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John Doe 26 / January / 21

Xiaomi bracelets Mi Band 5 Review trend of wearable gadgets

Mi Band 5 technical features Review: Buy or Not?
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The features of Xiaomi fitness bracelets

Xiaomi presented a new version of Mi Band 5 in China. Naturally, the hype around the product was crazy, because the new device received completely new functions, which we will now tell you about. Xiaomi fitness bracelets can be found literally on all hands of the world. Why? Because they are affordable, simple and practical enough. For those who want to be in the trend of wearable gadgets, but cannot afford the new Apple Watch 5, the Xiaomi Mi Band is just a godsend, you can't argue with that. For several years in a row, Mi Band fitness bracelets have been popular: they are bought by children, people of age, teenagers and adults also do not hesitate, because - well, why pay more?

AMOLED screen by 1.1 inches. Xiaomi clearly knows what we want: the device remains small, comfortable with an available brightness of ≥450nits. Unfortunately, the frames on the sides of the screen of the fitness bracelet have not disappeared anywhere.


Battery with a capacity of 125 mAh (unchanged), charging in two hours and up to 14 days without recharging if you use a fitness bracelet to a minimum. The biggest update to the fitness bracelet is magnetic charging. This little thing was missing in all Mi Band series and finally Xiaomi decided to provide it. Now you do not need to fiddle, take off the bracelet from your hand, take it out of the case: just take it off, attach it to the charger and that's it, the tracker is charging. For this, really thanks to the guys from Xiaomi.

According to Xiaomi, the Mi Band 5 provides 24-hour sleep and heart rate monitoring. The sleep sensor can detect multiple phases and even light naps, so everything stays on track even if you fall asleep at work. The official website also states that this device will be able to read the heartbeat using an infrared sensor (although only the version with NFC will have this function).

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