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John Doe 17 / March / 21

Myths and tips of experts to save phone battery power

How to save smartphone battery power: Myths
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There is no need to swing the battery for a long time, but adjusting the brightness of the screen will not hurt.


You only need to use a proprietary cable and charger

In fact, you can use the products of another manufacturer, the main thing is that it is of good quality. It's okay if your smartphone is Xiaomi, and you took the charging from Honor.

It's another matter if you ordered a cheap accessory from AliExpress: a power cable can be found for a dollar or less. It can be of poor quality and cause problems. For example, if the power supply delivers less voltage, you will have to keep the phone near the outlet for much longer. The voltage may be higher than the recommended voltage, which will lead to heating of the battery and a decrease in its service life. In addition, cheap cables often do not support high-speed charging protocols.

A poor quality power supply can also cause a fire or even shock you through your smartphone. Therefore, before buying, read reviews, choose a seller and a brand with a good reputation. Better to pay more, but get a secure and reliable device.


The battery must be "rocked"

There is a myth that the battery of a new phone needs to be drained to zero several times and fully charged. Allegedly, so that the charge controller remembers how much the battery has.

This advice really helped when in the early 2000s, phones were using nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) and nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) memory batteries. These batteries needed to be fully charged in order for them to remember their size.

Smartphone Battery

Modern smartphones use lithium-ion (Li-ion) and lithium-polymer (Li-Pol) batteries, which do not need "swinging". They also have memory, but this does not affect their work. The capacity of such batteries will decrease due to natural wear and tear: they usually degrade after 3-5 years.

It is not recommended to completely discharge the phone, as this will lead to a loss of capacity due to the occurring chemical reactions. The same will happen if the device is left with zero energy reserve for a long time.


Fast charging kills the battery

With this technology, the battery restores half its life in just half an hour. This is possible due to the increase in voltage and current. Usually these indicators are 5 V and 1 A, and during fast charging, the voltage rises to 20 V, and the current strength to 4.6 A.

You might think that such an active mode is harmful to the phone, as it “recharges” during this time. However, this is not quite true. Voltage and current flow are monitored so the battery will not draw more power than needed. When 50% of the charge is reached, the voltage and current are reduced to the usual parameters and the phone recharges slowly again.

What can really damage a battery is heat: high temperatures reduce the capacity of the battery. However, the charge controller monitors this parameter and reduces the voltage in case of overheating. Some smartphones may even disable some functions, such as data transfer, while charging. But the phone should still be kept in the shade and not run heavy games that heat up the processor.


Background applications need to be unloaded from memory

Not really. The app appears to freeze in the background so that the phone can quickly open it upon restart. If the application is "killed", for example by a task-killer, the phone will spend more time and energy on launching the program, Closing Apps to Save Your Battery Only Makes Things Worse. This is true for both Android and iOS.

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