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Gerard Moore 22 / October / 21

Global Income - reviews and review

Global Income - reviews
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Global Income - training, practice and trade. Here we are offered training in trading in the financial market. But is it worth it and what are the real reviews about Despite the fact that the project is quite new, this did not stop it from collecting a large number of negative reviews. Indeed, the project is not at all involved in educating its clients. He just impudently takes their money for himself. And it is practically impossible to recover your finances from such projects. After all, they are all located in the offshore zone. Of course, there are many different projects on the network that will promise you that if you have suffered from the clutches of swindlers, then you can fix it all and get your money back very quickly. But this is not at all the case. In fact, all these offices work in collusion with scams. But in order not to be unfounded, let's carefully study the project in all details.

Legend about the project

We offer courses for those wishing to learn financial markets and strategies to better manage trading risks. Step-by-step online training. Learn, train and develop skills using platform technology. Become part of a community that strives for excellence. And by the way, this is the whole legend. Yes, really impressive to say nothing.

Just a couple of meager paragraphs, in which of course there is no specifics. We have said more than once that swindlers often avoid specifics. After all, it makes it much easier for them to inject you by the nose and deceive. Before us is an absolutely anonymous project. It is not clear by whom it was created and to whom, in principle, it belongs. When is it created and so on. And who is actually going to teach us here?

If this is a team of experienced traders, then again why are they not on the site with photos and names? Why such anonymity? Remember, if the project is so anonymous, then this is the surest sign that this is an ordinary scam. The purpose of which is primarily money from your pocket. As for the site, it is also disgusting and cheap.

In principle, this resource can hardly even be called a website. After all, it looks more like a simple gluing from cheap pages. There is no valuable information on the site at all. Even a normal legend. Obviously, no one invested any money in this site.

This happens for several reasons. First, cunning crooks are only interested in money from your pocket. Secondly, projects with such low-grade sites on the network do not last long. Only a couple of weeks. And that is on condition that the project runs very quietly and does not attract a lot of attention.

Contact details:
+ 44 (871) 6407768

Project overview

So, Global Income offers us various courses and training so that we can understand trading and become successful traders, which means we can earn a lot. And all we need to do this is to register in the project and choose one of the premium packages.

The smallest package is called Silver. And it costs $ 500. It includes teaching materials, books and a glossary. But you shouldn't buy this program. Since you can easily find all this information on the Internet and absolutely free. As for legal information, by the way, it is not here.

We are only shown the address: Kington, England, HR5 3DJ. Of course, there is no such company at this address and never has been. The address was simply impudently stolen from another resource. That is, in fact, we have an ordinary website for three rubles and a complete lack of a legal basis.

But at the same time they want from us 500 dollars at once. The divorce here lies in the fact that as soon as you invest money here, you will simply be given standard information that you can easily find on the Internet if you wish, and all this is absolutely free. Therefore, it is not worth spending time on this, and even more so money.


This time, the scammers have posted reviews directly on the site. These are supposedly reviews of satisfied students. All these reviews are of course positive. But you definitely shouldn't trust them. Because they were written by a fraudster with his own hands. And for the credibility of the process, he simply brazenly stole photographs of people from the Internet. Real reviews can be easily found on the Internet. And they are all negative. After all, these are reviews of real people.


Global Income is a deceitful fraudulent project that charges a lot of money for free information that can be easily found on the Internet. Be extremely careful and just skip the detailed suggestions on the net. Otherwise, you run the risk of running into scammers and losing all your money. Warn your loved ones.


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