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What are the reviews of Forex broker for crediting payments and conducting settlements with clients?

In 2014, World of Investment Technologies began



In 2014, World of Investment Technologies began its journey into the intermediary services market, whose players are brokers for Poland. She is engaged in the implementation of investment decisions, including Forex trading. The company is registered in Kingstown (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) and does not have a financial regulator.

What kind of feedback did the Forex broker receive from Polish traders for registration data and how was it evaluated in terms of reliability?

In the discussions of traders, opinions about the company were divided. Some focus on the fact that the broker is located offshore and is not regulated, and his term in the market is quite small. This combination makes them think about fraud and scam. Others claim that they have been working with the broker for some time and make a profit, they see no signs that the company may turn out to be scammers.

We can say that I received WIT as a broker reviews




Terms of cooperation and customer accounts

The clauses of the terms of cooperation, independent of the choice of a trading account, are as follows:

• Minimum lot:

o FX and Metals - 0.01;

o CFD - 0.1;

• Execution of orders - market;

• Margin Call - 20%;

• Stop Out - 10%;

• Trading platform - MetaTrader4.

The set of accounts used by WTI corresponds to the practice that brokers implement for Russia:

• Start - provided leverage of 1: 100, deposit from $ 100, spread from 2.5;

• Business - provided leverage of 1: 100, deposit from $ 1,000, spread from 1,5;

• Gold - leverage provided 1:20 - 1: 100, deposit from $ 10,000, accruals on the balance of 12%, spread from 1,1;

• VIP - provided leverage of 1: 1 - 1: 100, minimum deposit of $ 50,000, accruals on the balance of 15-17%, spread from 0.7.


What reviews deserved Forex broker for trading conditions?

Some traders are satisfied with the conditions provided and find them profitable. Others criticize the restriction on the type of order execution and believe that the broker is most likely the kitchen.

We can say that the broker reviews earned for the offer of cooperation



Customer service

In the set of customer support services, the company offers both the most popular items from those that brokers usually use for Poland, as well as stocks with contests.

• Round-the-clock support;

• educational materials;

• analytical materials;

• affiliate program;

• promotions and contests;

• investment projects.

What are the Forex broker reviews for the quality of customer service?

On the one hand, a set of bonuses and promotions were approved by traders. On the other hand, there are complaints about the rudeness and sluggishness of the support work, as well as a fraud and a scam when issuing prizes in competitions.

This item earned this broker reviews





Methods and quality of mutual settlements

The number of ways to deposit and withdraw funds to a client account is much wider than brokers often use for Poland:

• bank cards;

• bank transfers;

• banking systems;

• communication salons;

• electronic payment systems.

To withdraw funds from Forex are:

• transfers to a personal or card account in a bank;


What are the reviews of Forex broker for crediting payments and conducting settlements with clients?

Among the feedback from traders there are reports of non-receipt of funds to the trading account and problems with their withdrawal, as well as approving comments telling about fruitful and profitable cooperation with the company. In the first case, the broker is called scammers, in the second - a reliable partner.

But if you evaluate the number of those and others, we can conclude that in general, the broker received reviews, at least






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