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Gerard Moore 07 / January / 22

Hagen bikes pull uphill

Overview of Hagen Bikes share direction
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Shares of Hagen Bikes are up 12.6% to €3.05 today. The turnover of the share amounted to 11,035 euros.

Trigon PD (5.6%) and Ekspress Group (4.6%) also rose by at least four%.

The biggest drop on the Tallinn Stock Exchange was Pro Kapital with 3%.

The turnover leader was the share of Enefit Green with 510,027 euros, which increased by 2.4 percent to 3,989 euros.

The Tallinn Stock Exchange Index rose by 2.1% to 1,998.29 points on a positive day. 4,524 transactions totaled €2.2 million in daily sales.


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