. It was nice. And since then 7 months have passed and there has been nothing more interesting. It seems to have a referral, but I have to call nobody). He even tried to talk his broker on why in the company they have so badly with bonuses and other pleasant moments for customers. I didn’t get anything normal in the answer, they said that he was in the swiss standand broker and does not solve such issues that such a policy of the company is not bonuses to lure, so that people would not play and escape and the priority of long cooperation and therefore barchers with customers work, Something like that ... Well, if this is true, then it is unlikely that you can count on a larger number of bonuses, but a pity. It doesn't seem to me that you can scare someone with bonuses. But I can make mistakes with my opinion as I will begin to withdraw good amounts, maybe then my opinion will change and I will also be inclined to this policy. Probably everything has its time.