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HBC Broker review

HBC Broker review | HBC Broker - scam


On the trading conditions of the broker there is no point to stop. HBC Broker is a fraud broker. With a large history, which deceived a lot of people for thousands and thousands of dollars. We receive calls from the scammed team of brokers HBC Broker, the broker does not issue money at all. If you have money from these scammers, then URGENT withdraw money. If it's not too late. The place of basing - Vanuatu speaks for itself.HBC Broker - scam

The usual situation is when a person enters money for some deposit on HBC Broker, and then the "broker" disappears and pretends that he does not hear the deceived client at all. The result is the usual - the money settles on some broker's accounts and to get them ... we have not seen any cases.

HBC Broker raises customers for additional account replenishment under different pretexts. As a result, when the client has no money, it is already spent material, and accounts are blocked and merged. Simple practice. HBC Broker is a typical scammers in the forex market.

You can see a lot of positive reviews in the Internet network from supposedly real clients. In fact, these are bots or paid people. They work in order to maintain the reputation of a fraudster in order to be able to further lure other people.




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HBC Broker review | HBC Broker - scam
05 / 07 / 24

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HBC Broker review | HBC Broker - scam
30 / 01 / 24

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HBC Broker review | HBC Broker - scam
10 / 01 / 24

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