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Quite often there are laudations about the work of support staff.

GCI Financial  Forex broker reviews for trading conditions



GCI Financial

Against the background of many companies that position themselves as brokers for Poland, GCI Financial looks like a long-lived. It has been on the market since 2002, registered in the British Virgin Islands. Currently, the company does not have a financial regulator.

What kind of feedback did the Forex broker receive from traders for registration data and how was it evaluated in terms of reliability?

The opinion of traders about basic information about the company is mixed. On the one hand, a rather substantial period of its work in the market is noted. On the other hand, traders' doubts are caused by their offshore location and lack of regulation, which gives rise to thoughts of divorce and scam. However, against this background, a fairly large number of traders are satisfied with this state of affairs and they consider the long life of the company a guarantee of reliability.

Thus, we can say that the broker deserved reviews




Terms of cooperation and customer accounts

Trading conditions from GC, against the background of what brokers offer for Poland, have a number of fundamental differences. For both trading accounts offered by the company are characteristic:

• deposit - from $ 500;

• interest on the balance of funds in the account;

• minimum margin requirements.

Moreover, the choice of account depends on the trading platform.

• Trading platform - MetaTrader;

• spreads 1-2 points;

• choice of performance - traditional or ECN.


• Trading platform - ActTrader;

• Ability to work with multiple client accounts.


What deserved Forex broker reviews for trading conditions?

In general, in trading conditions, traders in Poland do not find slippery places that allow a fraud or scam. Others would like to see a smaller deposit.

But at the same time, we can conclude that the trading broker earned reviews


Customer service

As part of the support of traders, like often brokers for Russia, the company offers:

•   Customer Support;

• educational materials forming a special electronic textbook;

• White Label and Multi-Account with full support;

•   partnership programs.

What are the Forex broker reviews for the quality of customer service?


As for the quality of support work, complaints are extremely rare. Statements that the broker are scammers and are negligent in their duties are sporadic. At the same time, there is a high speed of transactions. Quite often there are laudations about the work of support staff.

Thus, for customer support earned broker reviews



Methods and quality of mutual settlements

The list of payment methods that the broker offers is narrower than the choice that brokers sometimes offer for Poland.

To transfer funds to a client account, you can choose:

o bank transfers and cards;

o payment systems:

o Skrill

o Neteller

o Perfect Money

o s-Account

In this case, the transfer may take up to 3 business days, and in all other cases the funds are credited during the day.

To withdraw funds are offered:

• bank cards or transfer;

• eCash.


What are the reviews of Forex broker for crediting payments and conducting settlements with clients?

No refusals have been reported, but there are reviews reporting delays in transfers. Some traders claim that the company delays payments because they are scammers. Others report that such delays are not systematic and occur when using one of the methods of withdrawing money from the account.

Moreover, we can say that in general the broker earned reviews rather






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GCI Financial  Forex broker reviews for trading conditions
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