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Gerard Moore 18 / January / 22

VKG wants to build a solar power plant based on waste

Overview of VKG perspectives in the field of ecological production
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In a letter to the Land Department, the company explained that the Aherain property is for waste storage and disposal, but that the current detailed plan provides for the designated use of production land for the property. At the same time, the goal of the state is to reduce waste and reuse waste in the amount of at least 40 percent.

VKG Mines believes that the best possible solution for waste recovery is the construction of a starting line for the construction of a solar power plant and a hydroelectric power plant.

Therefore, the company applied to the Land Council for preliminary guidance to start designing a solar power plant in order to submit more detailed materials to the municipality for issuing design specifications as a next step.

The Land Council does not object to the construction of a solar power plant on the territory of Aherain. At the same time, the Consent of the Agency does not give the right to design the right to use a land plot or to acquire a land plot.

Permission of land use rights on the basis of the State Property Law is possible after land reclamation by Eesti Energia's subsidiary Enefit Power AS. They have until the end of 2023.

The real estate is located in the village of Aidu-Nõmme in the municipality of Luganus ida-Virumaa.


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