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IG Broker Review: Is it a good broker for you?

Overview of IG Broker activity - is it worth it to work with him

It is common for some clients to have certain reservations when hiring a broker, hence there is a great demand as to know about the benefits and disadvantages of some of these companies. Today we are going to talk about IG Group which is one of the leading broker in this field.

With 46 years since its creation and 17 agencies globally, IG broker can be considered as one of the leading companies in the field of investments with a solid support in terms of technology and experience.

One of the best trading platforms

It is one of the most complete trading platforms on the market as it is fast and very easy to use, according to the opinions of some users.

IG broker has the best technology to meet the needs of any of its clients.

First of all we find a website to work online, this version can be used by those who are starting in this world, since it is very intuitive and offers the necessary tools to operate. Here you will get access to some IG charts as in the case of real-time schematics.

Then we find the platform called MetalTrader4 that is used by the most veteran, its strengths are in the optimization through Autochartist VPS, which works even when the computer is off, it also has a low latency and spreads from 6.0 for EUR/USD currencies.

Another of the benefits of IG broker is that you can download it on mobile devices; you can have access to some analysis tools such as Trading Central and some more advanced ones such as ProRealTime.

It is important to know that the type of access and operation on the platform will depend on the type of account you have. If you're not sure, you can open a demo account at IG and explore the various options it gives you. In this account you will have the opportunity to practice on a platform with interactive preview, before risking your funds.

IG Group account types

To trade on IG there are only two types of account, one standard and one Premium. The first is aimed at ordinary clients with investments from $1 to $300 and the second are for those who make large investments.

On the other hand, it offers a commercial alternative to corporations or institutions that allows access to a larger market, in addition to the corresponding technical support during the 24 hours of the day.

Another advantage of working with IG Broker, is the advanced trading with a DMA account, which allows investors to trade directly with the main stock markets and visualize in real time the prices of the exchanges worldwide.

Benefits of IG Broker


With IG clients can trade over 10,000 markets globally, with spreads equal for Contracts for Difference and Spread Betting, minus shares.

The former reflect the market price and are subject to a commission, with respect to the latter they do not generate commission but depend on a margin on their opening or closing price.

IG as a provider provides low spreads on over 90 currency pairs. It also offers the ability to run binary trading with times from 1 minute to a month. On the other hand, it is available to trade in metals, agricultural products and energy.

Training as traders

As IG traders, you are offered a wealth of options to train and educate yourself in the investment business. On the page you can find news, analysis and market updates.

In addition, tutorials are available on how to manage the platform, how to understand the markets, financial concepts, technical analysis among others. It has also included a series of monthly seminars that aim to build in traders meaningful learning and trading skills.

Fund management

Funds can be handled through your account via wire transfers, debit or credit cards, either deposit or withdrawal.

Customer service

Aware of the value of its customers IG has a very efficient customer service platform, where you can elucidate any questions. The customer service is available five working days a week, 24 hours a day, through their telephone lines, email and social networks.

Another important fact is that the IG website is programmed for different languages such as English, French, mandarin, italian, Portuguese, spanish, German, japanese, Russian and Swedish.

How to become an IG trader?

If you are convinced to join IG Brokers as traders, you should open an account for or that you will need to fill out a form with your personal information and some other that may be important.

IG does not require a minimum deposit but the client must have a considerable amount that allows him to trade with different contracts.

In this sense it is always recommended to open a demo account, so that the client can practice and know the platform before making a real trade.

IG provides guarantees

Whether you're an experienced trader or not, it's good to have some guarantees to back up your trades. In the case of IG Broker, it offers to manage investments with limited risk, so that you do not lose more than the expected amount.

This is possible through adding an extra spread to the various instruments, which will be a bit more expensive but much safer.

One of the best guarantees regarding IG Broker, is the fact that the contracts it offers are quite high, which indicates its strong positioning in the world markets, this is what provides greater confidence in customers.

In general terms we can say that IG Broker is very reliable, for its trajectory and for its positioning in this business area, the only thing to consider is that it only has one account for almost all traders.



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Overview of IG Broker activity - is it worth it to work with him
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Overview of IG Broker activity - is it worth it to work with him
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