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Gerard Moore 01 / April / 22

MSP Limited scam protection team tells about the problems of new Forex brokers how to avoid meeting with Forex scammers?
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 Is it possible to avoid meeting with Forex scammers? Honest brokers discuss trading with their partners, withholding information. is a sample web page that provides all the necessary information. The company's experts tell how dangerous trading with newcomers to the market can be.


Forex broker MSP Limited

Broker MSP Limited scam and extensive experience in trading exclude each other

The short operating time of a brokerage company is a wake-up call about a possible scam. Of course, all brokerage companies with extensive experience once started. New companies can let their customers down without malicious intent.

There is also an opportunity to become a victim of fraudulent brokers, who often do not work on the market for more than a year.

The optimal time for the company’s existence due to the MSP Limited scam protection team is three years; this period indicates the reliability of the broker you have chosen.

The broker has been successfully operating in the stock and currency markets for ten years. Clients note a reliable trading terminal, fast order execution, and professional support service in their feedback.

How to know that the intermediary is not a scam? MSP Limited scam analysts recommends looking at such indicators


Brokers will not work to their detriment; it is beneficial to offer clients real terms of cooperation. Managers must warn clients about how the asset price will rise or fall.
A decent company is obliged to inform its customers about the actual conditions of cooperation.

Of course, a brokerage company can have very favorable conditions, but they should not go beyond the market average. For example, many brokers have begun introducing accounts for beginners with very democratic requirements for starting cooperation. This is what the usual portfolio for new users at MSP Limited looks like:

Liquidity guarantees

Liquidity is a feature of marketable assets, which means that they can be exchanged for money. For a broker, this is estimated by the size of trades and orders in the order book and the difference between the most suitable prices for buying and selling. A company’s liquidity means enough money to offset customer accounts.

The guarantors of a brokerage company are usually represented by large financial institutions and banks. Worthy brokers with long experience and guarantors have more, for example, MSP Limited has a number of liquidity providers that ensure its trustworthiness.

Good trading terminal

The platform that the broker offers should have a good selection of trading tools and analysis. The trading terminal is most often presented in several versions (terminal for PC, web version, and version for mobile phones and tablets). Traders can install it directly from the broker's This is how downloading and installing a trading terminal from MSP Limited looks like.

Some new brokers operate without a trading terminal but rent a terminal from another company. This may mean that clients will have to pay more money for cooperation so that the broker can cover this rent.

Possibility to diversify risks

Risk diversification should be mandatory - this is the process of investing money in different assets. A brokerage company with experience will advise you to invest your money in several assets at once - stocks, currencies, commodity assets. The client must have such an opportunity. For example, has four out of five plans that take into account diversification.


A good broker will always provide actual terms of cooperation because otherwise, he will incur losses. Young companies often advertise with inflated promises of profit to find customers quickly.

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user_avatarMorrison Robert 08.04.2022

The conclusion systems are really diminished. But on the other hand, you can easier to get it now. I used to lead from Yandex before Yandex brought out. Now I can choose an alternative while they are in touch. Products are an adviser, for example, the HSS, which they freely give their traders. I do not observe kitchen technologies. There were never scandals with them. I hope that everything will continue to be fine, otherwise it is tired of changing the DC.

user_avatarBall Henry 10.04.2022

A fairly quick conclusion compared to Forex Club and Iza Forex. And support is happy. Still very convenient LC, the main thing is not to verify the constantly new accounts but attach them and manage them together. Since I am trading for several tools, it is convenient for me that there are several accounts

user_avatarTaylor Joshua 19.04.2022

Under the conditions in Msp limited full order. The execution is clear, the transactions are easily closed, there are no problems with the orders, the spread is fixed, it will not fail in the active market. High -quality graphs, adequate quotes, and they do not delay the conclusion through Skrill, I get it on the same day.

user_avatarDickerson Jack 23.04.2022

Not the first year in Msp limited, before I kept the score only for the Pamma, but recently decided to open another to open it myself. Verified immediately, without troubles, the input did through Skrill, without a commission, brought in a couple of hours. I’m trading while I am in the midst, I look closely, I try to observe clearly the regulations, here it is strictly with this. They seem to be performed without delay, foot and delay are triggered in time, there are no problems with this. The test amount of $ 15 was taken out in the evening, which is not bad while everything is satisfied.

