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Experts from KeyTrending: scam is no longer a threat. How to identify a fraudulent broker scam check | KeyTrending scam broker or not?
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As in any other area of entrepreneurial activity, there is a fairly large list of companies on the forex market that do not earn as the broker implies, but by creating conditions for zeroing the deposit or generally stealing the client's money. Unfortunately, the reality is that with strong marketing support, a trader cannot always distinguish between a real company and one that is a fraudulent broker. An experienced trader who has been in this environment for a long time knows all the current players in the dealing services market, so the calculation usually goes to people who not only have never traded, but also have zero knowledge of how the foreign exchange market works.

With the help of KeyTrending's scam protection tips, scammers can be recognized and neutralized.

Also, having studied all the signs of fraudulent schemes on Forex, we together with scam preventing team have created guide for keeping you safe over the Internet.

KeyTrending Scamcheck tips:  Avoid the promise of huge returns.

Even a not very experienced trader knows that it is almost impossible to earn 1000% in a month without using a significant part of his funds. You need to understand that for the higher earnings, the higher the risks are. Money does not come out of nowhere, in order to receive it, you first need to invest it. Given the volatility of modern markets along with margin opportunities, it turns out that you can really earn a lot, but there will always be a significant chance of losing everything.

If the company does not have an official website, with links to the legal address, licenses, a full list of services, reviews, and so on, they are most likely trying to deceive you.

For example at you can find all the necessary contact info

Income guarantee. No one can guarantee success, even the most experienced traders always know that any trade can close in the red. There is no way to make profit forecasts for a long period of time, because today everything is moving as it should, and tomorrow it can turn around. Only a fraudster is sure of a stable large income, while Forex is a field of chances and strategies.

All operations in the financial markets are associated with high risks. A broker who values its reputation will never promise you fabulous returns with no reason.

KeyTrending Scam preventing check: avoid low-experience broker.

After all, it doesn’t matter if the broker in unexperienced or fraud – it still can lose your money in both cases. Even if your consulting manager uses specialized terminology in such a way that you can get the impression of a high degree of his professionalism, you still need to understand what you’re doing with your funds. Ask questions and get all the details you need about shares and currencies – those are trading instruments that you will mostly use.

If you plan to trade via the Internet, ask your broker what is needed for this. It can be possible to make transactions through the site without installing additional software, or you will have to download a special program to your computer - a trading terminal. Study the system requirements, find out if it is technically possible to install a trading terminal on your computer.

If you are going to trade via smartphone or tablet, check with the broker if this is possible. Check if this mobile application is suitable for your gadgets and if it is paid. Forex broker provides all the necessary platform guides and tips for your successful trading

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user_avatarBurke Edward 08.02.2022

Was working with keytrending broker over the last three months and feel pretty good about them. Their friendliness to new traders of all levels of experience is really notable. The only problem they might have (from my point of view) is that their withdrawals can sometimes take as long as 8-10 hours, but that's just a minor inconvenience.

user_avatarBarrett Christopher 20.02.2022

The question is, are you looking for a decent broker, or just want to chit-chat? You you do look, those guys will surely suit you just fine. I think they have all it takes to fullfill the role duties, and they are constantly improving too. So yeah, I would recommend them.

user_avatarBailey Roger 04.03.2022

Well, I don't know about your field experience in the trading business, but if you're any good you know that there's not much choice for a broker selection currently. New players might mistake the abundancy of brokers for a real variety of choice, but there are only several decent options among them really. This company is among them for me at least

user_avatarEvans Anthony 22.03.2022

I was working with these fellers a couple of months ago, when I was just a newb and knew nothing of trading and brokers. They were a great start for me, teaching me a lot about the market, so I feel a lot of gratitude for that. If I were trading still, I would surely be one of their clients.

user_avatarWebb Hector 22.03.2022

My experience with keytrending broker was just great. If you're starting out and your main goal is to get yourself a reliable broker company who would stay with you through thick and thin - you can stop looking, these guys have everything you might ever need.

user_avatarLewis Thomas 29.03.2022

Joined two months ago, made a payment on May 12th. I was so afraid at start so I can barely touch the buttons I swear. But it’s not that bad after several orders and it’s way more interesting than trading on demo!

user_avatarNorton Steven 10.04.2022

I had several cases in which I saw that this company is better than others. A couple of times the price really reached a couple of pips to the stopar, the price unfolded and the stopak did not knock out, in other companies I saw a completely opposite situation when the feet worked even before the price touches them. Then, with slipping, and gliding not only to the minus. Once I even took off a four -digit profit.

user_avatarWalsh Winfred 12.04.2022

K keytrending crossed after my last broker, outlets out of the blue began to be drawn. I am not in a hurry until I look closely. The work of the terminal is already pleasing. Against the background of other brokers that close six months a year after the base, keytrending at least looks solid.

user_avatarBlack Peter 20.04.2022

Competent analysts, technical support is timely. I tried to withdraw funds, for 2 days we came to the card.

user_avatarHampton Joseph 23.04.2022

Today I received my first conclusion. The money came on the 2nd day. Clear execution of orders. In general, trade here passes without nerves and problems. So there are no complaints about them yet, I soon plan to make a larger amount.