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John Doe 18 / March / 21

Practical tips and useful cases for choosing modern epilator

Reviews how to choose effective epilator
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Modern epilators are equipped with two types of hair removal systems: disc and tweezers. The principle of operation of the disk system is to pull out the hair with special disks, which during rotation come together and capture the hair, removing it from the root. Tweezers epilators differ only in that the hairs are pulled out with small tweezers arranged in a checkerboard pattern on the drum. There is no fundamental difference between the systems. The main thing to consider is the number of these same discs or tweezers. The more of them, the more effective the hair removal process will be.

How to choose epilator

Models with more than 40 tweezers are suitable for fighters hardened by waxing. Hair removal will be relatively effective, but quite painful.
20 tweezers will make the procedure not so painful, but will stretch it for long hours of torment.
30-32 tweezers will be the best option for those who enjoy both the process and the result.


Many manufacturers equip their epilators with additional nozzles that are designed to reduce pain during their use. For example, some models use a movable rubber brush that creates vibrating movements and thus massages the skin. Other products provide technologies that lift the hair and at the same time relax the skin before contact with tweezers.

The process of hair removal

There are many ways of anesthesia, but among the most popular are the following:

massage nozzle;
blowing cold air;
gel nozzle;
a nozzle that stretches the skin.
Marketers are ready to convince in the effectiveness of each proposal. But in fact, the massage nozzle creates additional discomfort, any methods of cooling narrow the pores, making the process of removing them even more painful. But the nozzle, which tightens the skin, will really reduce the suffering.


Many budget epilators are equipped with a single drum speed. This is not always convenient and you often have to go through one area of skin several times. And here models with two speeds will help to get rid of rigid hairs at the increased turns, and then to remove thin at low speed. The latter, however, is also suitable for delicate care of the bikini area.

BRAUN Silk-epil 5 SE 5380 - 2 speedsBRAUN Silk-epil 5 SE 5380 - 2 speeds


If the budget allows, you can always choose a model of epilator with a wide selection of additional nozzles and devices. For example, a razor nozzle will help to get rid of hair quickly and painlessly in moments when there is no time for long epilation. You can not be afraid of irritation and cuts. The trimmer will shorten long hairs which can not be captured or broken off at pulling out. The nozzle for sensitive areas will close a part of rotating disks, having reduced thereby a painful effect at processing of delicate sites of skin. It is a well-known fact that the skin needs constant peeling between each hair removal procedure. It is performed to prevent the ingrowth of thin and weakened hairs into the skin. Therefore, an additional nozzle for peeling will allow you to quickly conduct such a session of exfoliation of dead skin particles without the use of scrubs.

Epilator Braun Silk-Epil 9 9961e + 12 additional accessoriesEpilator Braun Silk-Epil 9 9961e + 12 additional accessories

It is convenient to process all hard-to-reach places, without worrying about the constant position of the epilator strictly perpendicular to the body, a floating head with a rotating drum will help. This structure will allow you to make an angle of 25 degrees in both directions and thus repeat all the curves and irregularities in different parts of the skin.


High-quality lighting is an important nuance for achieving the cleanest epilation result. You can usually always perform this procedure during the day by the window or use a table lamp. But why become a hostage to the situation? In addition, it is better to do hair removal in the evening, so that the irritation subsides overnight. Some manufacturers have anticipated this fact, so they have equipped their devices with an additional backlight function. Many will say - the thing is needed. In the twilight of the bedroom or bathroom, you will not always notice individual hairs, which will definitely spoil the mood in daylight.

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