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It is difficult to be a trader, but also profitable.

It is difficult to be a trader, but also profitable.


It is difficult to be a trader, but also profitable.

It is very difficult to be a trader for a number of reasons, and a successful trader is even more difficult, and now we will talk about these reasons. The fact is that a trader is essentially a businessman, with the only difference being that you have to work in the most complex and competitive market in the world, in the financial market and it doesn’t matter at all - it’s Forex or the exchange, the complexity is generally the same compared with other markets.

A trader cannot rely on a favorable location, deputies, marketers, and lawmakers who lobby for laws favorable to him, he has to make decisions independently and personally bear personal responsibility for them with his capital, and this is very, very difficult psychologically. If an ordinary businessman can move away from current affairs and concentrate on planning and control, then a trader cannot do this, financial markets are very volatile and every day is very important. A simple example to explain the above, they will always buy shawarma in a passageway, as well as flowers before March 8 and September 1, and if there are no emergencies, the business will continue to exist. Yes, even if these emergencies occur, there will be time for the businessman to think things over and make a decision. In trading, everything is different, the trading system may stop working overnight, a crisis may occur during which a trader will lose everything in a few days, so he has to constantly be in the know and digest a huge layer of information. This has not changed anything in the production of shawarma for thousands of years and will not change as much, on Forex or the exchange, patterns appear and disappear and this process goes on constantly and continuously. The market today is different from what it was a few years ago, and probably in the future it will be different from what it is today.


Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that the trader is constantly under great stress, and is forced to spend huge intellectual efforts on his activity, which is not at all good for health. Therefore, being a trader can be called difficult, and the profession itself is harmful. True, trading has great advantages, the trader does not need to communicate with people and somehow interact with them in the process of work, there is no need to bear many additional costs, there is no need to integrate into some kind of hierarchical system. That is, on the one hand, it is very difficult for a trader, but on the other it is very easy, and much depends on what kind of person’s personality is. If a person is an introvert and communication with people is difficult for him, but solving intellectual problems on the contrary brings joy, then a trader from him will be good, and the opposite situation with extroverts. By the way, according to statistics, the best traders are besides the fact that introverts are also phlegmatic, because otherwise it is impossible to bear stress regularly.


True, another important fact should be noted: a trader, especially with a large capital, has the opportunity to carve out a fairly large amount of free time, or even leave the market by earning sufficient capital, thereby earning a premature pension, again, the trader's capital is available to him most of the time, unlike businessmen who usually do not have the opportunity to quickly exit the business without significant losses, or there is no way to exit at all because the funds are mainly in circulation.


As a result, we conclude that being a trader is difficult, but interesting and potentially very profitable.



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It is difficult to be a trader, but also profitable.
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It is difficult to be a trader, but also profitable.
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It is difficult to be a trader, but also profitable.
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