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Gerard Moore 11 / September / 22

it Ic strategy manager review : scammers will be unable to answer you and will give themselves away.

Mit Ic: Top questions to ask your broker.
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There are more and more dubious resellers in trading. The online trading format allows you to create entire "fake" sites that supposedly help investors increase their capital. As a result, people lose money. How to prevent this?
We have compiled ten basic questions that will baffle any fraudulent agency. Even if the attackers prepare answers to several of them, it is still fashionable to figure out that the broker is dishonest because an average company should have ready answers to all these questions.
A broker with many years of experience, Mit Ic, was involved in preparing the material.

Where is the office of your company and its legal address? Mit Ic review Reddit

This is the first question, which is why it is crucial: most scam services strive to at least “depict” that the company is honest and registered. For this purpose, a particular remote island in an offshore zone is selected, where it is possible to formalize the creation of a company. An important nuance: this will be a company with an office in the middle of nowhere, with which it is impossible to contact or sue.

How should it be?

The registration should be European, American, or Chinese. It is not so important which country is chosen, but whether it is mandatory for companies established in these countries to adhere to laws against terrorism and fraud.
The company is required to join the "Anti-Money Laundering" (laws against money laundering and shadow transactions), as well as comply with the requirements of "Know Your Customer" (a program against the financing of terrorism). If a broker writes that he is “European” but does not comply with the laws, he is lying.
What to do? First, search the website for company documentation. Secondly, check the legal address: maybe there is a kindergarten, not an office.

Sometimes the legal address and the actual address do not match. If both are in the same country, then there is nothing to worry about (or if we are talking about a branch, an affiliate program, etc.). But if the registration is in Seychelles, and the office is in Paris, then it is not a fact that the broker is honest.
Company documents must be submitted on its website. This is a common global business practice that builds customer trust and loyalty.
The "About us" section of the Mit Ic website contains a list of documents.

You also have the right to request all documents for review. Please note that it should describe the trading rules, the degree of risk, the parties’ obligations, confidentiality, and other important nuances.

How will you protect my data?

This is the second question, and why is it important? Some brokers do not care about the safety of your data because the site may not even have an SSL protocol.

How should it be?

The company must clearly explain how it will ensure the safety of information about you, your accounts, and trading operations.
Mit Ic website is an example of a description of protection measures: SSL protocol, cryptography, the use of 128-bit encryption, the availability of backup copies of data in a “cold” (that is, offline) saving mode in separate data centers under round-the-clock security.

What can I trade with you? Mit Ic spread review

This is the third question, which is why it is essential: many strange brokerage organizations, which are a week away from the first day, offer to trade in all assets. What's wrong with that? You need to understand that for high-quality trading support, you need to have a staff of professionals.

How should it be?

There is no single scheme, but the Mit Ic strategy manager review used as an example began with the foreign exchange market, which often happens in such activities. The company's analysts have honed their experience in foreign exchange transactions for many years. And when clients appeared who wanted to trade several assets at the same time, the company thought about expanding.

Today you can trade with the Mit Ic account:

According to an MIT Ic review, Reddit experts: scammers are interested in captivating the client with various functions but rarely give working advice. After all, such organizations need to “divorce” the victim for the maximum investment. It is impossible to send an amount exceeding 15% of the capital to the same currency auctions. And other assets (gold, indices) are better used as long-term investments, which justify themselves in the short term.

Does your site have verification?

This is the fourth question and why it is essential: a legitimate trading platform will not allow anonymous or potential criminals to participate in investing.

How should it be?

A legitimate broker should be interested in whether his clients are breaking the law (during trading). Because otherwise, the site will be involved. Therefore, an honest company requires verification. And dishonesty may not demand, but then you should not trust it.

If you immediately start trading with Mit Ic website, you can choose a regular registration.
After, the company will require verification.

According to Mit Ic Trustpilot‘s comments, all this convincingly proves that the broker does not carry out a scam.

How is your trading platform made?

This is the fifth question and why it is essential: scammers often create a semblance of trading platforms, offering either to trade on the well-known MetaTrader or providing a highly inconvenient version of their web platform made according to a standard template.
If a company does not have the money to hire programmers to make high-quality development, where did it get the money for good analysts?

How should it be?

Quality, convenience, and interface should be in the most common languages. And also - tools, good speed and a minimum of technical problems.
Mit Ic account has four versions of the platform, each for individual client requests (installation on a PC, online access, a phone, and a tablet).
The reviews on the quality of the Mit Ic spread platforms are, for the most part, very positive. And the ability to combine different devices for trading is unique.

What can real profit be made?

This is the sixth question and why it is essential: no scam project will offer “normal” trading conditions because it will have to compete with other companies in this case. Instead, scammers lure gullible and inexperienced investors with promises of getting rich quickly.
The market is the market. It's easy to win and lose. For the same reason, you should be wary of any words about guaranteeing a stable income.

How should it be?

The terms of cooperation should be clearly described, like at Mit Ic spread, lots, margin, liquidity, insurance, and lending.

Mit Ic Account types

The portfolios include primary conditions: the provision of a personal manager, the minimum transaction volume, a 10% stop out, and daily signals.

How quickly can I withdraw money to my Mit Ic account types?

This is the seventh question, and it’s the essential question for withdrawing money. Money can "hang" on the account of a brokerage organization for days, weeks, or even months. But as soon as the delay lasts more than a week, there is a chance of being a scam victim.

How should it be?

Ideally, the company should indicate a realistic time frame for withdrawing money (and not promise unrealistic ones). For example, a transfer to a customer's bank account cannot take less than three business days.
The withdrawal of funds in Mit Ic review truTrustpilotom traders is also positive. The company quickly resolves issues of possible delays, but this happens very rarely. In general, the hassle-free withdrawal of money is a distinct advantage of this service.

Is it possible to call the technical assistance department by phone

This is the eighth question, and here's why it's essential: some services are very limited in communication with the client. They place a feedback form and a FAQ section on the site.
The company should offer several types of communication for more urgent cases and ordinary situations. Mit Ic reviews Trustpilot’s opinion: all the info is on the contact page on the broker website.

Do you train your clients?

This is the ninth question, and here's why it's important: a "fake" broker may say that he will teach you something, but he will persuade you to give out more money.
How should it be?
The brokerage company is interested in the income of its clients and teaches them strategies, trends, and market laws. Therefore, for all Mit Ic account types, there is a program of video lessons and lectures, plus a personal manager connects to the session.


The basic questions you can ask any broker should help you understand whether you are an attacker or an honest partner. With Mit Ic, a scam is impossible since the company honestly answers all these questions, and the answers are already on the service website.



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