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Onlinemarketshare broker - an overview of experienced traders

Onlinemarketshare broker - an overview of experienced traders


Onlinemarketshare broker - an overview of experienced traders

Onlinemarketshare broker is a relatively old name in the forex market. Nevertheless, this company managed to win the sympathy of many experienced and novice traders.. However, no discussions can help to create a full-fledged portrait of the company.

In order to allow traders and other interested people to understand what Onlinemarketshare is, we prepared this review. In this Onlinemarketshare review, we analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the Onlinemarketshare company and provide some recommendations to their future customers.

Company Brief

The young and progressive company Onlinemarketshare is remarkable for its energetic and active team. Onlinemarketshare was founded by the experienced forex traders, who launched a new brokerage for their colleagues, taking into account the experience gained in the forex market.

On the other hand, they don’t focus only on standard procedures and paths. The group actively attracts and implements new technologies. So, Onlinemarketshare business processes fully comply with the modern requirements of the broker. We mean the use of the modern trading terminal, cooperation with numerous payment systems, highly secured personal accounts, and so on. 

By the way, the Onlinemarketshare review shows that team understands how vital safety is for traders, including the security of their personal data and finances. Therefore, the company headquarter is located in Hong Kong, in the same place as the International Financial Committee. Representatives of the committee positively evaluated the young company, as well as its client service and customer support. This is the best answer to those forum guests who claim Onlinemarketshare is a scam or has unreliable .

Benefits of Onlinemarketshare

Variety of trading assets

Onlinemarketshare is primarily a forex broker. However, the available trading assets are not limited to currency pairs. The company offers CFDs for the stock market indices, government securities, stocks, metals, and much more. The client can choose a trading asset while inside the system. More detailed information is available on reviews.

With a wide selection of trading assets, the Onlinemarketshare broker review shows that customers can expand their trading portfolio. We should also pay attention to the main stock indexes - DJ, NASDAQ, DAX, and others. To work with these indices, the company provides a leverage of 1: 1000. Other assets are also traded using leverage.

Several types of accounts

Depending on the size of the deposit, the Onlinemarketshare broker offers four types of accounts: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The type of account is determined at the time of opening and first deposit. If the client wants to increase the type of account to the next level, he can do that after consultation with company representative.

Accounts differ in spread size: for large deposits you pay less for any trade. Thus, having a higher type of account is more profitable with intensive trading. Nevertheless, high-quality service is available on all types of accounts. Each new customer is provided with an account manager. In addition, accounts of all types have access to news and other information products of the company. And the best part: all types of accounts work without paying any additional fees and commissions. This distinguishes Onlinemarketshare forex broker from other companies that works on commissions (and many of others have hidden fees and charges)..

Account manager

Not all brokerages provide this option. A personal manager who helps each new client is a too expensive option for the leading top star brokerages, with the number of clients of tens of thousands of people and more. However, small and new companies seek to expand the list of services to attract customers. So does Onlinemarketshare, and this information can be checked on reviews.

For each new client, the company allocates a personal manager account. This is an experienced trader who teaches a novice trader the best trading practices. A beginner learns to trade safely, hones the trading skills, and eventually becomes an expert. Such human support is always useful for those who is only making their very first step on the market..

Important: some Onlinemarketshare traders drew attention to the inaccessibility of the account manager at certain times. The fact is that the account manager does not work 24 \ 7. Unlike the technical support service, where technical specialists are on duty at any time, the account manager works only at certain hours. If the time zone of the trader and the account manager do not coincide, such misunderstandings are possible. To prevent the conflict, it is recommended to the customers to negotiate the convenient working hours with their account manager.

Demo account

Professional traders have an uncertain attitude towards demo accounts. On the one hand, no one disputes that a demo account is the best way to master the basic trading techniques. If you already have experience trading forex, remember what difficulties you encountered in the beginning. You can study the theory of Forex trading as much as you like, but without the support of the practice, this knowledge is useless. Therefore, the demo account is a great simulator that beginners can train.

On the other hand, many professionals are skeptical on a demo account. Their prejudice is based on knowledge of human psychology. The fact is that for trading on a demo account, the client does not invest real money. Due to this, the trader begins to make risky transactions without fear of losing a virtual deposit. And that’s the most unreliable part of it: trader with limited experience who worked only on demo sees forex market as some kind of roller coaster which needs to be conquered, not the system that requires discipline and knowledge. He fails to perform any risk management.

Onlinemarketshare respects its customers and gives them a choice in all possible situations. Therefore, the company provides demo accounts for its customers. A client can work for his trading skills on a demo account until he or she feels confident and ready to switch to real trading. More detailed information is available on reviews.

Trading terminal

The Onlinemarketshare broker uses the Metatrder4 trading terminal, abbreviated MT4. This platform is known to most traders in the market. Of all the solutions available, MT4 was the most popular. While other programs for traders could not follow the development of technology, MT4 is continuously updated and refined. This allows the terminal to become successfully combined with most existing software solutions, gadgets, and computers.

MT4 is the most popular and multi-functional platform in the modern trading market. Users of this trading terminal have access to all major financial instruments. Also, the terminal has a convenient interface that the user can configure in any way he wants to. Using MT4, you can implement several trading strategies at the same time. Besides, MT4 adheres to the most stringent security and data protection standards.

Deposit and Funds Withdrawal

Top-up at Onlinemarketshare is quick and easy. We remind you that you must register on the company’s website to replenish your account and start trading in the forex market. After that, you need to transfer the amount selected by the client to the deposit using the specified details. Onlinemarketshare offers a range of convenient payment methods, including Visa and MasterCard.

