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Plus500 Broker Review – Is it a good Forex Broker?

Is it worth it to work with Plus500 - an overview of activities

If you are looking for a new platform for your investments, in this article we will explain what Plus500 is and everything it has to offer.

If your main doubt is that it may be a scam, the first thing you should know is that it is a safe broker since it has contrasted CFDs and is the official sponsor of several sports teams such as atlético de Madrid.

What is Plus500 and what we will find in it

It is an online CFD service that will allow you to make transactions with more than 2000 different asset options, among which cryptocurrencies stand out, especially bitcoin and all currency pairs. This broker stands out as it has a very low spread and does not charge commissions.

This broker has the authorization of Cyprus to operate since this company is registered in that country as Plus500CY Ltd, in turn also has a headquarters in the United Kingdom so it also operates under the regulations and authorities of the same.

With respect to how it works we're going to have that is the type of Market Maker, however, despite the fame of this type of broker, this is not the case for Plus500 as previously mentioned, the same is bound to act with transparency and in many cases have their clients ' money in an account in the same country, which has as advantage that each time you pay a spread for an order the price is really low.

With regard to its platform we have that it is its own so it facilitates all kinds of transactions and does not require a previous installation that could be counterproductive as in the case of others such as MetaTrader. It is for this reason that you can use it online or through its app without any inconvenience.

Its interface is quite intuitive and will allow you to move through the multiple markets offered without major problem, within which you will be able to quote all the options of the international market such as currencies, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, indices and commodities.

Accounts on Plus500

This broker allows you to open a global account to place your trades. The minimum deposit amount you can make on it is 100 euros, however to get a special bonus you will need to make a deposit of 500 euros.

As for the creation of the same it is quite simple and intuitive since as soon as you enter the website you will see the place to create the account, however it is not specified which you are opening will be with the rank of beginner or pro.

Another of the facilities that it presents in this area is that you can use your Google or Facebook account to open an account here which differentiates it from other brokers where you have to fill out a long form.

Featured features you can find in Plus500

Plus500 offers all its users a software that provides a series of functions that stand out to allow them to complete tasks that allow them to increase their profits considerably and in the same way make better use of the time they invest in the platform. So within its main options we have:

Demo account.

With this account we will be able to practice with virtual money as if we were doing it on the platform with real money, without noticing any difference only that there will be no risks of loss of capital, so if you are starting in this broker and want to check everything it offers it is an ideal option.

This account allows you to try 40,000 virtual euros and for this you only have to register with your email without even having to verify your identity.

Has a mobile app

This broker has applications for all operating systems, including Android, iOS and Windows Phone, which offer an excellent experience to users since they have a very intuitive interface.

You should also know that if you don't have the app you can continue using Plus500 as it has a responsive website that adapts to the screens of any mobile device.

Plus500 money withdrawals and deposits

This is one of the elements that most matters to investors as they are looking for brokers to have the payment methods that are convenient for them

Deposit at Plus500

The minimum deposit that can be made at this broker is 100 euros or 100 USD if you are not in Europe. For the same you can make use of various means of payment within which you can find:

One of the most interesting points of this broker is that they will not charge you any kind of commission for the withdrawal of money which makes it an almost unique option in this world.
To withdraw your money you will be able to use the same means that you used to deposit the money.

You should keep in mind that you may be charged a fee for the exchange of currencies and also for the use of debit or credit cards but Plus500 will not charge you any kind for this.

Plus500 customer support

This broker has an exceptional customer service which you can contact through various methods such as the contact form provided on their website, email and also by live chat.

The broker is working 24 hours a day to help you with any problems or concerns you may have when using this broker.

As you can see Plus500 is an excellent option to make your transactions since it has a variety of payment and withdrawal methods, does not charge commissions and has all the security parameters.


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Is it worth it to work with Plus500 - an overview of activities
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