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Gerard Moore 16 / February / 20

Which different services Nordhill Capital offers traders?

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 Services from Nordhill Capital are slightly different from what brokers usually provide for Poland. At its core, it is a fund that offers its clients precisely money management, while cooperating, as with brokers, with:

• Hantec Markets (FCA license);

• SFX Markets (licensed by FSASVG).

The fund itself has been on the market since 2013 and works both with private traders and with larger investors. At the same time, his activity concerns both currency trading and investing.

• Financial Regulator - FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, Switzerland);

• Location of the main office - Riga, Latvia.

Traders' Opinion on Basic Company Information

• Received Forex broker negative reviews

Negative comments relate to the fact that a broker located in Latvia is regulated by an organization in Switzerland;

• Received Forex broker positive reviews

Positive remarks focus on the very fact of having a financial regulator, which, according to users, is a guarantee against fraud and scam, as well as cooperation with regulated brokers.

•The comments that the foundation has earned about basic information are rather mixed.

Terms of cooperation

If you list clauses of the terms of cooperation, similar to those used by brokers for Poland, the fund offers:

• Trading tools:

o currency

o CFD on shares,

o options

o precious metals;

• deposit - from $5000;

• commission - yes;

• spread - 0-3;

• lot size - from 0.01;

• leverage - up to 100;

In addition, you can indicate cooperation only with those banks that have proven their reliability, as well as the opportunity to participate in investment programs.


The opinion of traders regarding the trading conditions of the fund

• Received Forex broker negative reviews

Negative reviews left by traders in Russia are not specific and look something like “I asked them a couple of questions and immediately realized that they are scammers”, sometimes they find the deposit size high;

• Received Forex broker positive reviews

Positive comments usually relate to experience with the fund on these conditions;

•Both positive and negative reviews are few enough that there is an opportunity to describe the reaction of traders as neutral.


Deposit and withdrawal of funds

To replenish the deposit, the most common methods are offered from those that brokers usually apply to Russia:

• Bank cards and transfers;

• WebMoney.

The opinion of traders regarding the quality of depositing and withdrawing funds

• Received Forex broker negative reviews

There is a certain number of reports of divorce through sending requotes on potentially profitable transactions, as well as delaying payments, which is also regarded as a scam;

• Received Forex broker positive reviews

There are a sufficient number of messages with a positive assessment of the input and output of funds by the fund;

• Thus, we can say that the reviews of traders in Poland are mixed.


Customer service


When servicing clients, Nordhill Capital offers a list of services that is different from the set that traders use for Poland as standard:

• round-the-clock support;

• round-the-clock trading;

• trust management;

• investment programs;

• automatic trading.

Traders' opinions regarding working with Nordhill Capital clients

• Received Forex broker negative reviews

For the lack of a comprehensive training program and a delay in the work of the support service, on the basis of which users claim that the fund is a scam.

• Received Forex broker positive reviews

Most traders responded positively to the work of the fund with clients;

•We can say that according to this parameter, the broker earned a conditionally positive reputation.


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