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Gerard Moore 21 / April / 23

How should an honest broker work? We show by the example of Morris Capitals

Morris Capitals is not a scammer
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Fraudsters appeared when the stock exchanges themselves. Over the years, they have become cheekier and more dodgy, and their websites are sometimes difficult to distinguish from the official ones. Therefore, before transferring funds to an incomprehensible company, read reviews about Forex brokers.

Among them there are many positive about Morris Capitals, which means that the company can be trusted. Licensed, works with European banks. Trading around the clock, there are several time intervals. Instant execution of orders. Commissions and service fees are spelled out in the agreement. Risks are always notified. A separate section in the agreement is dedicated to them.

Several types of accounts. So, everyone chooses the best one for themselves. There are no intrusive offers and dubious schemes. Registration is clear. It consists of filling out a form and verification. The whole process takes about 5 minutes.

Clients' money is always kept separately. The exchange does not use them. No one blocks access to the personal account. Any transactions are checked. The site with a secure connection. An app has been developed to close transactions from a smartphone.

You can trade from anywhere in the world. It is one of the largest services. It is checked by the regulatory authorities. For all years of work, no violations have been found. There are compensations. Payments are made, there are no debts to clients. This means that financial obligations are met.

The broker offers quite comfortable conditions. The support service is prompt. It is possible to address in several languages.

Morris Capitals is not a scammer, which is confirmed not only by reviews, but also by licenses. Never got on broker's blacklists, did not accrue unaccounted payments. The employees are polite. None of them asks to transfer funds to their personal bank cards, does not threaten or intimidate.

To work on the stock exchange you can download known terminals. Withdrawal only through verified payment systems. Does not make empty promises, does not lure with instant profit.

Morris Capitals does not work through third-party services, does not bore customers with calls from hidden numbers. This is a good broker, with a reputation and a high level of trust. 

How to distinguish a fraudster from an honest broker?

Attackers are inventive. They apply psychological pressure, make endless phone calls, create schemes and copy investment products of reliable companies. Their websites are overflowing with tempting offers, but they are never reported on. The dishonest broker does not honor the terms of the contract and does not care about the clients.

Any fraudulent activity begins with trust. Without it nothing will work, because it is necessary to entice and win favor with something. Then comes the pressure. It is quite aggressive, elaborate.

That's what else is different from honest brokers:

Morris Capitals is definitely not a scammer, because he does not practice anything like that. 

How does a licensed company work?

A normal broker has the support of European partners and legal documents. It has a fully working website, and the employees are extremely polite and courteous. There is confirmation of reporting, positive feedback from other users.

A licensed company values its reputation by fulfilling its financial obligations. Clients remain satisfied, because they can count on loyalty, competence, protection against negative balance.

What can users expect when working with Morris Capitals?

European broker with a long history. During all the years of its existence it has not been noticed in any scams. Everything is honest, clear and transparent. There is a practice account, free training, consulting.

The support service answers to everyone. Transactions are executed instantly, spreads are not big. Several rates, educational materials (including the dictionary of Forex terms) and automatic signals are available to clients. There are no hidden fees. Penalties are also absent. It is possible to get bonuses, participate in promotions.

The service is quite working, the conditions are comfortable. The only thing is that the amount of leverage is not as large as in the competition.


The brand has several types of licenses and provides quality services. Positive reviews, confirm reliability. The company has been chosen by more than 200000 people. Not a scammer, you can trust.


Question: - Have Morris Capitals ever been blacklisted?

Answer: - No. 

Question: - How quickly can I get my money?

Answer: - It all depends on the payment system and how quickly the bank processes the transfer.

Question: - Can the broker himself call and offer some service?

Answer: - No.


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