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Gerard Moore 16 / March / 21

Charing Cross Group and how it works

Can you say that Charing Cross Group scam if most of the negative reviews fit into typical brokerage situations?
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Terms of cooperation, affiliate program, rates and reliability: Charing Cross Group scam or a real intermediary

Today anyone who has at least two hundred dollars can become a stock trader. There are convenient online platforms and even telephone applications for trading. Strategies are taught for money; investments are directed by hired analysts. It can be said that trading has changed in an almost revolutionary way and is now - in fact - available to everyone. And the covid pandemic has become another factor that has increased interest in self-employment “at home”.

But not only traders and intermediaries, but also fraudsters react to such changes. Almost every month, a new trading platform appears, which very soon turns out to be a scam. In order not to become a victim of scammers, you need to choose trusted companies. This material is devoted to the analysis of the scam or earnings.

Is Charing Cross Group scam? Expert opinion

Let's highlight the key features of the company in favor of the fact that it works honestly:

Thus, we are dealing with a fairly principled broker with clear rules.


Charing Cross Group reviews

In fact, was registered years ago, and has been active in the foreign exchange markets for a full eleven years.

Registration of the company - in the British business center in London.

Today reviews show that the company has about ten thousand investors. And most customers are quite interested in publishing their experience with broker.


Traders' opinion: Charing Cross Group reviews

The lion's share of reviews is on trading websites and forums, as the broker has built a reputation for itself in the Western European market for many years.


The most important issues for traders are positively commented on:

Withdrawal of funds. Judging by the reviews, clients do not have any unexplained delays in the withdrawal process. For this, several withdrawal methods are used. Even if delays appear, they are usually caused by technical reasons.

Technical service. Any technical issues are quickly processed and solved. According to traders, the company's support is one of the best in the field.

Analytics and strategies. There are not many reviews, but those that appear show that the broker helps to acquire basic trading skills, even teaches beginners to take their first steps, first orders, and choose their own tactics. Among more advanced investors, the broker's reputation is quite good, and remains for many years.

Profit. Newcomers make a rather modest profit in the first months, as the company's strategies are not designed for instant enrichment. With good investments, there is an opportunity to increase them significantly, especially when using the leverage of margin trading, but these are effective strategies for the advanced traders with practical experience. The analytical department of the company supports all the traders equally.


Our experts also found some more reviews about verification process:

“The withdrawal was delayed due to the fact that I did not upload all the documents on time, but this is my card anyway” - for example, this. However, the company's documents contain a "Risk Disclosure" and a "Refund Policy", which indicate the reasons for such cases: violation of anti-money laundering legislation, violation of the order execution policy, insufficient amount of documents to confirm the identity and other violations of the financial or legal order can cause the delays and even cancellation of the withdrawal request. Like many brokers, the company reserves the right to freeze the client's account.


Can you say that Charing Cross Group scam if most of the negative reviews fit into typical brokerage situations? In the same "Order Execution Policy", the conditions for providing support are published, and they are quite specific: the client works with the terminal independently, receiving direct access to the market, recommendations from the manager (monitoring and signals - under the terms of certain types of cooperation) and technical support on weekdays. Withdrawal requests are also processed according to the schedule. Even with scam check it takes no longer than a day to appear on your card or wallet.


Trading conditions and portfolio types

Charing Cross Group offers Forex trading and access to exchanges. The list of portfolios services is more similar to classic stock trading, although most of the investor's transactions are still in the "regular" foreign exchange market.



Deposit and withdrawal of funds

The most important question for anyone who wants to make money on the Internet. You can withdraw money:



Withdrawal takes from several hours to several days (if the request is submitted on a weekend).

Customer service Charing Cross Group reviews

Account and platform maintenance is performed around the clock on weekdays. scam avoiding department has the same schedule.

A personal manager is provided according to the tariff plan.

Working with an analyst involves:


Results of acquaintance with the broker: the strictly follows the procedures of user verification, offers good conditions for referral programs, provides basic trading skills and active customer support.

