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What are the reviews of Forex broker for crediting payments and conducting settlements with clients?

Nordhill Capital  forex broker, Reviews


Nordhill Capital 

Brokers for Poland are usually specialized dealer companies. In contrast, Nordhill Capital is a fund that provides a wide range of wealth management services. And Forex mediation is one of the aspects of its activity. The fund itself is located in Riga (Latvia), is under the regulation of FINMA and has been operating in the market since 2013. To service its Forex clients, it engages exclusively regulated brokers in cooperation:

• Hantec Markets (FCA regulation);

• SFX Markets (FSASVG regulation).

What kind of feedback did the Forex broker receive from traders for registration data and how was it evaluated in terms of reliability?

In most discussions and statements affecting the basic information about the fund, the opinions of traders were inclined towards approval. Both the presence of a financial regulator capable of guaranteeing protection against divorce and scam, as well as the cooperation of the fund with regulated brokers who are hardly scammers, were positively assessed. The comments caused, perhaps, the relatively short life of the fund and the fact that FINMA is the Swiss financial market supervision service, that is, the fund does not geographically correspond to the registry zone of this financial regulator.

Nevertheless, comparing the number of critical and approving statements, we can say that the broker earned feedback



Terms of cooperation and customer accounts

Among the clients of the fund are both private traders and larger investors. Like many brokers for Poland, he drew up a package of trading conditions for his clients, which includes:

• Minimum deposit – $5000;

• Maximum leverage - 1: 100;

• Trading instruments - currency pairs, CFDs on stocks, options, precious metals;

• Spread - 0-3;

• Commission - present;

• Offered trading terminals - MetaTrader4, Hyper FX, Gorilla FX, Hybrid FX.


What reviews Forex broker deserved for trading conditions?

The attitude of traders to the proposed trading conditions varies from utterance to utterance. There are no allegations that out of them, the fund is a scam. However, some authors are not satisfied with the high entry threshold and they claim that $ 5,000 is too much, many brokers set the bar much lower. Some do not like having a commission.

However, even with criticism, it can be said that, for the most part, the broker earned reviews



Customer service

The range of services included in customer support is much more narrowly focused than brokers often offer for Poland. It does not include promotions, contests and the like ways to attract customers. Instead, it is suggested:

• round-the-clock support;

• round-the-clock trading, including automatic;

• trust management;

• investment programs.



What are the Forex broker reviews for the quality of customer service?

Some traders respond positively to the service of the broker. Some of them are dissatisfied with the speed of the support service and, on the basis of this, claim that the fund is a scam. But even if there is criticism of the positive reviews, still, more.

Thus, we can say that the broker earned reviews



Methods and quality of mutual settlements

The list of ways to deposit and withdraw funds is much less than what brokers usually offer for Russia:

• transfer by payment through a bank;

• bank cards;

• WebMoney.


What are the reviews of Forex broker for crediting payments and conducting settlements with clients?

Among the opinions of traders regarding the completeness and timeliness of withdrawal of funds expressed on the network, it is difficult to determine a single one. Some authors point to delays, fraud, and scam payments. Others, on the contrary, note the completeness and timeliness of transfers.

Therefore, it will be most correct to determine what the broker has earned MISCELLANEOUS reviews





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Nordhill Capital  forex broker, Reviews
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