user_avatarJordan Paul 27.04.2022

Here they pay money, a good platform, everything also works clearly on the phones. I never have imposed webinars, they did not recommend Trusting the deposit. Offer is quite fair. All the feet are triggered, all conditions are performed. I will say by experience - I can say that you can trade freely and confidently.

user_avatarGreg Swanson 03.05.2022

I want to join, but I don't know how to do it. Is it ok just to sign up on website? Or do I have to call them first?

user_avatarRoberto Brown 09.05.2022

Would you guys recommend trading as a main source of income for a family man? I mean, when you’re all alone you have only yourself to put in risk, but it all changes when you have children. I was talking to Msp limited representative recently and he said that trading can be just as stable as your day job, but I’m still not sure.

user_avatarWilliam Stone 09.05.2022

To me the question of choosing a broker has stopped being a question looong ago. You just stick to Msp limited, end of story.

user_avatarThomas Williams 19.05.2022

Msp limiteds is a bit overestimated I suppose. Yeah, they do provide some nice terms and good customer service, but they are really lacking in other departments like trading platforms, I don't like MT for xample but I cannot change that because there's no alternative

user_avatarDan Foster 23.05.2022

Didn't know much about Msp limiteds until my cousin began working with them (3 or 4 weeks ago). He's on his way to first withdrawal but not sure he can make it haha 'cause he spends too much time on currency pairs instead of something more reliable.

user_avatarKeith Thompson 02.06.2022

They called, offered to collaborate ... Well, I agreed, they started with 3000u. +700 per week. Not bad, right?

user_avatarJoseph Shaw 02.06.2022

In my opinion, a great campaign! I have been working for half a year, stably 10% in a week my broker has done me .. I will work with the Cyprus office!

user_avatarHenry Townsend 16.06.2022

For that long period, while I work with them, no one threw them and, apparently, did not try to throw it. I don’t know what the problem is, maybe I’m a very valuable client))) Trade in the market stably brings large income, I only withdraw a small part of the money, a large one is spinning there. Of course, this is for the time being - for the time, the stock markets are likely to be tight, you will have to look for another refuge of capital, but if you have also decided to try yourself in this area - Broker msp limited - I recommend! The guys are responsible, they know their job!

user_avatarMark Lamb 19.06.2022

What sad reviews! Thank God there is not a single one from Kazakhstan. Maybe we were lucky with brokers, or maybe there is no such "boom" as yours? Time will tell. I believe them))

user_avatarDerek Frazier 30.06.2022

I read the reviews, I don’t know why such negative ones? !!! I have been working with Broker msp limited since 2010, and notice positively! Thanks to Denis, he is the best broker. So far there were no problems ...

user_avatarIvan Harris 10.07.2022

Recently, he began to be interested in trading on the exchange, and decided to start looking for professionals who can help me, and each person on the market has certain wishes that can help find a suitable option.

user_avatarDavid Lewis 10.07.2022

When the pandemic began, and with it there is more time to study new areas of spheres in life, I came across a blogger on investment reviews. Having studied this topic, she began to choose a reliable broker for herself. I really like how everything works here. I give a huge plus to the Support Service, which are always 24/7 with me. The main thing is to be responsible for everything, to pump your brains and a desire to make a profit! I have already concluded funds several times. Thanks !!!

user_avatarRobert Mason 15.07.2022

I have been working with them for 3 months, during this period I could even go out into a small plus. Trading is a pleasure on this resource. Responsive analysts that will always help and tell you, if something is not clear, you can practice on a demo account and understand how and where it is better to trade. For beginners advice - start immediately with a demo account and study information about trade, then work here, and not only will be many times easier.

user_avatarRobert George 19.07.2022

Suitable broker for a beginner. When I thought about making money and I needed a broker, I read a lot of information and reviews. I chose this, and I do not regret it. Here's what I can say. This broker has almost round -the -clock assistance to beginners, answers to all questions. At first, they explained everything to me several times until I understood. The input amount is minimal, and is available to every person. A good income in a month. The main thing is to delve into everything.

