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Interesting Binary Options Strategy - Hubba Hubba Style

Interesting Binary Options Strategy - Hubba Hubba Style


A certain American trader spent all his free time on the study of graphs of fluctuations in currency pairs. And at some point it dawned on him! Using the support and resistance levels correctly, as well as determining the state of the market (overbought or oversold) and plotting a moving average on the chart, in which the maximum value was given to the last price values, this trader managed to create the best strategy for binary options. Not particularly complicating, he called her “Hubba Hubba Style”.


This strategy has been discussed for quite some time at one English-language forum. The number of pages of the topic has exceeded 300, the posts have real trading statistics, the author actively shares his thoughts and results - all this suggests that the strategy worked and continues to work. Therefore, we will not waste time.


The essence of the “Hubba Hubba Style” strategy

Using a ready-made template, the trader must determine the entry points - the moment when the bulls (buyers) are already full of purchases, or the sellers (bears) made sales to the maximum. It is then that a reversal of movement occurs, a change in trend. If this moment occurs in a flat, then the signal is processed almost instantly, within one candle. If with stronger market movements, the expiration of the option should be about 3 times longer.


Strategy Characteristics

Any currency pairs are suitable for trading. It is better to choose those for which the broker BO gives the maximum reward - 80%.

Timeframe - M5 (in the MT 4 terminal).


Expiration - 5 minutes. The author also recommends using 15 minute options when there is a strong trend movement with breaking through the previous support or resistance level.


The chart of a currency pair must be with a five-character sign. Due to frequent ticks, a timer will be updated more often, showing the time before the expiration of the candle.


In case of loss, you can use an increase in the rate more than 2 times (for options with a profit of 80%). For example, with an initial bet of $ 10, the following will look like this: $ 20, $ 40, $ 90, $ 200. In practice, there was no need for more than 5 iterations (knees). Recall that the OlympTrade broker allows you to trade a minimum bet of $ 1.


Trading time is any, but it is better to use the European and American sessions.


Trading algorithm

We open the site of the broker BO. We select pairs with a profit of 80%. We set the candlestick chart M1 or M5, also set the bet size.

We open the MT 4 terminal. Install the template, duplicate currency pairs from the broker's website. TF M5.

We are waiting for the signal from the VCustom3 indicator (in a separate window). When the indicator enters the overbought zone (red), we buy the Put option. When entering the oversold zone (green) - Call.

Remember that the option is purchased only at the opening of the next candle. Also, this indicator emits a sound and text signal.

If we see a repeat of the signal at the opening of the next candle, do not buy an option, wait.


We try not to trade during the release of important news. The aFFCal indicator helps us in this.


It is also worth focusing on EMA (21): we buy the Put option when the price is above EMA, Call is lower.

It is also desirable to take into account support and resistance levels (Barry indicator).



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Interesting Binary Options Strategy - Hubba Hubba Style
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Interesting Binary Options Strategy - Hubba Hubba Style
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Interesting Binary Options Strategy - Hubba Hubba Style
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