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Gerard Moore 21 / February / 21

How to protect yourself from scam: trendsmacro analysts tips

Is scam? Trendsmacro scam?
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As mentioned by specialists of scam on the Internet has existed for many years, but during crises, as a rule, there are more scammers, and they begin to act more actively. Unscrupulous companies lure people in by taking advantage of their concerns and promising big bucks. Alas, the foreign exchange market itself does not imply easy and quick money, especially if you are a beginner.

Any area of human activity related to money and profit attracts dishonest and dishonest people.This is exactly the situation in trading.

The most developed form of Internet fraud today is undoubtedly phishing. As mentioned by support team of scam users run keyboard interceptors, socially engineered email messages, specially designed websites. 


How scammers can get your money on the Internet?

Phishing is an Internet scam technology that steals personal confidential information, such as access passwords, bank and identification card data, etc. Using spam mailings or "worms", fake letters are sent to potential victims allegedly on behalf of legitimate organizations. who are asked to go to the site of such an institution forged by cybercriminals and confirm passwords, PIN codes and other personal information that the cybercriminals subsequently use to steal money from the victim's account and in other crimes. For example, support specialists will never ask you to provide them your card CVV code.

In short, the essence of phishing can be summarized as follows. The fraudster, deceiving the user, forces him to provide his confidential information: data for accessing the Internet (username and password), information about credit cards, etc. Moreover, the victim performs all actions completely voluntarily, without understanding what is happening. To achieve this, attackers use social engineering technologies.

Phishing can now be divided into three types:


The oldest of them is postal: a special letter is sent by e-mail with a request to send any data.

In online phishing, according to data from specialists Trendsmacro scam avoiding service, copy websites using similar domain names and similar designs. And then everything is simple. A victim who finds herself in such a website decides to purchase the product. Moreover, the number of buyers here is quite large, because the prices in a non-existent store are literally junk, and all suspicions are dispelled due to the popularity of the copied site. When ordering a product, the buyer registers, enters the number and other details of his credit card.

Phishers have been using these techniques for a long time. Fortunately, as information security knowledge spreads, they gradually lose their effectiveness.

The third type of phishing is combined. Its essence is to create a fake site of some organization, to which potential victims are lured. Here scammers offer users (taking into account knowledge of psychology) to perform certain operations on their own. Numerous warnings that appear on the Internet almost every day make such fraudulent methods well known. Therefore, attackers now increasingly resort to key-loggers - special programs that track keystrokes and send the received information to pre-assigned addresses.

Always check the valid address of the broker. scam checking tips

How can you protect yourself from this? First of all, you need to call on common sense to help:


How to protect yourself?

There are no special protection mechanisms against pharming, so you need to carefully monitor incoming mail, regularly update the anti-virus databases, close the preview windows in the mail client, etc. That’s why registration form on is so complicated.


Trendsmacro review to keep away from scammers

The main phishing attacks are aimed at obtaining passwords and other confidential information. It is clear that users need to be taught to work safely on a PC. But the likelihood that a "Trojan" written specifically for you and not detected by the signature bases is quite high that a "Trojan" will appear on your computer. Of course, you should use proactive defense systems, but this is a topic for a separate article. Yes, it's a good idea to use a virtual keyboard. But you can write a program that will read the coordinates of your mouse and recover passwords. Therefore, this is not an option either.

Since the generated password can be entered only once, and even at a certain time interval, an attacker will not be able to use it. One-time password generators are widespread in the banking system of Europe and the United States, as well as among some Internet service providers (AOL). It is clear that you need to spend money on these devices and the corresponding software, but security is more expensive than money.

Another option for one-time password authentication is using a mobile phone. You from your device (registered in the system) send SMS to a specific number. In response, you receive a PIN-code, which is entered along with your code during authentication. In this case, key fobs are not needed at all, since everyone has mobile phones


Trendsmacro scam avoiding tips - how to get your money back

Your best defense against this disease of our time is education. This is just an elemental culture of financial relations. The elementary sense of counting money. scam avoiding service detects rising number of scam incidents recently. They always manage to target newbies or uneducated traders. Providing a good education in the forex market is the best way to avoid being scammed. You must learn about everything before you start trading in the market. Once you master the markets, you will no longer be easy prey. Keep reading and dive into learning. Discover the best in yourself and develop it!


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Curtis 02.03.2021

When some problems appear, they react very quickly. This is one of the key advantages of this broker over the competition.

SEBASTIAN 02.03.2021

This broker is on the list of my favorites. Since I am not a beginner, I do not need constant explanations and recommendations, I came to make money. There are all conditions for this. Who knows, he will understand me. Good luck!

Malthe 05.03.2021

I just opened an account here and it seems that spreads are several pips better than for most other companies. Is this a result of smart broker activity, or?.. how did they achieve such results?

Oskar 07.03.2021

How do they manage to offer such a wide brokerage package when others, on the contrary, make the conditions less favorable for traders? is it not a covid panic that concerns them? It feels like the world has gone crazy, but I just spoke to their customer service and it sounds very convincing.

Mike 18.03.2021

I opened a demo account, I will try. This broker has been talked about a lot lately. I like the possibility of short contracts. I am looking for services for I can feel confident in the market.

Steven 22.03.2021

Spreads are low here, but what about payouts? This broker offers more favorable conditions. I would like to try.

Russel Wslsh 24.03.2021

I found out about this broker from another seller when I ended the session. Did I understand correctly that everything is fair and easy to get the money you earned?

Ethan 26.03.2021

You should make some considerable researches before you start moving your money around, you know. It's hard to trust almost any broker nowadays because of how hard it is to make profit from trading and how volatile charts are. Still, it is better to make a choice and focus on trading than to stay an eternal broker hopper.

Nicolai 26.03.2021

There are two unspoken rules. The first thing every trader knows: you cannot place all your money in one place and you cannot start trading without preliminary analysis. But there is also a second rule that if you analyze for too long, be afraid and look for intermediaries, you may never start trading.

Buck Willis 29.03.2021

I confirm that it`s very convenient and profitable here. The spreads are really low. No extra markups. Strategies are not the most formulaic, but you will quickly figure it out in the process.

Staci Gerald 01.04.2021

How often does it happen? Beginners, as soon as they get their first profit, immediately want more and more. They believe that money will come easily and therefore become a victim of false brokers who promise a lot and then disappear. You don't have to believe promises that you would never tell your friend to believe. Keep your mind clear.

Alen 02.04.2021

Doubt? Nobody will persuade you to take risks. Start with a demo. Try it, all of a sudden all these conditions turn out to be ideal for you.

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opened a Gold account, getting used to the conditions. Limit orders are processed clearly, I like the stability of process overall, desktop terminal is much better than webtrading software that I worked with before.

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The way trading goes today might sometimes look straight offensive, hard times for sure. All the more reason to stick to a reliable broker like this one. I did. And going to proceed, too. I wish I could've invested more on trading.

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I once again realized the best way to learn is to try something yourself. I got more experience using this platform than I’d ever get learning from others. Watching my withdrawal request being processed and money being transferred makes me feel so good.

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Good platform, nothing special but provides steady profit. If you’re in doubt, try it yourself, definitely worth checking out.