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Gerard Moore 05 / April / 20

An invariable conditions for traders to achieve income

Tips to make Forex the main source of income: two ways
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There are two ways for traders

First, it’s the most difficult one - working for an investment fund. It can also be a bank, or any other fund that is engaged in increasing the capital of its investors. In order to get into the staff of such a company as a trader, you must first have the experience of trading on the exchange, and secondly, the ability to make money on this very exchange. What does the forex market in working with investor capital in such companies - is far from the main field of activity. The most important thing that personnel workers hiring traders pay attention to is the work being done on the open market. Craftsmen who have experience in trading only in the so-called "kitchens", where the capital of traders are spinning inside the brokerage company, not being displayed on the open market, are mostly screened out. Trading on the open market and in the greenhouse conditions of brokers are slightly different.


The second method, which is slightly less complicated, but no less laborious, is self-employment. The trader independently decides in which market he will earn, in what way he will earn, and what tools he will use in doing so. This requires the presence of start-up capital. Many traders feel great when trading in the aforementioned "kitchens." The main condition when working with such brokers is the unconditional withdrawal of funds on time and the high quality of the services provided providing access to financial markets. Rather, it will be said that such brokers provide traders with only quotes and an artificially created trading platform, but it will also be enough to generate a moderately high and stable income.

If a trader is fundamental in the matter of a trading platform, then he selects only those brokers who provide access specifically to the open market. But such companies, as a rule, if leverage is present, then they are too small. This means that a sufficiently large deposit is needed if the trader expects to earn substantial amounts.

In both cases, there remains one invariable condition, without which the trader will not be able to make financial markets in general and forex in particular the main source of their income. This condition is experience. This is not just experience, no one will ask you about experience, it is precisely a clear understanding of what you generally do when you go to the trading terminal.

The main thing is not to rush anywhere, that in the study of the market, that in the decision to enter / exit the transaction and from it. Those who want everything at once usually do not linger on Forex for a long time. Or they regularly merge accounts for many years - this is not a business that brings money. You need to gradually learn to trade and increase your main deposit in order to be able to minimize risks. For 10,000 dollars, 5-7% per month is quite normal, but for 100-200 and 50% per month it is not enough.


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