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Gerard Moore 04 / August / 21

The terms of cooperation with InvestingViews reviews seem broad compared to the competition.

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We recommend that you start investing over the Internet not by choosing an online broker, but with maximum familiarity with trading instruments. Fortunately, the opportunities in Internet trading are much wider than in offline investments. You still can master all the basic with one or several different companies, checking their websites and background, without even conducting transactions or losing your money. is younger than many brokers in Europe but has already established itself in the trading market. It has been operating since 2020. The activities of the broker are controlled by the local regulator.

Feedback from traders about registration and regulation

InvestingViews reviews: positive

Sometimes (or in some companies) verification procedure is inconvenient. But this is an indicator of the safety and security of your funds, so we advise you to undergo this procedure as soon as possible. 

For the prevention of fraud, money laundering, financial fraud and terrorist activities, the Know Your Customer (KYC) policy has become increasingly relevant throughout the world in recent years, especially among banks and other financial institutions.

If you open an account or make money transactions, the broker will need the following documents:

Terms of cooperation offered by the broker

Although almost all online brokers have the same cost of online trading, the cost of the service for clients can vary significantly. So, it makes sense to familiarize yourself in detail with the accounts and commissions, as well as the terms of the service agreement.

Compared to the set of accounts that brokers usually offer, the terms of cooperation with the InvestingViews seem broad. It provides four options for a trading account. However, the differences are quite visible - they depend on different deposited amounts, and include leverage and changes in lot/spread service fees.








$2 000

$10 000

$50 000

















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MetaTrader4 Web reviews . Customer Support Reviews

The list of services provided by the company to help clients has many professionally useful points aimed at providing the trader with useful information and his professional growth. It includes: Reviews for Deposit/Withdrawal

The choice of methods for sending and receiving payments that the company offers to traders is common to those implemented by brokers from the EU. But at the same time, it pays maximum attention to the reliability and protection of his clients from fraud. Withdrawal of funds from the client's account is possible only to the same bank details from which the payments were made.

The following methods can be used:

Bank account
Bank card account.

Feedback from traders about depositing and withdrawing funds

Positive feedback for full and timely payment of money.

What do customers say about the company?

The company impressed me with the level of service. Last week I made some good deals there and planned to increase my investment, but now I have decided to trade what I have already invested. It's hard to say what the future holds, but the market looks promising.

There have been many up and down periods in my trading career, but the improvements came when I decided to join InvestingViews. These guys can do wonders when it comes to your income, guys, you should check them out. Make no effort to find a broker and you will be rewarded.

The quality of services provided by brokers can vary greatly. To be honest, some of them are terrible, and I'm very glad that I have some kind of innate feeling that always tells me when I see them. However, InvestingViews looks pretty decent.

InvestingViews Forex

Investingviews scam

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user_avatarElliott Donald 06.08.2021

Hi, everyone! Yeah, I worked with InvestingViews for several weeks and can say that they are average as fa as brokers go. Some good possibilities are present, though

user_avatarCharles Leonard 08.08.2021

Ok, here’s something about InvestingViews – just don’t expect too much from them. They are just a forex broker, not some money wizard. You can work with them profitably, to me that’s more than enough

user_avatarBradley Geoffrey 09.08.2021

Love how fast my money get withdrawn from InvestingViews. Gotta love that level of service. Looking forward to making more money with you guys

user_avatarSimon Frank 13.08.2021

Was having this conversation with InvestingViews customer service and cannot say I like them very much. Slow response, limited answers, meh. I expected better

user_avatarLogan Neil 22.08.2021

I’ve read some negative reviews here about InvestingViews and, to be honest, they don’t look all that menacing, just some minor stuff

user_avatarPowers Jack 26.08.2021

I talked to a InvestingViews representative yesterday and have finally made up my mind about beginning my trading career

user_avatarGeorge Nicholas 05.09.2021

You should not think about investingviews difficulties unless you have harmonized your own finances. Let the brokers do that for them, they exist for a reason.

user_avatarMoody Daniel 11.09.2021

Since I am a pretty successful trader right now, I really want your classic beginner misty avoiding anyone. Get a good broker first. Some companies such as investingviews or equivalent companies would be sufficient. Then you can think of everything else.

user_avatarMiller David 21.09.2021

Come on, let us be realistic, it's good to have many options for trade with terminals, but the key question is whether a broker can make you successful or not, and in the case of investingviews is the answer "Yes, you can ". So I'm going on "I do not care if I'm staying at Metatreder".

user_avatarHines Jacob 21.09.2021

Just had my first retreat of investingviews, was pleasantly surprised. I would not have thought that trading can be so worthwhile. Well done, people, I am with you.

user_avatarThornton Hilary 29.09.2021

investingviews is just one of the brokers I worked with during my trading career. I think I can make a comparison. These people are average when it comes to brokers, they have good conditions and a nice customer service, but that would be.

user_avatarReynolds Ethan 10.10.2021

I have scaled since I decided that the stock trading is too slow for me. More than three years experience in this area. I have already found that Broker Scalping does not normally support. So it's nice to finally work with a company that imposes any such restrictions. I trade daily. Almost all transactions receive a maximum delay of 10-15 minutes. No single problem so far.

user_avatarBarrett Bryce 22.10.2021

Many thanks to brokers for support, especially now. Since April I have doubled my depo for EURUSD market jumps

user_avatarReed Brian 23.10.2021

Every time the same thing happens: I find a broker, start to act, and then the market is crazy about something. And I either earn money or lose money. When I looked at the pandemic, I thought I would lose. But no, the company did everything so I could go on. Very high quality support. Thanks very much.

user_avatarPowell Hugh 26.10.2021

I had never acted before, but then I received a call two weeks ago and crashed M

user_avatarNewton Gerald 26.10.2021

First, I thought that I can not do anything in this area, and then decided to try it anyway. I am surprised how fast it became part of my daily life. And this is the merit of the software and its skills, not to mention the people of investingviews, which advises how to properly use it.

user_avatarGreer Williamя 03.11.2021

I just can not understand that all these people about the market decline whining. The market has always been strange and it was never a reason not to work on it. Get a good broker like Investingviews.

user_avatarRose Christian 06.11.2021

Investingviews is completely fine if you have some yourself

user_avatarJordan Williamя 21.11.2021

People, what is with Investingviews? I mean, are you reliable at all?

user_avatarDickerson John 23.11.2021

Worked with a while with Investingviews. They do this if they have no special preferences.

user_avatarHill John 04.12.2021

I use this broker for a month and satisfied. Plans to go to another place. I am pleased with the services. Good broker, I just got my first conclusion. The trading with them is already a month and claims for services, signals and conditions I do not have.

user_avatarSkinner Brian 08.12.2021

I am glad that trade with this broker. Excellent broker. I appreciate their efforts to help me make a profit, and for always reminding me of losses and how to deal with them.

user_avatarJordan Mark 13.12.2021

Impressive shopping news. They are largely in the course of current market news, and what is best, they have a really strong forecast. Narrow spreads, fast transactions and good customer service - these are the qualities that I like in this broker.

user_avatarMcBride Robert 17.12.2021

I trading with him for more than a year, and I like this experience. I consistently get a good profit. Right signals. A worthy broker for trading for forex. They are always very professional and friendly.