The withdrawal of funds occurs as follows: a trader creates order in his account and specifies the amount for withdrawal. The amount for withdrawal may not exceed the amount in the client’s deposit account. The application is processed, and the money is sent to the client via the same payment system that is used to replenish the deposit. This restriction is introduced according to the forex market regulators’ restrictions, which prevent money laundering through brokerage companies. Since the company Onlinemarketshare conducts its business in the legal field, this mechanism of funds withdrawal is prescribed in the company’s policy.

During the replenishing of a deposit and withdrawing funds, client funds are protected. Data transmission occurs via an encrypted channel; the client’s personal data are not stored in the system. However, Onlinemarketshare may request copies of customer documents to verify the identity. Copies of documents are not stored on the company’s server and are used only for verification of the funds’ recipient.

Important: Onlinemarketshare does not charge a withdrawal fee. However, customers of the company can pay a commission of up to 2.5%, depending on the chosen payment system.

Affiliate program

To acquire new customers and increase brand awareness, Onlinemarketshare has developed an affiliate program. Typically, advertising and promotion costs are covered by user commissions and fees. But Onlinemarketshare does not charge commissions. Therefore, the expansion of the company occurs at the expense and with the help of partners.

The partners are customers of the company who want to earn extra money. To become a partner, the client needs to contact the account manager and inform about the desire to become a partner. The partner receives an individual code, as well as a package of promotional materials. After that, the partner can disseminate information about the company, place advertising materials and links on the Internet. When advertising activity begins to bring new customers to the company, the partner receives a reward. This is a very profitable option for those customers of the company who spend a lot of time on the Internet, run the popular accounts on social networks or other sites.

Support service

The company provides round-the-clock support services to its customers. At any time, a client who is experiencing technical difficulties can contact support for help. Onlinemarketshare technical specialists will listen to the customer’s problem and solve it as soon as possible.

What problems do Onlinemarketshare technical support specialists work with?

- assistance to a new client when setting up the MT4 terminal;

- client has got problem working in his account;

- assistance with the replenishment of the deposit and withdrawal of funds.

Important: remember that technical support specialists cannot advise on trading tactics. For the trading strategy and tactics, you should build your own strategy on Onlinemarketshare account. If you need help with understanding of some basics, contact your account manager.

Some customers face difficulty accessing technical support during the holidays. On major public holidays, when most physical markets are closed, the number of support staff on call is less. Therefore, some customers have to wait until an available employee contacts them. However, Onlinemarketshare broker technical support is always in touch.

License and company registration

The company of Onlinemarketshare forex broker is registered in Hong Kong. The company’s activities are controlled by the international financial committee. The company's business processes are consistent with current law and do not contradict the laws of other countries. Customer accounts are well-protected at all levels, from technical to legal. This is the best answer to those forum guests who claim Onlinemarketshare is a scam.


As you can see, the Onlinemarketshare forex broker has some comments from existing customers. In particular, traders note the slow reaction of technical support during the holidays. But these shortcomings are compensated by the comfortable service, convenient trading terminal, personal account managers, affiliate program and other perspective terms for trading.



Been working with this broker for a while and can say that they are undoubtedly one of the best companies in the market currently. Just watch them for some time and I'm sure that you will agree with me, these folks are truly brilliant.

Leonardo Rich

I strongly disagree that OnlineMarketShare is an option for beginners only. I’ve been working with them for a long time now, and I don’t think I can be considered a newbie anymore; they still satisfy my needs as a broker.

Wayne Jeffery

What you really need in today’s market is a STRONG broker, someone, who can hold out when financial seas are roaring. OnlineMarketShare is just that kind of broker.

Devante Ochoa

So, I’ve got some nice capital to start off my trading career, the only question now is what broker should I choose? I’ve heard a lot of discussions about OnlineMarketShare, what do you guys think? Are they for real?

Moses Xiong

Sure, I know that OnlineMarketShare is a solid broker, but they can be a great stepping stone on your way to becoming a proficient trader, so I don’t see any reasons not to give them a try.


Right now I just wish I've heard much earlier about this broker. After we began our cooperation, I never had any second thoughts, nor did I ever wanted to look for another broker company. Yes, they're that good.


Whatevet, I still love this company. I was never a person to invest too much money in online activities, but they have managed to change my mind and now I see how profitable can trading be, if you have a right broker on your side.

Terence C.

Becoming a partner of this company was perhaps the best decision I’ve ever made in my trading career.

Matthew Sharp

This broker is just awesome! I especially like their customer care service. Going to stick with these guys for some time, hope I will make even more money with them.

Roger F.

Would I recommend this company after working with them for half a year? I feel that simple "yes" won't be enough in this case, so YES, I WOULD. Seriously, guys, these folks work wonders.


When I'm looking at this company, I can't stop marveling at how professional they are at their job. Every aspect of their broker activities always shines and I deeply respect that. Their customer care service is especially great, I love communicating with their support guys.


Me myself isn't that great in all this researching... neither do I have required skills for it, I'm afraid, but at least I have some experience with this company, so I know some things about them. This broker is totally splendid, my trading had become absolutely smooth and really profitable since I began cooperating with them.


Been working with this broker for a while and can say that they are undoubtedly one of the best companies in the market currently. Just watch them for some time and I'm sure that you will agree with me, these folks are truly brilliant.

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