user_avatarRobert Hart 21.07.2022

After reading positive reviews, I became interested in this broker. I went through training on the site, everything is simple and clear. Quite a lot of currency couples, there are different tools. I have already completed three successful transactions! They withdraw money without difficulty and long expectation, I did not find any pitfalls. In parallel, I continue to study to grow and develop. I am satisfied with the work with the broker.

user_avatarNathan Bowen 01.08.2022

Msp limited offers me the services that I want. More shares in the future will also have Msp limited

user_avatarFreddie Fields 06.08.2022

In the work with Msp limited their economic calendar helps a lot, almost always the forecasts coincide and my transactions win. Nothing complicated, just at the beginning you need to devote time to this and figure it out. It is definitely necessary to monitor the news, so I signed up to all their social networks and mailings so as not to look for it.

user_avatarFrancis Bryant 16.08.2022

Only with Msp limited I realized that trade can be truly free. No restrictions. It is clear why other brokers introduce them so that the traders lose. And Msp limited wants traders to earn money, only such a broker as Yadix has a future. The performance speed is really fast, about 2-3 ms (using VPS, which the broker gave me for free!). So I have several ECN accounts with EA here, I highly recommend

user_avatarAndrew Howard 21.08.2022

During the period of pandemia, a clear need for part -time, for a long time, was looking for a platform, so that it was clear to the newcomer and came across this broker. Laconic interest. Everything is simple and clear, figured out. Not without the help of technical support, of course. I planted my husband, now we are working together. If you devote it to this not 1 minute a day, then you can reach a significant income.

user_avatarDavid Hanson 31.08.2022

A good platform, a convenient application.

user_avatarWilkins Francis 02.09.2022

So far, I got into all the subtleties of trading, I was constantly in touch with the manager. Now I am not so actively getting it. But still I listen to the recommendations. Support here is sensible, it’s nice to know that the broker is also interested in your profit.

user_avatarBradley Robert 15.09.2022

I went on Msp limited and went through training, and began to trade through them too. A lot of free services. I was even surprised when I found out that some brokers offer standard services for a fee. The execution of orders is almost instant, which is very important.

user_avatarLogan Thomas 15.09.2022

Professional broker in the stock market. Know their business! Competent specialists. Working with a broker Msp limited is always convenient and fast.

user_avatarEvans Thomas 27.09.2022

Without enthusiasm, but on business. Spreads of norms, they do not get advertising, risks are corrected, mainly advised. A broker for experienced traders, they do not bet on any shusher. I have been trading with them a little less than a year, everything suits.

user_avatarDaniels Joshua 29.09.2022

Of course, I have not earned millions in Msp limited, but I am satisfied with the work through them. Always clear and quick execution of orders, normal commissions and excellent service. I especially like the analytics - everything is very competently presented in an understandable language. I start with analytics.

user_avatarRoger Brown 04.10.2022

Not so long ago, he finally reached a truly worthy stable income. I will not say that this is completely my merit, since the broker’s staff tormented me)). There were many practical recommendations on their part about the investment portfolio. But it really worked

user_avatarAnthony Thomas 05.10.2022

I have been working with a broker for about 4 years. Quite good conditions for spreads. Support is responsive. I also like that you can choose the option of executing orders. As I trade in a robot, it suits me very much.

user_avatarWilliam Hernandez 12.10.2022

Great technical support for the broker. I ran into the first time because the terminal flew out because of my own mistake, and with it the entire infa is personal. Directly step by step did everything directly with me. Everything was restored, for which many thanks. The service, of course, is really cool here, everything is very solid

user_avatarDaniel Hill 15.10.2022

Several times I had to contact the technical support - Lagal terminal, so then everything was quickly repaired. And I also note such a steep chip as gift certificates for shares, now the head does not hurt when choosing presentations to the authorities or relatives.

user_avatarEric Smith 30.10.2022

I trade with Msp limited a couple of months, I used to trade with another broker, but he fell under sanctions, and the capabilities there were sharply reduced. Therefore, I had to cross. For a couple of months I appreciated the partnership with Msp limited.