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What does the LST-IC broker promise? Review 2022

LST-IC broker Review 2022
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Anyone can trade on Forex. However, through a brokerage company, because nothing will work out without it. LST-IC is one of the best forex brokers for low cost trading suitable for these purposes, and more details about the company will be described in this LST-IC broker review.

LST-IC review 2022

28.01. 2020 is the official founding date of LST-IC. The online platform is registered in London. There are more than a million open accounts, and there are quite large investors among the clients. It works officially. There is a website, its mobile version, and an application. All documents are publicly available. The company offers acceptable terms of cooperation. Users can count on competent support service and loyalty.

All commissions are taken into account. They are determined by the type of tariff (there are several to choose from). After registration, a training account is available. Skills can be practiced for free.

The site is in neutral colors. As simple as possible, but convenient. All active buttons are located on the top panel. There are training and financial instruments. Compensations and bonuses are also provided.

The platform is round-the-clock. All transactions are subject to thorough verification. This provides additional protection for deposits from fraudulent activities.

The LST-IC broker has the following documents:

There is a license obtained in the UK. The activity is regulated by the FCA and the Estonian Supervision Commission EFSA.

The size of the minimum deposit on LST-IC is determined by the tariff.

Basic services

The online platform is user-friendly and functional. There are statistics, LST-IC investment review and other useful tools. Trading signals are provided for users. The clients' money is in separate accounts.

Withdrawal/ deposit is available in several ways (including bank transfers). The broker can help in compiling a portfolio. All operations are subject to approval by the client. There is an information blog on the website. The support team is multilingual. 


The best forex broker for beginners LST-IC provides free training. Suitable for beginners and more experienced traders. Materials are freely available. Written in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. What it offers:

There are also free articles and guides, divided into categories. There are analyses available on the website, which can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Affiliate program

The broker LST-IC rewards customers who have a Pro account. In addition, it runs regular promotions and has developed a system of bonuses for ordinary users. The company has an affiliate program. So, for each new referred trader who opens a deposit, a reward is accrued. Its size is determined by the activity of the attracted client.

Support Service

The LST-IC support service is available even on weekends. You can get help in the chat on the website or after filling out a special form. Email and social networks are also available for the request. The answer comes immediately, usually within half an hour.

Company fees and expenses

The company may charge rewards on CFD shares, stocks, and ETFs. All commissions are outlined in the contract. Accounts are opened free of charge. Commissions are determined by the payment system and tariff. There is a penalty for inactivity. If a trader has funds on deposit but does not trade for a month, the trader has to pay 10 €.

Working on Forex

The LST-IC broker offers to use more than 120 tools. There is a support service and a demo account. To work on Forex, you can use:

LST-IC trading permissions can be configured at any convenient time.


From this broker review, you can take out that the LST-IC exchange is quite a good platform with rich functionality. Tariffs to choose from, and there is an affiliate program and bonuses. More than 120 instruments are available to traders. A wide range of assets and free training.


-          Question: What is the minimum deposit amount?

-          Answer: The minimum deposit amount is $10.

-          Question: What types of orders does LST-IC provide?

-          Answer: The company provides the following list of permits: market, limit, stop limit order and stop market orders: stop loss and take profit.

Comments 16
user_avatarUilkerson Tobi 05.12.2022

I work through mt4 and no glitches or freezes. The broker Lst-Ic I recommend the broker Lst-Ic.

user_avatarBarker Maykl 06.12.2022

I request withdrawals regularly. I withdraw every two weeks a little bit. I have no limits, the commissions are respectable, sometimes they are just not credited. This is not the way scam artists work.

user_avatarParker Dzhordzh 07.12.2022

I definitely like the forex broker Lst-Ic.The conditions are convenient. I like them. Everything works technically, the rules are clear and the support is responsive.

user_avatarDevidson Dzhob 08.12.2022

I like it so far everything is ok, but I would have liked a faster withdrawal. The last one waited about 6 days. It is true, the support team answered quickly and did not ignore. I will work for now and there I will see. I am not a swindler but a plain broker with clear conditions.

user_avatarO’neal-o’nil Pol 09.12.2022

I have never worked with anybody else and I never had any problem with this broker. The broker Lst-Ic bribes with the speed of triggering of pendants and stops. The slippage is minimal. The RealTime Marketplace is very large and very easy to use, it is possible to open several accounts without reverification.

user_avatarUilkerson Dzhordzh 10.12.2022

In my experience I can say that most scammers do not have customer support. But with this service everything is different. The operators are very good. They do not make me wait and give good recommendations. Only for the support I give them an "A".

user_avatarMyorfi Ronald 11.12.2022

I am pretty experienced trader and I have had time to work with many services. Broker Lst-Ic is one of my top favorites. I have been trading here for several years so I have only positive emotions. I have never noticed any hidden charges and the customer support is very competent.

user_avatarUotts Metyu 12.12.2022

I don't have any problems with buying from them. I liked the service. I was impressed by the speed of verification. I was able to pass it in a day, while others took up to a week or even a month.

user_avatarMenning E­tan 13.12.2022

In my opinion Forex broker Lst-Ic has a lot of advantages. I had no negative experience. I could withdraw my funds without any commission. I could withdraw funds, I didn't lose much on commissions.

user_avatarFitczdzherald Dzhon 14.12.2022

I had a chance to deal with swindlers. This company is definitely not one of them. They all are processed on time and I haven't seen any delays. I am fine.

user_avatarAndervud Charlz 15.12.2022

My first profit is $ 275, and I have been trading since July. I trade pretty loudly, but I try to trade. I have not much experience, so training is my friend. I have read reviews on Lst-Ic and decided to stop on it. Plus, the reviews bribed. I liked it because of the reviews.

user_avatarKolduell Dzhon 17.12.2022

I got positive feedback from work with the broker. I got a good feeling when I worked with the broker. I have never worked as a broker and I am not afraid of fun.

user_avatarKollinz Devid 18.12.2022

I have been trading on Lst-Ic with dollar account for more than a year. I have had a few moments but everything was solved without losing my deposit. I traded on Lst-Ic without any complaints.

user_avatarWells Frank 07.01.2023

IT Seems to ME THAT THE THE BROKERS THAT CANNOT PROVIDE FAST SPEED OF ORDER Processing and Do Not Allop Scalping. Those Who Have Scalping Conditions, For Example, LST Inc, Are Allowed To Do This. MOREOVER, The LST Inc HAS An Ust Account That is Simply Ideal for this Type of Trade.

user_avatarDaniels Mark 11.01.2023

To be Honest, I Tried Before LST Inc ICISter from Another Broker, But They Demanded So Many Papers, Almost Data and Password Data! TheFore, I Deceded to find a brocer Whos Not Stir Upon Registration. Stopped at LST Inc. Now I Realized That The Broker Still Had A Good Speed of Transactions, Small Spreads, and On the USN AREY ARE Generally from Zero.

user_avatarThomas Charles 19.01.2023

I have been trading with LST Inc for ABOUT A EEAR. By the Way, I Started Here with A Affiliate Program. Conditions are such that you can earn normally, if not lazy, of course. Now I Deceded to Bargain Myself. Not yet disappointed.