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user_avatarUnderwood Peter 27.03.2021

Last year I wrote everywhere, as I was unlucky with one well-known broker. Everything seemed to be normal, and then the conditions suddenly changed. Added a mountain of not very necessary and important additional options. They began to forcibly-voluntarily charge a fee for them. Moreover, a number of such functions in a decent society can be left free, for example, SMS informing. They screwed up such that trading became completely unprofitable. I was of course very angry, and started looking for a new broker. A couple of months ago I stopped at Charing Cross Group, so far everything is ok. The functionality is much more modest, of course. But for the start of work, the basic package has everything you need, and vips have even more. Low spreads, static, operational output to a card or wallet. On the bank account, too, is possible, but it will be longer, according to bank terms, and this is up to three days. I’d note the level of preparedness of consultants, they answer all questions patiently and competently. I think that they are themselves practicing traders, which allows them to be always aware of current events. Only one thing! It is not always possible to reach the support immediately, unfortunately.

user_avatarTownsend Clarence 02.04.2021

Trade precious metals and oil. Said goodbye to Forex Finance six months ago, trading conditions stopped coming to me. I feel confident in my positions, so I decided not to bother with finding options. Took the risk to work with the young broker Charing Cross Group. Basically, I was convinced by online reviews on thematic forums. So far I have encountered one obvious shortcoming for me - there is no choice of terminal. The broker trades through the MetaTrader 4 platform, and I am not used to it. I had to understand, but it was not difficult. From pleasant: static spreads do not jump in periods of volatility, you can plan your strategy and stick to it. Quotes correspond to the market. There is an opportunity for adepts of cryptocurrency or scalping to play with, there are all the tools and usable speed for this purpose. There is no commission for replenishment / withdrawal, the withdrawal is quite operational, as well as the execution of orders. In general, I am satisfied while I stay here, and then we'll see.

user_avatarBooth Peter 02.04.2021

Opened an account with Forex broker Charing Cross Group in mid-October. I am practically newbie to the stock exchange business, so I cannot objectively compare with other brokers. I am writing only about my experience. Opening and closing of transactions takes place quickly, 1-2-3 seconds. Sometimes volatility affects speed. Spreads just below the market, I compared, and they are static. No training webinars and demo accounts. They would have been useful to me. But on the other hand, on real transactions you will get the necessary experience faster. I acted very carefully, used the proposed analytics. For this reason, while I was just getting used to it, almost all the time I kept more or less afloat. Once, I went to a small minus at the very beginning, but everything got better. Recently took 20 dollars from the first profit to check the mechanism of withdrawal. After the approved bid, I sent the money to the card, and only bank interest was withdrawn. I called the manager to check the status, and he recalled the need for verification, here's how. I did not know. Issued the necessary documents, and in a half of hour the money came.

user_avatarO’Neal’ Steven 20.04.2021

Normal stable broker. Despite the relative youth of Charing Cross Group, their stated trading conditions are made competently and with a great knowledge of domestic cuisine (in the good sense of the word). By the way. There are no micro and demo accounts here, but it is good IMHO. It is believed that these options are usually included in these very kitchens that do not bring deals to the external market. I opened an account with a minimum deposit. The broker offers static spreads both for the starting tariff and for three more expensive packages. For my pair of AUD and NZD prices are quite adequate and even slightly below market prices. Another bonus is that there is no commission for withdrawal, and input goes at the current rate, everything is done surprisingly very quickly. Technical support rescued more than once. It is a pity that there is no other way to communicate with support in real time, except by phone. It is easier for me to write to the chat than to sit and dial and then talk.

user_avatarBlankenship Robert 20.05.2021

I registered, downloaded and installed the MetaTrader 4 platform, funded my account, uploaded documentation. Automated trading went, another consultant called back with various clarifications and offers of assistance. Understood with the system quickly enough, adjusted everything for myself as I need. Pleases the speed of the ordering and all financial transactions in general. For almost a week, I tested all the functions, except perhaps the withdrawal, for the time being had not earned money ))) What can I say, Charing Cross Group proved to be a stable system with thoughtful functionality. Everything works steadily, there were no disconnects, I noticed several moments of slippage. Got to volatile period. Then the speed dropped, the deals were closing in 6-7 seconds, and not in 2-3 as usual. Feel comfortable working in the mid-term. I don’t risk scalping, I’m not a fan, but basically there’s everything for it. The funds come without a fee at the current bank rate, the withdrawal is only with bank interest, if such a condition is set by the bank. There are no tournaments, contests and various kinds of educational materials.

user_avatarLong Richard 27.06.2021

I started working with Charing Cross Group that spring. During this time there were no force majeure, conflicts with support or left-wing cases from managers in my account. I can talk about a couple of moments, to warn, so to speak. Documents need to be confirmed once before the first withdrawal. I did not know that. After confirming the bid, I transferred the amount to the card and sat down quietly to wait for my precious profit in the amount of as much as $ 40))) but there was no money. I called for support, then the consultants explained to me that I need to pass verification now. After that, in just half an hour, the money went in. You also need to remember about reducing of order speed during volatility time. But all this is just moments. In general, I am satisfied with the broker. Adequate spreads, static. When buying a more expensive fare, conditions and spreads vary a little. I mainly work with CHF, very comfortable conditions. Excellent trading platform MetaTrade 4 with high performance and flexible system of the necessary settings.

user_avatarFloyd Esmond 04.07.2021

For a long time I wanted to try trading wuth real transactions in forex, but did not dare to begin. I mastered the demo and micro accounts with different brokers, it seemed making progress. But only after recommendation of old acquaintance whom I trusted in exchange issues, I ventured to open the first real account. I have registered with the broker Charing Cross Group. For the start I needed a small amount, and I just had three hundred dollars free. I figured that I can afford to fulfill a long-standing desire, and then maybe increase the investment, as lucky. It is clear that I took the first steps very carefully. In anyway, I felt like an elephant in a china shop, there were drawdowns, and it went into a minus one day. In parallel, I continued to study, develop. I tried different strategies and consulted with managers. Finally, I went to the plus and most recently enjoy benefits. Withdrawn the first twenty bucks to the card, without commission. The bid, verification and the withdrawal itself took almost an hour and a half. By the way, there is also no commission for replenishment; they are entered at the current rate of the bank in a matter of minutes.

user_avatarHarrell Curtis 07.07.2021

What bribed me at Charing Cross Group broker was the thoroughness in the organization of the entire system, technical support, analytical department and the resolution of all client issues. The company is ambitious, although not so long ago on the market, but staff experience is felt. Consultants tactful, competent. No complaints about the technical side. Orders are executed promptly, transactions are not canceled, no one draws left candles. Quotes correspond to the market, in some pairs higher, in some lower. I work mainly with USD / CHF and EUR / USD. Spreads are adequate, fixed, restrain from jumps in volatility. I use mainly provided by analytics, quite pleased with the number of predictions coming true. This is not 100%, of course, so easy and does not happen, but not 50/50. You can scalp if ready. The MetaTrader 4 terminal is good in all respects and has been highly respected by traders for many years. But I do not like that there are no more platforms apart from him. I would like to see more choices. And there are not enough inter-trading tournaments, contests, training material. I think the whole thing in the youth of the company, just not all at once.

user_avatarStewart Dwain 22.07.2021

Stable confident broker, working with Charing Cross Group for more than 10 months. Disconnections were a couple of times, but most likely from my side. I spend a lot of time in the car, and there could be breaks in communication with the operator. Fixed spreads are relatively low. No brokerage interest on I / O. Good technical support, it is not always possible to get through the first time, but they answer politely and competently and help. If there is a non-urgent problem, you can write to them by email, they answer during the day. But it would be better, of course, to make it possible to communicate with the support online in real time. Apparently, not enough people in the state.

user_avatarLyons Kenneth 24.07.2021

I increased the depot in Charing Cross Group for a year and a half to 2k, and I started with 500 bucks. At first I tried to withdraw profit, for reinsurance. Miscellaneous happened with other brokers. Then I calmed down. The broker works stably, there was no reason for such twitching, and I began to save. I trade according to the proposed analytics and use technical analysis. For me, the benefit is more obvious and predictable. Spreads do not jump, static, not big. Classical trading platform MetaTrader 4, customize for yourself as you need. The commission on input / output is not charged, only banking.